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  1. R

    PSN Misfit Gaming AU/UK/EU

    MISFIT gaming recruiting ladies and gents. 16 and above preferably. Getting divisions ready to participate in MLG AND RANKED GAMES. Hc and core are played. Message me or add me Psn: NBB-Revive
  2. T

    Xbox Live Titans EU / LF players / LF manager

    Hi guys im the founder of TITANS EU, we are currently looking for some new players for our competitive team on IW and beyond, also searching for a experienced manager looking to help take us further, were looking for players who are 15+ and dedicated, skill isn't a massive issue as we can help...
  3. dowling508

    PSN UGA Now Recruiting [UK][EU][NA][18+]

    Ultimate Gaming Alliance Website UGA (Ultimate Gaming Alliance) is now looking for new members from UK and Europe to come and join our gaming community. We are looking for English speaking members who are 16 years & older. Who are we? UGA are a group of friends who came together to start a...