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  1. BoLt Overkill

    Xbox Live Recruiting For BoLt Clan

    Hello, Call of Duty forums member! With no further introduction, I am an Xbox One, US clan leader. We currently have only 2 members, I am one of them. I am looking to grow. I know I will never be as large as Faze, but I was reaching for 15+ members, and maybe go upon that if I can run a team...
  2. S

    Xbox Live Recruiting snipers

    okey so im playing to start a sniping team and its pretty simple just have the requirements and we are all good requirements are : 13+ :most have mic add me or msg me on xbox GT: Atom reaper
  3. A

    PSN New Sniping/Pubstomping Clan Recruiting

    Progeny Gaming is a new (PS4) Call of Duty clan starting for the release of IW and MWR. Challenges, difficult/impressive gameplays, and sniper montages/gameplays will be the main focus of the YouTube channel, but a few more things will be added based on channel/clan growth (GB/Comp team...
  4. sequan

    wats your favorite sniper on blackops1?

    hey guys wats your top snipers on cod bo1 any console? heres the link of snipers i use View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FywUFn_LXbI
  5. sequan

    New vid

    hey guys this is Prostatus DF aka soar pro i just uploaded a new video go check it out View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_cQT9h0vIo
  6. Pressure Wasted

    Pressure Sniping

    Pressure Sniping Pressure Sniping is a new COD based sniping team looking to make a name for itself and in order to do so we need some of the best snipers that COD has to offer. We need even more than that though. We need... snipers trickshotters editors designers content creators and much...
  7. Rayz xLegacy

    [XB1] Vibez Clan | 175 Subscribers

    Our First Teamtage: "Feelin' The Vibez" TeamTage By Vibez Rampage (Multi-CoD) - YouTube Hey what's up guys, this is VibezXLegacy. Vibez is a clan with an amazing community and full of lots of friendly people. We have about 10 players and looking for 10+ more. We have a roster, graphics, and an...