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pc clan

  1. Danotti

    Multi LF Mature EU clan (DMZ)

    +50 years old gamer with reflexes dulled by age that loves to play games since zx spectrum times . I am looking for relaxed mature ppl at peace with themselves that like to play together at DMZ kinda a tactical and sometimes run and gun . My forum name is my ingame name also...
  2. GUF_Fearless

    Multi Global United Forces Gaming Community [PC][XBOX][PS5]

    Global United Forces Gaming Community Hello everyone! Global United Forces Gaming Community (GUF) is currently looking for new members to join our family on the next-gen platforms (Xbox X/S, PS5, PC) for Call of Duty MWII and Warzone 2.0. We are an active...
  3. GotYour6 TTV

    Multi BlackWater Gaming is recruiting

    BlackWater Gaming is currently recruiting. We have about 300 active members in our discord across all gaming platforms. Our members also play many other games such as Apex, BF2020, and Ellen Ring to name a few. If you're interested DM us on Facebook and we'll get you in the discord...
  4. N

    PSN PSN Clan Recruitment

  5. I

    PC TAW.net | 2500+ Worldwide Community, Seeks members for Ghosts!

    [TAW] The Art of Warfare Who we are: The Art of Warfare (TAW) was formed in March of 2001 by members who were playing Delta Force: Land Warrior and they wanted to form something special. From these humble beginnings TAW has grown into a World Class Gaming Community. TAW currently has over 2300...
  6. E

    Multi Eclipse Gaming Syndicate

    Hello there potential recruit, Are you tired of being judged for your game skill? Have you ever wanted a community that you can game with no matter what? Well here at Eclipse Gaming Syndicate, we want to create an atmosphere that allows you to do just that. We are still very new and are trying...
  7. L

    Multi [I.G.O] - International Gaming Organisation

    Currently recruiting: Looking for some fun and competitive gamers that know how to communicate and work as a group/team. Gamers who want to challenge and chase that win but also grow as a clan/alliance/community. Open minded and drama free willing to pitch in and help others grow into the COD...

    PC TAW.net is looking for new members

    The Art of Warfare (TAW) was formed in March of 2001 by members who played Delta Force: Land Warrior together. From these humble beginnings TAW has grown into an organization unlike any other. Made up of gamers from around the world who have come together with the common vision of honor...
  9. M

    Multi Marianas Gaming Looking for more now!

    Marianas Gaming is looking for individuals to join the growing community! We need all hands on deck to take this sub to the deepest darkest depths! What we are: 18+ with no leeway of budging Looking for the person and not the skill level Have ALL skill levels and ranges Not focused on solely 3...
  10. V

    Xbox Live Fortune Gaming is Recruiting

    Fortune Gaming is an organization that has been around since Summer of 2017. We specialize in both Console and PC. We are an active streaming community as well as looking to enter the competitive scene. We are looking for active members who are willing to participate in clan activities. We...
  11. A

    Multi {TA} The Ascension

    Greetings Call of Duty Community, I am Lieutenant General "Shino" Bell with the Ascension. First off our community has been around since November of 2014 with the release of Advanced Warfare; However the clans roots have extended far before on a PC game called "Roblox" under the name...
  12. S

    Multi SupremeGaming RECRUITING!

  13. SWB Lighting

    PSN SWB Is Now Recruiting

    Uncle Archer Wants You! SWB stands for Soldiers Without Borders. Clan/Community player can join up with fire teams, allies, & squads to battle it out with other players online...
  14. S

    PC NovaLuminous Recruitment Thread

    (PC ONLY FOR NOW!!!!) Hello! My name is Jackson (SharkyGamez) and I am the Founder Of NovaLuminous! I am trying to build a awesome environment where you can socialize with people with the same interests as you! If you have any questions feel free to add me on steam! or post a comment here...
  15. E

    Multi TEG is looking for new recruits! (XBOX ONE, PS4, PC)

    I'm a recruiter for a clan called Terran Empire Gaming. We a re looking for recruits to put into our squads. We are a gaming community, so you do not have to be an expert gamer! Please go to our website http://te.invisionzone.com and register an account and then apply under the Apply Here tab...
  16. K

    PC Hells Forces Gaming

    Hells Forces is an online gaming community. We like to call it an online multi-gaming community. The theory behind calling it that is we play a variety of games. Hells Forces plays many games and genres such as; MMO, FPS, Survival, Creative, RTS, MOBA, and more. The objective is to greate a...
  17. R

    Seeking Pc Clan

    I am looking for a clan based on pic that does pub stomping and competitive events. I am fully ready to prove myself as a player. Contact me with any information. Thank you