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    I'm new to COD Black OPS 4 Forum. I only have the first COD and the 360. I don't play much but when I do, I enjoy it and I choose Zombies as it's my favourite gamemode. My name is Alex, see you all around!
  2. xXInfectedXx


    Do you have any addictions, if what to? Gambling, drugs, or alcohol? Are you planning to quit? Here is some advice: Plan a date on your calendar when your going to Quit. Gain professional/medical advice from your local GP.
  3. xXInfectedXx

    Why do we live to die?

    This topic is a debate, there is no right or wrong answer, all statements said are views and opinions until proven otherwise. My opinion is no one will know until they die, however as I see you only have one life and you should enjoy it while it lasts. What do you think?
  4. xXInfectedXx

    Saving money

    Do you ever try and save money, if so what do you put the cash aside for? I spend 20% of my earnings and save the rest. I'm wanting to purchase a house in my 20's or by the very latest 30's so my savings will contribute to a deposit on the property.
  5. xXInfectedXx

    What colour are your eyes?

    Tell me, what colour are your eyes, blue, green, brown, or a complete mixture! I'm interested to find out more about everyone here. Mine happen to be Blue.
  6. xXInfectedXx

    Lottery Tickets

    How many Lottery Tickets do you buy on a weekly basis? I make a purchase of 4, and this is on a Saturday after I finish work. The most I have ever won on a scratch card is 10 pound.
  7. xXInfectedXx

    Who is your ISP?

    An ISP stands for Internet Service Provider, my ISP is BT (British multinational telecommunications). Speeds are 80MB Download and 20 upload. I don't pay for the service, my parents do.
  8. xXInfectedXx

    What is your longest time without sleep?

    Mine is 1 day. Flying from England to Thailand, part of south east Asia. I catched up on my sleep the next day in the hotel in Bangkot, it didn't take long to get over the jetlag.
  9. xXInfectedXx

    PayPal fees

    Costs 3.4% and 20p on receiving and sending money for digital and physical goods. Do you think this cost is to much? There are no fees if the item is sent as a gift through paypal but you may not be covered by buyer protection.