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  1. E

    Multi eTournaments - Free Blackout Tournaments with Prizes

    Hello we are eTournaments, We are trying to spread the word about our tournaments they are for players with all skill levels and offer great prizes. We host Paid tournaments & Free tournaments. Check us out on our social media below. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/electronicTournaments/...
  2. N

    Xbox Live NoVaX Clan recruitment (Xbox One WW2)

    Hey guys I have a great opportunity for you guys to join a really good clan, a clan with a website, GB team, and more. If you're interested message back to get tested.(mic required) , (at least a 1.00 K/D) (Xxkin6xbe4stxx)
  3. T

    Multi Tactical Defense Gaming is recruiting

    TDG is a new cross platform gaming community ran by lifelong friends we are looking to grow rapidly yet responsibly, we are looking for mature active players that enjoy being part of a team and will work with our members to allow us to grow and become a large community with much to offer, we may...
  4. C

    Crazy sniper kills

    View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n_-i5_P867c
  5. XiRoROUGE

    Xbox Live Recruiting for XiRo Gaming.

    Hello I am recruiting for XiRo Gaming. XiRo Gaming is a growing competitive cross-platform gaming community we offer tournaments, prizes, ranking structure, forums and contracts. Everyone is welcome to join message for details or register to www.xirogaming.com
  6. rG PO1NTL3SS WL

    Xbox Live rG is recruiting... Come and check us out. [XB1]

    My name is rG PO1NTL3SS WL I'm one of the leaders of Rapture Gaming and we are looking for gamers! We are an organized friendly community that prides itself on providing a fun, safe and mature environment for it's members. rG has forums, game nights, tournaments and much much more. Bottom line...
  7. Nymorph

    Xbox Live Ember Gaming Community Open Recruitment

    Hey there! My name is Thomas and I am the founder and owner of Ember Esports! The goal of Ember Esports is to bridge the gap between competitive and casual playstyles. We seek to bring the strategy involved in competitive gaming into the relaxed and joyful world of the casual player. We are...
  8. Amber Bayford

    Multi Unspun Gaming is recruiting! We have sponsors

    Unspun gaming is a call of duty based clan, we have been around for a year now and we have already got a large amount of members. If you join you can get permission to use our sponsorship codes, your very own logo made in an hour. Chance to be in our teamtages and much more. We will get to the...
  9. Amber Bayford

    PSN TrUe gaming is recruiting!!

    Hiii! TrUe gaming is a new casual and competitive gaming clan for COD BO3 IW and MWR and we will be moving onto WW11 when we can. If you are interested, add me on PSN- gingyninjy13 or twitter - amber_bayford Requirements - - 15+ - Have mic - Be active - Be positive :)
  10. OG Killer303

    Multi Outlast Gaming is Recruiting (xbox1/ps4)

    Outlast Gaming is an Xbox One & PlayStation 4 community that does not care about age or K/D but on maturity and participation. We focus on having a core group of members that will always be online in game, and on our website. There will always be someone to game with on console and people to...
  11. E

    Xbox Live Join Edge Gaming Today!

    Are you looking for a team that you can thrive in? Get along a with everyone and have a good time? We are the team for you! Edge Gaming is a new and up coming team who are looking for motivated players who are committed to Gamebattles, MLG to join our competitve side of our team! While also...
  12. L

    Multi Team Illusion

    We are a multi-console and multi-cod clan. We are competitive and enjoy snipers and feeds if you think you good join.
  13. B

    Xbox Live Blackstone Gaming Community

    Blackstone Gaming Recruitment Status: (Open) Blackstone Gaming (BSG) was founded on Apri 11th, 2017 by the three founding leaders BSG IMPERIAL BC, BSG Libitina BC, BSG X BC, Together we make up the Blackstone Council. Blackstone Gaming was founded with the one simple thing in mind. "Going Back...
  14. D

    Multi Dark Knight Network (Currently Recruiting )

    Dark Knight Network (DKN) is Currently Recruiting & looking for active players On Xbox 360 & Xbox one The Community Of DKN has Over 100 members Currently & is Looking for players who are interested in having a Good Time playing with Others & Fellow DKN Members our Requirements too Join are...
  15. ShiFt Clan


    HELLO EDITORS! We are ShiFt clan! We play on PS4 in the United States and we are looking for GAMING EDITORS!! If you even think you are a little good at editing or plan on learning to edit more in the future, we are interested in you! We have a lot of talent and have a lot that you could do to...
  16. ShiFt Clan


    HEY GAMERS! We are ShiFt clan! We play on PS4 in the United States and we are looking for GOOD GAMERS!! If you are good at anything, such as: Sniping, editing, competitive, regular, pub-stomping, or any other forms of the game, we are interested in you! We are available almost everyday and...
  17. B

    60FPS Modern Warfare Remastered Gameplay (Quality Test)

    What ya'll think of the quality?
  18. K

    PSN Looking for competitive search and destroy players on PS4

    Hey im looking for people who actually know what they are doing to play bo3 search and destroy umgs with us we need one or two people(A solid AR and SUB player), we are going to be playing team ladder matches on umggaming.Com as well as tournament on the site. if you are interested in joining...
  19. O

    Black ops 3 Sniping Montage Episode 2

    Check it out guys episode 2 of the series!!! View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LOJBHm7C48
  20. T


    Team Warning Presents: WIN MORE GUNFIGHTS! - BUMPER JUMPER TACTICAL -NO SCUF? NO PROBLEM - Black Ops 3 TIPS [ If we reach 50 likes we make a other episode ] Make sure to SMASH that LIKE button if you enjoyed this video! Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Clan Team Warning Members in Video...