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Recent content by Knifecutright2

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    Fennec Build

    Probably the highest fire rate gun in the game now the Fennec can down enemies quickly but comes with a kick due to high recoil. I designed my build around controlling the recoil while giving it a big boost in accuracy and range to hit targets at further away without the gun jumping all over the...
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    What am I doing so very, very wrong?

    Equip ghost as your second perk can help the enemy not knowing where you are as much and put silencers on all your guns is the only advice I can give for not being shot as much. Try moving around the outside of the map as well meaning you have one less direction to be shot from. Dead silence...
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    Officer Challanges

    Use The Shrapnel Perk and the Munition Box To Finish These Faster 1. C4: Get 5 Kills with C4 (1,500 XP) 10. Claymore: Get 5 Kills with Claymores (1,500 XP) 12. Proximity Mine: Get 15 Kills with Proxy Mines (6,000 XP) 18. Semtex: Get 15 Kills using Semtex (9,000 XP) 25. Snack Attack: Kill 2 or...
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    Did you know?

    A few things I already knew or just found out yesterday. The gun in your first class changes the default operators appearance. Camoflauge - Certain skins actually make it hard to see the enemy in certain dark spots on the map if there not moving. The pallets you can stand on in shipment for...
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    Heartbeat Sensor

    As far as jumping I think its based on your weapon size. You run faster with a knife or pistol for example so if they jump while moving it means more momentum. Don't quote me on that though. For mines their is actually a very small detection area. You have to be pretty close to the betty to...
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    Heartbeat Sensor

    It's a bug in the game that they are working on fixing now. https://trello.com/b/PNA6fkWY/infinity-ward-modern-warfare Under hot issue.
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    Warzone, modern warfare season 4 postponed.

    Season 4 has been put on hold for the time being. https://www.theverge.com/2020/6/2/21277973/new-call-of-duty-content-postponed-protests-activision
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    Updated Activision Support Page

    Activision has updated their support page after several months. It now reads as follows. Support Availability Impacted - As the global COVID-19 situation evolves, we’re taking cautionary steps to help protect our employees as much as possible. As a result, you may experience increased waiting...
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    Team Deathmatch Domination

    They may be running pointman. I don't understand the whole mechanics of it but everything that gets you XP counts toward killstreaks. Capturing points, UAV assist, you name it. Killing an attacker or defender is worth several hundred points instead of just one kill. I run it on grind so if I...
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    It’s about time the devs sorted this game out so it’s more fun!

    A new one goes up every monday but at what time I cannot say. Here is the current one. View: https://www.reddit.com/r/modernwarfare/comments/gqfwxa/call_of_duty_modern_warfare_weekly_discussion/
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    Gun Builds

    I have been trying out every gun to see what I can build. While most can only be altered slightly a few have interesting potential. --- 100 Round Submachine Gun (Holger-26 Light Machine Gun) Merc Thermal Optic (Spot Enemies Faster) Monolithic Suppressor (Increased Damage, Range, Plus Noise...
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    No option for laser?

    The tac laser unlocks at level 32 which gives you aim down sight speed.
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    Does quitting count as a loss?

    Yes it does sadly. I gave up on my win lost ratio since I am a solo player now days.
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    Skins for MP not unlocking for Warzone

    Progress bars get stuck sometimes. Generally if you sign into another game and sign back into the game the stats go back to normal.
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    So close to my first Completionist camo

    It took me awhile to do it with the mp7. Decoy grenades might help lure them to where you like.