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Angels of Death


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    Warzone crashing on end credits

    Hi there - not sure if I’ll get any replies but I would appreciate some help. On Warzone recently I have come across a problem where i have won a match (this problem has only happened in quads) and just after the final kill and before the end credits, my screen goes black and I get disconnected...
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    Can’t connect to the match in warzone after 1.20 update

    After 1.20 update i can not connect to the match serwer any moore. when i am joinig match as solo or other, i am in a lobby, when lobby is full i have massage as a match start in 7 seconds then i see loading screen for 1-2 minutes and disconnected from the server and on the end i have massage...
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    Infinite lobby searching

    Hy guys! I have an issue with the matchmaking. When i'm trying to find a match, my ping goes up to 200ms and i am not able to join any lobby however i have already reinstalled the game 2 times. I checked my internet connection and it's stable and working fine. is there Any solution? peace Faun51
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    Performance issues on PS4 Pro

    I've been having performance issues with the game now for the last couple of months but now the problems are just getting worse. I'm loading into games far slower than my friends - for example in S&D I'll often miss the chance to spawn in the first round as it takes me 40 seconds or so longer to...
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    Don't post in the wrong places.

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