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ps4 clan recruitment

  1. X

    PSN Incite Pubstomping Now Recruiting!

    Active PS4 WW2 pubstomping clan - Competitive CoD eSports team/org coming soon and will be ready for BO4 - apply at http://www.incitepubs.com We are looking for Pubstompers, Spawntrappers, Twitch Streamers, YouTube Content Creators, Snipers, and Competitive CoD players. Looking for mature...
  2. P

    PSN looking for a clan on ps4

    Hey guys I am from the UK and 29 yes old. I play cod ww2 most nights. I am looking for a casual clan that has a laugh if ur interested my psn Id is pnh88 Cheers
  3. I

    PSN looking for an org to play under

    im looking for an org to play comp under. i have a ps4 and i full setup besides a monitor. i have 5 yrs exp in the gb scene. im an Ar slayer/support. im 19 years old and everyone on my team must be 18+. im only accepting serious offers only. you must be a team who has everything set up and...
  4. W

    PSN Woti Clan tryouts PS4.

    We are a new clan just starting out. Looking for members to join on PS4 only. We are mainly a sniping clan but are open to anything.We are only playing WW2 at the moment so if you would like to join message me on PS4. My account name is DopeyDuckHaz and the co-leaders is rogue---ddb.
  5. CyberLimbu

    PSN Prime Exalted

    We are Prime Exalted! A gaming community looking to have fun experiences and find new friends along the way. As of now Prime Exalted is mostly on PC gaming but, I have been playing Call Of Duty World War 2 for a while now on PS4 (trying to unlock camos). If you want to join us in just having...
  6. J

    PSN Looking To Recruit for 4v4 or 3v3

    Hello, I am looking to put together a group of 3 or 4 people to form a GB team. The only requirements to join are that you have a KD of 1.75+ OR have relatively successful GB team history. I want this to be a fun, but serious competitive clan that had regular practices. And of course we will pub...
  7. T

    PSN Team Frostbyte is Recruiting!

    Hey everyone! I am the leader of Team Frostbyte (TFB), TFB_Echo. This is a newer clan that is in need of more members. We were once known as RisK Nation, but have made a name change. I know many are going to ask about UMG and GBs. Yes, we are going to be doing all that in the future, but for now...
  8. P

    PSN Recruit

    I'm looking for a chance with a clan on ps4. I'm 18 and looking for an opportunity with competitive players. I can be an OBJ or slayer. PSN - petemichaelrose Twitter - The_lobred14
  9. M

    PSN MeXt Clan Recruitment PS4 MWR

    To join all you have to do is comment your ps4 gamertag and include why you should be in the clan. If you want you can link a video of your skills for us to see. Also include if you want to be a competitive or casual member. Feel free to email us questions or if you want to join at...
  10. X

    PSN Need members for GBs

    We are a clan of 2 in the competitive side of call of duty we mostly play iw due to the new GBs feature makes things easier no disputes ect we are looking for a stoungh 2 for 4v4s. message me on psn XDMichaelBXD
  11. XCentreseGaming

    Xbox Live XCent is Recruiting!

    What's up guy's I started a team about a week a go and I have recruited 3 since then and my gut is telling me this is a good thing because iv'e never had so many people hit me up yo join my team before . I've been playing competitive sniping since '09. So I've been ranked top 10 , top 5 rankings...
  12. Shadow01blavkout

    PSN TMDC NATION is Recruiting PS4 ONLY

    TMDC NATION is Recruiting PS4 ONLY We disband 2 yrs ago now we Started again a week PSN:ShadowLifeGaming 10 free spots only ps4 TMDC Nation Rules Age: 15+ -You must carry TMDC tag at all times -You are to be dedicated to TMDC ONLY -Loyal to Family -No racial -Always treat people fairly and...
  13. D

    PSN SYN is now recruiting on ps4!!!!

    Are you a team player? Are you a person that puts the success of the team over his own personal accolades? Do you communicate well and like to work in groups? "The Syndicate Rises and Falls Together as ONE" The World Gaming Syndicate otherwise called "The Syndicate" is a PS4 gaming community...
  14. A

    PSN [PS4] Royal Chaos | Tournaments | Pubstomping

    Royal Chaos is recruiting skilled players to enlist in our roster. Once we get enough active members in our roster, we will start doing scrimmages and tournaments. Message CombatEliTe99 on PS4 if you would be interested in trying out for the team.