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bo3 clans

  1. Wildstorm_Freak

    PSN SLG Clan Recruiting (PS4 ONLY)

    SLG Nation UPDATE (not allowing WWII Recruiting Still Dec 22) (PS4 ONLY) PSN: Shadow01Dragon New Rule if beat us 10 points against us beat us) SLG Rules -age 16+ -You must carry SLGA tag at all times -You are to be dedicated to SLGA ONLY -Loyal to Family -Must be Active -Having Fun -No Bullying...
  2. Natsuna_Emblem

    PSN Clan Searching

    Mornin' / Afternoon, just browsing about areas for potential clans looking for new members Considerin' WW2 is coming around the corner and I've been revisiting BO3, figured it'd be more motivating to have a group to play with However, if you're a completely serious / stat-centric group of...
  3. T

    PSN Team Frostbyte is Recruiting!

    Hey everyone! I am the leader of Team Frostbyte (TFB), TFB_Echo. This is a newer clan that is in need of more members. We were once known as RisK Nation, but have made a name change. I know many are going to ask about UMG and GBs. Yes, we are going to be doing all that in the future, but for now...
  4. Shadow01blavkout

    PSN We Destroy You All - WDYA Clan Recruiting Right Now (PS4)

    We Destroy You All - WDYA Clan Recruiting Right Now (PS4) We got 15 spots open but have tryout Owner : ZX Fang Co Owner : JV Rules - Age 16 + -No squeakers -No sexist - No racist - Have Fun - Must be Active - No Clan Hopping games : Bo3 GTA Coming soon IW (Til Dec 25) What We Looking...
  5. Lightnin Killer

    PSN [PS4] WnRa Is Recruiting For Clan

    I am WnRa's leader and I am here to say my clan is recruiting people with a mic, with a KDR above .50, that will listen to game plans, and is 14 or above in age. WnRa stands for We Never Run Away. If you decide you want to join Contact me on here with Gamertag, PSN saying you want to join WnRa...
  6. C

    RaG3 Clan Recruiting!

    Hey Everyone. This is a new clan called RaG3. So far we have 12 members but we split them up in teams: PM (Pro Members) and AM (Amateur Members) We are looking for more players. There's not really a requirement, just a simple tryout and that's all. For more info, contact RaG3EpiK or RaG3LapzZ...
  7. S

    Looking For A Clan Editor

    Hi My Name Is SGL Raj And I Am A Member Of SGL And CO-Leader. We Are Looking For A Professional Editor For Our Clan. We Are Looking For Someone Who Would Like To Edit For Free But Join Our Clan In Return And Have Credit In Every Video So We Increase Your Sub Count And You Improve The Quality Of...
  8. A

    Recruiting members for AG clan on xb1

    hi we are a small team looking to get bigger we play on xb1 get back to me asap
  9. B

    PSN UHF clan is Recruiting (PS4)

    UHF is a Call of Duty clan that is Recruiting on this moment! Rolls: Support Killer Objective Overall requirements: You have to speak English you have to have a mic requirements: Support: K/D 0.80 Want to run support for the...
  10. GhostlyAce

    Need Players for Makers Gaming

    Hey everyone, Makers Gaming is a new organization that was just created and our purpose is to become one of the best esports team out there. I need players that know competitive Cod gaming, know maps, know gameplays, knows callouts and most importantly I need guys that will work with me day and...
  11. Carlos

    Treyarch reveals BO3 Groups

    Treyarch has revealed a new clan system for Call of Duty: Black Ops III, called "Groups." Treyarch detailed the system for Black Ops 3 on their website today... Source: Treyarch Community
  12. S

    need clan ps4 bo3

    hi guys am looking for a clan on bo3 i am a person with amazing sniping skills you check for your self by my bo3 vids on channel channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm7sb97Zt3ViupjUhm_FDgg i am always active like making content and i like going competitive and my last clan was competitive...
  13. NFGMBH

    PSN No F*cks Given - PS4 - Active Clan looking for active players to recruit!

    We are a active PS4 call of duty clan. Very fun and loyal..We are looking to recruit active players. We play all types of game modes, if you like to play as a clan and not get left behind. This clan is for you! There are 3 requirements to join 1. Be Active 2. Have a Mic 3. 17 years or older If...
  14. Solo_Maxximus

    PSN World Gaming Syndicate [SYN] Recruiting

    Are you a team player? Are you a person that puts the success of the team over his own personal accolades? Do you communicate well and like to work in groups? "The Syndicate Rises and Falls Together as ONE" The World Gaming Syndicate otherwise called "The Syndicate" is a PS4 gaming community...
  15. C

    CoD veteran looking for solid and skilled PS4 Clan.

    PS4 player here with 1.27 K/D and 1.31 W/L. Looking for a solid clan with like minded gamers who loves to play for fun and win competitively. I am a versatile player who plays TDM and objective based game modes regular and hardcore. Need a solid and STABLE clan who are skilled and MATURE with...