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  1. Lyrium Addict

    Multi Salvation Gaming Community is Recruiting Now!

    Salvation Gaming Community! We have set up a new gaming community and we are looking for members to join, we are currently in the process of setting up a website with a ranking system with a chance to reach leadership roles. For more details message TheeDrunkWolf or Lyrium Addict on Xbox or...
  2. FDT1984

    Multi Shadow Company Wants You!!

    Hey EVERYONE! FDT1984 here looking for devoted gamers to join Shadow Company. Shadow Company is a mature community that has been around since 2008. We enjoy having fun playing games with like-minded people, while staying competitive in game. If this sounds like something you have been...
  3. G

    PSN PS3 BO2 OR GHOSTS- Looking for a clan

    Hi, my name is GeminiVBQ, and I'm looking for a clan on PS3. My k/d is a 1.00, (And yes I know, It's not very good, but I'm just getting back into bo2 and i had a bit of a rough start). I can snipe and quickscope, but I don't do very well unless my opponent also has a sniper. I primarily play...
  4. T

    Xbox Live Xbox one

    need clan, pretty good at quick scoping and competitive play Gamer tag - KILLzborough813
  5. Y

    PSN TheSupremacyClan | Now Recruiting | PS4 World Champions |

    The Supremacy Clan is now recruiting new players for ps4. We are currently The World Heavy Weight Division Champions for Clan Wars and Clan Raids in Call of Duty, and have been an established clan since March 2014. We have 85+ active members both male and female. Were mainly a COD based Clan...
  6. S

    Xbox Live Looking for clan hardcore

    Hardcore clan to run with
  7. miss_rager_

    PSN Looking for ps4 clan

    I'm wanting to join a ps4 clan for bo3. Just looking for a fun casual clan to join up with so I'm not constantly stuck playing with randoms.