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    Lots of Simple Bo4 ideas.

    I very much like the diamond camo idea. Makes it even more special to actually unlock such a camo. Now it is actually kinda meh. The unlockable maps kinda sound cool, but in general I am really against any type of player base dividing. So that also means DLC packs in general. I have seen this...
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    Blackout highlights video

    Hi y'all, I a bit late but here is a highlights video on the Blackout beta on PC.
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    BO4 the good, the bad - your first impression

    So I would like to hear from you guys what your first impressions are of BO4. Myself, I have been playing Call of Duty games since MW1 and all the way up to BO3, and skipped Infinite Warfare and WWII. So my first impression is: God I missed the COD pacing. I have been playing the beta on PC. So...
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    Tick rate of the servers

    So I have been playing numerous matches (on PC) and I noticed that enemy players are moving kind of jittery almost teleport-like. I assume this has to do with the tick-rate of the servers. How are your experiences?
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    I am playing on PC with max settings on everything but man does it look like a 2010 game :p. I know they want to make the game as accessible as possible, so lower end systems and consoles should also be able to run it smoothly but this is just meh... Everything looks kinda unsharp as if looking...
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    42 kill game!

    I think this game has just the right balance between heal/hp & gun damage. At least it allows me to get many frags :D
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    Ye I stopped playing PS4 due to controls :p Il change the signature to just the main page of the channel or something. CHeers
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    Hi all, Im new here (duh, hence the post). I like call of duty. Have been playing since MW1 up to BO3. Skipped out on Infinite Warfare and WWII as I got a bit tired of the yearly COD's. However BO4 looks very promising. I aint a pro, but I do believe I am above average. Hope to play with you...
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    Refresh Rate?

    I think a buddy of mine was actually able to boost it up to 144. If I remember Il ask him!