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  1. M

    Multi Marianas Gaming Looking for more now!

    Marianas Gaming is looking for individuals to join the growing community! We need all hands on deck to take this sub to the deepest darkest depths! What we are: 18+ with no leeway of budging Looking for the person and not the skill level Have ALL skill levels and ranges Not focused on solely 3...
  2. J

    What’s wrong with movement control on ps4

    Hi. After season 2 update I got problems with movement control. When I move the right analog the movement is not happening natural as usual. If I move to right or left or up a little bit it’s going too long and fast and I can’t aim nobody just shooting 3 meters from the target. Its not control...
  3. ImossyoakI

    Multi Axon Gaming lookin for mature gamers

    Axon Gaming an organization that’s been around since Cod 4 we are looking for older or mature gamers to join us. This is a laid back and fun group. Find us on Discord Axon Gaming 2.0 tell them Mossy sent you.
  4. X

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare YouTube channel!

    Hi guys, I'm a new YouTuber on the rise!. I've posted my first non commentary video and was after some feedback and recommendations. If anybody can spare a few minutes and check out the video i'd be really appreciative! A subscribe would be awesome! View...
  5. A

    PSN Welcome to AOFA

    https://sites.google.com/view/armyoffallenangelsgaming/home?fbclid=IwAR1G_W8SfYOnTJWdivGK4yioMNXxYefo6xFamw2UzkjX6M6F1mFOMcDWrJk Check out the site! We offer a fun, place to find fellow gamers and tournaments. We have a discord full of many channels and sponsorships Wed love to have you!
  6. B

    PSN Looking for active MW PS4 clan

    Hey looking for an active Moder Warfare clan I'm 21 year old player on ps4 I'm consistent and faster learner when it comes to strats I'm willing to put in my all
  7. A

    Multi 'F8TH ' 5 spots left!!!

    Hello Everyone, F8TH is looking for serious and talented gamers. Must have ATLEAST a 1.25 k/d and over 10k kills. We are only allowing 5 more roster spots. Must be 18+ Must have a Microphone ANY PLATFORM IS WELCOME If you are interested contact me at archer.gregory.1@gmail.com.
  8. A

    Multi 'F8TH' Clan looking for Members

    Hello Everyone, F8TH is looking for serious and talented gamers. Must have ATLEAST a 1.25 k/d and over 10k kills. We are only allowing 5 more roster spots. Must be 18+ Must have a Microphone ANY PLATFORM IS WELCOME If you are interested contact me at archer.gregory.1@gmail.com.
  9. VGC Cherry

    Multi Visionary Gaming Community (VGC)

    VGC is a new gaming community that is starting its own PS4 division. We are currently small but looking to grow our numbers daily. We Strive to be a place where gamers of all types can come to have fun and play with each other. We have no requirements aside from be 16+, have a working mic, and...
  10. M

    Watch the BEAM SHOW!!

    follow @mrb34ms650 on twitch for unlimited laughs and unlimited beams!!! Camping where?? THIS IS A RUN AND GUN GAMER!!!
  11. G

    Multi 12th Circle Gaming Clan

    Come join our server! We’re organized, have sponsors and just enjoy the hell out of gaming! We play all sorts and have a near 100 percent active community! Take part in our upcoming modern warfare event for a chance to win some cash! Just follow the link and begin the process...
  12. A

    PSN Looking for clan PSN

    Looking for a clan. Used to be in a great clan on MW3, but not since. User is MyGirlSellsNudez
  13. geez8208

    PSN We are Revenant Wolfpack!

    We are Revenant Wolfpack! We are a COD clan that has worked to make sure we have a place for players of every type and from any timezone and system! We have designated channels for those seeking a competitive team to play with, but also have a main chat channel for those that wish to be casual...
  14. SgtGrizzley

    PSN [PS4] [EU] ShooT-Clan recruiting [16+]

    Hi everyone! ShooT Clan is a newly founded European clan recruiting people to play MW! Our goal is to create an environment for players of all skill levels to come together and play! As well as improving personal skill level, together with a nice bunch of gamers. Until the website is...
  15. V

    Multi eE Recruiting Comp. Content. And more

    Essence Entertainment Essence Entertainment (eE) is a newly formed community looking to fill roles (Xbox, PS, PC) for a competitive team for CoD: MW and Battle Royale games as well as others for content creation ie; YouTube, streams etc. More details below for each recruitment placements...
  16. J

    PropHunt Ps4

    Check out my awesome prop hunt videos where we play on every map on every call of duty :) View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dK1JRCSTzpo
  17. TCG Wheezy

    Multi Trace Gaming (TCG) Is The Gaming Community To Connect Gamers!

    Looking for a community that will have your back? New people to meet and play with, and get involved with multiple teams is what you want? Trace Gaming is all about that and we provide many opportunities for you to get yourself involved in, too many for you to get involved in all at once. We...
  18. E

    Multi eTournaments - Free Blackout Tournaments with Prizes

    Hello we are eTournaments, We are trying to spread the word about our tournaments they are for players with all skill levels and offer great prizes. We host Paid tournaments & Free tournaments. Check us out on our social media below. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/electronicTournaments/...
  19. T

    Multi [PC] [PS4] [XB1] Tactical Gaming is Recruiting!

    Looking for a clan/community? About TG Tactical Gaming (TG) was created in November 2004 to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe and from multiple platforms (consoles, PC & mobile), to provide them Head Quarters (web site) where they can share their backgrounds, experience...
  20. The_Quota

    PSN A community for all...

    With BO4 finally here, I wanted to pitch a few things to everyone... Our clan hosts a community site to which anyone 18 and up is highly encouraged to sign up and help liven things up a bit as we just recently launched it :) *The site itself serves as a hub for all types of players, from...