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call of duty black ops

  1. T

    BO1 In-Depth Review

    With the release of the first Black Ops title in 2010, Treyarch officially let loose and showed what they were truly capable of. For the first time in a title, a full-length narrative that would easily be a Hollywood movie was unearthed to the public, and everyone was able to be engaged in a...
  2. A

    Xbox Live cod black ops 1 clan FLDS recruitment

    add me on xbox live apthacary54 join my clan the fudimentalist latter day saints(FLDS) any rank can join the only requremean is freinding me first as well as using the clan tag FLDS red if your of rank first five members are admin

    Xbox Live USC Clan tryouts

    Our team of 5 need more players for our team, we need to expand across different call of duty games, as just us 5 play MWR, our youtube channel has just hit 2,300 subs and the twitter page is well over 2,000 but we need your help, as soon as we hit 10,000 subs on our youtube channel we can apply...
  4. Team Nevoy


    RULES FOR JOINING VEVOY: 1) You have to be twelve years old or older to be able to join. 2) You must be able to skype in order to stay in touch with us. 3) You have to have ATLEAST 1 of the Following games: •...
  5. X

    Xbox Live xtoxic clan recruitment

    we play Xbox one and 360 if you want to join then hock me up on Xbox nuke the panda9 we play every call of duty our website is http://xtoxic.clanwebsite.com/
  6. RabidGamer420

    Xbox Live [ANOM] Aka Anonymous xbox 360 based clan needing recruits

    [ANOM] is in Search of Active, Committed and Players Seeking Cash and Xbox Market Place Rewards For Their Statistics Monthly. Message me (Founder/Leader) Directly on Xbox 360, or on here to gather details for entry details (Clan Tags) and include your interest and goals that you have with out...