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    CarlosX360 Co. Ltd. has acquired CODForum!

    Wish I could have maintained it, but happy to have you taking over & keeping the community going!
  2. WhoIsDo

    New Member to forum

    Welcome to the community!
  3. WhoIsDo

    Clan name doesn't appear in gamertag

    What's your rank? I believe you need to hit a specific rank before it fully shows.
  4. WhoIsDo

    New UK Member

    Welcome, and thanks for signing up!
  5. WhoIsDo

    The Bal-27 has been nerfed a TON

    Haven't used it yet myself, but I believe it's one of the arrows on the directional pad.
  6. WhoIsDo

    The Bal-27 has been nerfed a TON

    Apparently this update hasn't hit PS4/XB1/PC yet, but as you can see in the video above.. it's been nerfed a TON on the Xbox 360. What are your thoughts on it receiving such a massive nerf?
  7. WhoIsDo

    Whats next?

    Treyarch is up next to make a new Call of Duty, I believe. We won't hear official details until April/May 2015, however.
  8. WhoIsDo

    Friends to the End

    Definitely agree that this game is best when playing with friends. I usually have a friend or two join me so we can call out other players to give ourselves a better chance at victory.
  9. WhoIsDo

    The Killer Mastery EXO is pretty sick

    First time that I've seen someone post it online, and that thing is pretty insane. Apparently you need to get quite a few rapid kills to unlock it, so unless you can get a few DNA bombs or get lucky with the Bombing Run... good luck unlocking it!
  10. WhoIsDo

    1,000 posts & 100 members!

    I'm extremely happy to see that we recently crossed 1,000 total posts & 100 members for our Call of Duty forum! It's been a bit of a slow start, but we've started to pick up steam over the past few weeks. I'm incredibly thankful for everyone here that has supported the site in its early days...
  11. WhoIsDo

    New patch live on PS4/XB1/PC, improves connectivity & lag issues

    Glad to hear it's working better for you, @TODD 1. Played about 2-3 games last night, and it worked incredibly well for me too. Didn't really feel "cheated" on any deaths that I had.
  12. WhoIsDo


    Great to have you here, @Fraggernl! Make sure to grab an avatar when you have a chance! What is your favorite gun, and what's your favorite map in Advanced Warfare so far?
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    New patch live on PS4/XB1/PC, improves connectivity & lag issues

    Just a heads up to everyone that a new patch went live today on all three current-gen systems: Playstation 4, Xbox One & PC. The patch hit PS4 & PC a day or so ago, but just went live on Xbox One as of this morning. The patch should have improved the connectivity to games & some of the lag...
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    No need for all caps. :) Sledgehammer stated awhile back that they're working on connectivity for the game, but I'm not sure when the net update is. Considering it's not quite "optimal", I'd expect more updates over the next few weeks.
  15. WhoIsDo

    A couple of emblems ♡

    Whoa, those are insane. Did you make those yourself, or did you follow tutorials online?