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low fps

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    Warzone 2.0 Low cpu and gpu usage

    Hi! I just got lenovo legion 5 laptop with ryzen 5 5600h and rtx 3070, and been playing warzone 2 for couple days. I have noticed that the fps is playable and around 70 most of the game but it seems to be lower than other people with similar hardware. The fps doesnt really change when using...
  2. S

    Warzone Warzone running poorly on my PC

    I'm trying to get Warzone to run smoothly on my PC but it runs max 70 FPS and dips down between 15-30 FPS during combat, even on low settings. Does anyone know some ways to fix this? The game would run flawlessly for me when it was first released, maintaining between 70-100 FPS. Here are my...
  3. E

    Warzone Super low FPS using 2060

    I have been gone from my PC for about 2 months and I just got back and decided to play some warzone. I updated the game and updated the drivers but I am still getting super low FPS. It'll be fine or OK for a second or two but then will dive to like 30 or 12 FPS. Here are my system settings...
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    Extreme fps lag

    Hello everyone. I would like to ask you users for help regarding my situation. My pc consists of an I7-6700K a GTX 1080, 32 GB Ram. Although I am aware that the components are not brand new, I would expect to play in medium details with a constant of at least 200 fps. I got to the point of...
  5. M

    Warzone Low FPS is unplayable! Please help

    Whatever I do, I can't get FPS above 60. Right now the game runs around 20-50 FPS even with every setting on the absolute lowest possible. Even at 60 render resolution the game is just choppy and not fluent at all. A player could be 20 feet in front of me and I could barely see him. If I put...
  6. X

    Warzone Low fps

    Hello Everyone, Might someone have an explanation for my low fps :( I have about 75 FPS near superstore/hospital/downtown Specs: Video Card: RTX 2080 Super CPU: Intel i9 10900K PSU: 750 Watts Memeory: 32 Gb - 2x16Gb 2133Mhz Motherboard: Asus ROG B490-F MotherBoard: Asus ROG B460-F
  7. R

    Low fps please help!

    Hey everybody, so i do have a laptop Asus Tuf fx with intel core i7-7700HQ CPU, 2.8GHZ 16GB RAM Nvidia GTX 1050. Can somebody help me understand why i can't get more than 50 fps in game, because my friend with his GTX 1050ti can get up to 70 fps, like the difference can't be that huge between...
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    Warzone low FPS and lag

    So I'm very new to gaming and pc's in general but I swear to god I've tried everything to fix this. When I get to the game start page in warzone (literally all the graphics are at the lowest setting) I only get 5-8 FPS. I have the nvidia geforce 710 graphics card,16 GB ram, and 2048 MB dedicated...
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    Warzone FPS Multiplayer VS Warzone

    Hy all, i just dont know what to do anymore. I was playing since S1 and had a break until S6 with the same setup as now. ( changed from an 1060 to an 1080 thats all ). In Multiplayer i can do every Graphic setting set to Max and Full HD with 100% res and i have from 80-144 FPS. But if i play...
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    FPS lower because I bought the game

    today I bought cod:mw and I usually had around 120 fps in warzone. Now that I also have multiplayer, my frames in warzone are significantly lower. My vram usage had doubled and I dont know how that happened. I think that multiplayer and warzone are running at the same time. When I play...
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    35 fps max on solid rig

    Hi guys, I've been having a problem for the past few weeks, which makes my game unplayable. I've been having around 35 fps MAX. Like it's bottlenecked from the moment I enter a game. Pretty crazy considering my hardware and really frustrating. I've been playing CoD since it came out at about...
  12. H

    FPS Drop since the most recent update

    My FPS has been dropping from 60 to 5 in the Main menu since the last update and has made the game unplayable and every time I would get into a game my FPS would jump from 100 to 30. Does anyone know what's going on? I'm just trying to play some CoD. SPECS: Nividia GeForce 1650 GTX i5-9400 @...
  13. V

    Warzone COD runs so bad in PC

    So i have this characteristics of my pc: AMD Radeon R7 Series AMD Fx 8350 eight-core Ram 16gb I haven't played games for a while but I used to play games like BattleField or Dark Souls II with excelent graphics... and now that I've installed Warzone, and played like 4 matches I realized that...