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  1. Wiseowl

    Nuketown 1984 arrives to Black Ops Cold War

    At first l thought this was one of the best maps ever. I was really enjoying it but then... sniped... stabbed... sniped.... sniped.... sniped...stabbed... ooh l only got hit by an smg’ then... sniped...sniped...stabbed
  2. Wiseowl

    Calling Cards Black Ops Cold War

    Like you l thought l had unlocked certain cards, but actually it was just tier one. I had a look around and noticed l actually had to complete tier two and three, that was for the surprise card. Maybe you have different tiers for your cards too.
  3. Wiseowl

    Is there a Glitch with Stim Shot and Stun Grenade

    You can hold a drum whilst holding one grenade not sure about two?
  4. Wiseowl

    Is Anyone else getting an odd reticle glitch?

    I managed to get thermo optic, when someone uses the counter plane, where it makes map fuzzy, it will go crystal clear.
  5. Wiseowl

    Anyone else having Black Ops shut off their XBOX?

    After a game ended on my PS4 the screen stayed black, then was in a loop trying to close app and then restart. No opt to turn off so I had to unplug which could’ve loss data from extended storage!
  6. Wiseowl

    Calling card from missions?

    Not sure if you can get it once season ends, l also get past calling cards or something else, l just thought it was a random gift not that l earned.
  7. Wiseowl

    Am i the only one using a AK-74u?

    Sorry l thought you meant ak47, lol, hadn’t realised there were two guns. I thought when people mention ak74u it was just an older version of ak47. So in reply, l hardly see them either!
  8. Wiseowl

    Am i the only one using a AK-74u?

    I’ve noticed that most are playing mp5s but in my games quite a lot of ak’s but not as much as the mp5, just a few of the other guns, l also tend to get no snipers or a few in one game. l do imagine more people will use the ak’s more once mp5’s are nerfed but l seriously think the xm4 needs a...
  9. Wiseowl

    Fracture jaw?

    As I’ve quite had enough of mp l thought I’d give campaign a go. I get to this level l kill all the enemies after helicopter and it doesn’t move on! I’ve done it a billion times, what it’s supposed to do is you’ll see a white flash and it moves on, with me it doesn’t! l also went all the way up...
  10. Wiseowl

    Different to the alpha and beta

    Yes and l have also definitely noticed how the mp5s can win someone with an AR. I am actually hating it this game now, l keep trying thinking it’ll change like when l’ve put a different attachments on but it’s still the same crap! They’ve made it worse than the alpha and beta, how could they do...
  11. Wiseowl

    Different to the alpha and beta

    Still not getting a good kdr! How can l be so much more crapper now the actual game is out, it’s like I’m a different person playing compared to alpha and beta. Maybe the hackers have decided to pay me a visit again! Anybody else having this problem?
  12. Wiseowl

    Different to the alpha and beta

    I think l might too, l mean why the hell are the operators locked? They don’t do anything special and you get to play Woods in modern warfare but they have it locked for this game. Most of this game is pathetic!
  13. Wiseowl

    Different to the alpha and beta

    I have noticed the way the guns feel now are different to the way they were in alpha and beta? I used to be able to actually feel the xm4 shooting but not much now. Also why am l playing absolutely worse now compared to the alpha and beta? Most of the time l will die slightly more than double to...
  14. Wiseowl

    Bruen Firebrand Unlock

    The painting puzzle? Where and what is this?