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  1. ITheMightyJ

    Xbox Live Looking for MW clan

    Hello, I am looking for a clan to help spread my name a little and to have more people to okay with. I am an aggressive sniper and would prefer a clan with plenty of snipers, but way she goes!
  2. C

    Crazy sniper kills

    View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n_-i5_P867c
  3. Parcs

    Xbox Live | Culture Sniping Recruitment | [Twitter] @Cultureuprise

    Culture sniping was founded march 2016 and was heavily supported by Soar Crude, and many other higher up players in the sniping community. We are looking for feeders who want the freedom to enjoy what they love without being given a goal to meet every week, but push themselves as well as other...
  4. N

    Xbox Live Looking for a sniping clan

    I love to snipe and i love to play call of duty. i’m an 18 year old college student and consider myself to be pretty good at call of duty, sniping in particular. I’m very competitive, and I feel that i would benefit a clan greatly with my skills. I’m open to anything, as this is my first time...
  5. W

    Xbox Live Community Sniping Clan (Simple) Ages 14+

    Hello Cod Fourums! This is ofically my first post ; And I am the leader of the clan Illuminite, we are a sniping clan in call of duty. We are a clan that uses any kind of clip that has to deal with sniping, bots, trickshots, collats, quads, 5ons, whatever. You will need to have either Skype, or...
  6. MergingSine

    WWII Sniping & Rifle Kills (Montage)

    Last in Bo2 was sniping as good as in WWII in my opinion! I made my first montage video about sniping and some rifle kills and share it with you guys! Hope you will like it and enjoy with it! View: https://youtu.be/cscUShmbzBc
  7. S

    Xbox Live Recruiting snipers

    okey so im playing to start a sniping team and its pretty simple just have the requirements and we are all good requirements are : 13+ :most have mic add me or msg me on xbox GT: Atom reaper
  8. A

    Xbox Live NEW CLAN!

    hello everyone I’m looking to start a new clan focusing on bringing back that old school clan vibe like the mw2 days, I want to bring The fun and the energy back we all used to have and the passion to make something big!! I am gonna need help in making this something from nothing so will be...
  9. D

    PSN Dexterity Redemption recruitment challenge

    Hi, We are a sniping/feed clan and looking for new members. We are called Dexterity Redemption. We are new and are looking to grow and get noticed on YouTube.My name is DR Jimmybob. The clan consists of me, the leader, and my friend called Blizzi i, The co-leader. The clan has a YouTube channel...
  10. SavG Frosty

    Xbox Live SavG Clan Recruitment!

    Hey everyone! SavG Clan here, We are a new clan who has just started it's journey on becoming a great team, we are mainly a Black ops 2 Sniping Clan but BO1/MW2/Next Gen is all acceptable if you would all like to see the RC Video via link: View...
  11. J2XZplayZ

    PSN If you are looking for a sniper clan...

    Hello my name is josh and i have a friend who love to play bo3. We are looking to recruit new members. I'm 15, contact me to try out PSN: josh234me57 Phone: 541 944 5948 THANKS AND GOOD LUCK!
  12. J2XZplayZ

    PSN If you are looking for a sniper clan...

    Hello my name is josh and i have a friend who love to play bo3. We are looking to recruit new members. PSN: josh234me57 Phone: 541 944 5948 THANKS AND GOOD LUCK!
  13. R

    Xbox Live Bo3 Xbox one Retro clan

    Hey my name is Cameron and I'm 13 on December 5th I am looking for recruits to join my clan u have to have a mic, be online daily and be good at sniping and normal guns.reply to me on this app or message me on Xbox, my gamer tag is retro Victimz if that doesn't work try retro VivtimZ oh yeah and...
  14. C

    Multi CoD Sniper Montage

    View: https://youtu.be/qOYFtexVMDc
  15. Zerv

    YouTube Sniper

    Hey guys,i am a new member here and seeing how much you all support each other i decided to join in! On my channel i upload once a week,usually saturday or sunday,so i make sure i have the best content possible.I try to be different from the other snipers in this community but as you know that's...
  16. L

    PSN AquaZ Clan Recruiting!

    AquaZ clan is a Call of Duty can formed by snipers/trickshotters, we decided to recruit mew members, if you want to join the clan, tweet @RJDuz or add either AquaZ_LeMoN or Xandresch888 on PlayStation 4. We are looking for snipers, trickshotters and most important editors. Requirements: If you...
  17. R

    Multi Sniper LeaderBoards

    If you guys wanna go play some 4v4/1v1 Competitive Sniping Matches or Scrimmages! SLB has Rankings & Prizes Tournaments! Go check out SLB! sniperleaderboards.net Spread the word guys SLB is really gonna take over the Sniping Community!
  18. V

    PSN Looking for Clan

    Hi, I'm looking for an active clan full of fun and members. I am and active player that plays Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty : Modern Warfare Remastered. I can use all sorts of weapons but prefer Snipers, SMG's and Assualt Rifles. I play Pub but I would like to start...
  19. ShiFt Clan


    HEY GAMERS! We are ShiFt clan! We play on PS4 in the United States and we are looking for GOOD GAMERS!! If you are good at anything, such as: Sniping, editing, competitive, regular, pub-stomping, or any other forms of the game, we are interested in you! We are available almost everyday and...
  20. H4RM ClutcH

    Xbox Live Recruiting for IW and MWR

    Attention all competitive players.... H4RM is recruiting for any players interested in playing competitive Call Of Duty. Message me on Xbox @H4RM ClutcH if you are interested! We participate in UMGs, GBs, and any tournaments that are out there.