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    PSN Looking for Sniping/Competitive clan

    Looking to join a sniping/competitive clan! I am am mostly every day for at least 4-5 hours. Willing to try out and play daily. I play on ps4 been playing cod since COD3 on Xbox live.
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    Multi Redemption Gaming

    Hey guys, Redemption gaming just starting up new squads for PC. Doesnt really matter what games, mostly MW3 and BO2 but expanding is Always good :). We're not a clan that demands a 2.0 K/d but just want to have fun together (ofcourse you have to be able to kill some hehe). So we're looking for...
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    Xbox Live Looking for Clan/Team

    What’s up guys and gals I’m looking for a active Team/Clan to play with. I mostly Play SnD solo but it’s getting old going in alone. Gamertag is Exzrv add away
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    PSN Looking for a COD MW Clan

    I am looking for a Modern Warfare clan. I usually play SnD a lot and I’m also pretty good at domination. I just find SnD more competitive which makes it fun, I love playing competitive matches where my team is actually serious and calling shots and communicating. If you have a clan and you’re...
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    Multi 12th Circle Gaming Clan

    Come join our server! We’re organized, have sponsors and just enjoy the hell out of gaming! We play all sorts and have a near 100 percent active community! Take part in our upcoming modern warfare event for a chance to win some cash! Just follow the link and begin the process...
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    Multi Looking for a Comp team

    Looking for a team that plays to win, non-toxic. Trying to start a career in gaming and looking to make it to the top with a new team. Message me on discord at Predatorz_zL#2066 Or message me on Twitter at @zerologicz