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Angels of Death

modern warfare 4

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    Here are some Modern warfare classics I'd like to see in Modern Warfare 2019!

    So I'd like to start off by saying, hi to my fellow players. this is my first post on these forums and u hope, to have some great talks and debates with my fellow players. Now on to what I really want to talk about, Classic Modern warfare weapons returning too Modern warfare 2019. So to start...
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    Multi 12th Circle Gaming Clan

    Come join our server! We’re organized, have sponsors and just enjoy the hell out of gaming! We play all sorts and have a near 100 percent active community! Take part in our upcoming modern warfare event for a chance to win some cash! Just follow the link and begin the process...
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    Jinx Clan Recruitment

    Requirements: Discord - https://discord.gg/5jtM633 Mic 13+ Good communication Ability to have positve K/D Not greedy Passionate 3+Hours a day
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    COD Leaks and Media Speculation

    Apparently, as May has gone by without any official confirmation of what the upcoming title is (suggesting that the reveal won't be until E3), apparent leaks seem to have emerged, letting the press run wild with speculation. The main focus, of course, is the apparent Modern Warfare 4, because...