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  1. Z

    No Cheat codes allowed

    If you have a Call of Duty, MW3, Mobile, or PC cheater to report, please place their name here. Follow the format below: 1. [Game or Tag]: [Name] - Reason for cheating: [Brief description] - Send video evidence of them cheating to Zustastik@gmail.com with the subject marked as "cheet...
  2. thatgamergirl


    Hey all Might be in wrong place I don't know, apologies if it is. So I have a gaming tiktok (cod content) I'm constantly getting nasty comments on the clips like for example I posted a clip of the score board and it was covered in comments like ...... "bot lobbies" "bot" and sometimes i get...
  3. K

    On-Demand texture streaming won´t download anything on Xbox Series X?

    On-Demand texture streaming won´t download anything on Xbox Series X? I reinstalled the game, and still nothing happens. Any advice?
  4. T

    MW3 Campaign L2 won’t load

    MW3 campaign level 2 will not load. A box comes up that says server error. I have reinstalled it twice. Any help? Thanks
  5. Valor E-Sports

    Multi Valor E-Sports is recruiting!

    Hey are you looking for a community to play with? Join Valor E-Sports. Upon joining you will receive a personalized team logo as well! We usually play - Search & Destroy - Warzone - Custom Games - Minecraft etc add my discord @ sentient_vl
  6. M

    Unjustly banned

    Good morning, I've been playing with my friend for a while, we have several videos of our matches. This last Friday we decided to play our first ranked match. We won on the third attempt. After that my friend lost his account, it was banned. We don't know why, we are behind appealing because he...
  7. S

    Multi Clan on Oceania server

    Hey I am an average silver and 1kd, 18+ with mic and I play especially on weekends. I live in Australia so I am looking for people on oceanian servers to play with me, clan or not. I play on ps5 Add me SinsMRC
  8. O

    Xbox Live O.G clan recruiting

    Hi all, me and a few freinds has recently made a clan the O.G clan we play predominantly on MW3 but will branch into other games the bigger we get. All abilities welcome the main thing is to get a decent community together and have fun. I made a forum earlier which is...
  9. K

    Please follow!

    Please follow https://m.twitch.tv/kyberog33 For daily cod streams!
  10. T

    Multi iKon Gaming Recruiting

    Hello we are iKon Gaming. iKon is a upcoming team/clan that plays a variety of FPS Games. We are mainly focused on WZ, Ranked, and SND matches. Feel free to drop by and play casual or play comp! OFFERS: SND Team Ranked Team Casual Team WZ Team Loadouts Welcoming Community Playstyle Improvement...
  11. R


    Looking for other clans to run it on mw3 search n destroy, add me on mw3 RustyNail#5120529
  12. M

    Will I get back all skipped rewards in MW3 with purchase of battle pass in mid-season 1?

    I have been playing the "Free" version of Season 1 of Modern Warfare 3 Battle Pass. I have used up all of my tokens so I can unlock the FREE ITEMS. Since I am now 68% done, what will happen if BUY the Standard Battle Pass (1,100 COD)? Will it automatically unlock all of the "Skipped" items in...
  13. B

    PSN UK hardcode

    Looking for any players / clan 18+ who like to play hardcore game modes. TDM mainly but open to play any other modes. Just play casual when I can for fun but open for competitive if I am available! Psn Balo-Drown
  14. B

    Multi Looking for a clan

    Hey im looking for a clan Competitive i play mostly SND but willing to play other game i use snipers a lot just haven't had good teammates
  15. The-Serial-MurkR

    New to this forum but not cod

    Hi my name is Tim. New here but been playing call of duty since cod4 the first modern warfare since like 2008. Most people I use to play with Don’t play anymore. I’m looking for a clan or people to run multiplayer with. I get down on anything except search and destroy. I like zombies and warzone...
  16. L

    MW 3 Interstellar Mastery Camo Hard Grinding Service - 100% Legit & Trusted!!

    Do you want to unlock the coolest camos for your weapons in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3? I offer fast and reliable camo grinding service for any COD game and platform. I have years of experience in CoD boosting and I can help you get any camo you want, from Glided to Intesteller. I...
  17. C

    Problems with private matches

    Currently having an issue with private matches. Playing gun fight with friends and trying to set a load out for us to all spawn in with and currently spawning in with nothing, yet if I include bots they get the weapons. Anyone else having this issue or know a way to sort it ? Hopefully they...
  18. S

    Warzone audio problems in warzone

    bone conduction headset PERK FOR WARZONE would help with the audio problems in warzone am fed up of it like why is this not a thing allready
  19. OhShadelogy

    PC Looking for sniping clan PC

    Hi guys, im looking dor sniping team to do 6 :)
  20. M

    Multi Looking for people who will scrim

    Hello, new to this Forum, don’t know how many people get on here but i’m looking for a group of people who want to scrim semi regularly. message back if interested.