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  1. Grand Master Frodo

    Multi Kaldaran Empire Gaming Community [INT][Discord][18+][Noob and Verteran Friendly][PC][Xbox][PS4]

    http://discord.gg/kaldara ▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ Ever wished you didn't have to find a new group of friends/clan mates every time you take interest in another game? Sick of little kids and immature people ruining your experience? Want some effective structure without having...
  2. R

    Multi Redux Reloaded - PS4 & XB1

    Redux Revolution is a newly established mature (18+) gaming organisation. Our aim is to provide a supportive and inclusive casual community, where everyone is welcome, as well as to eventually break into the competitive scene. We thrive on friendly banter between members, but have zero-tolerance...

    PSN UNITED VANGUARD <UNiV> - A Growing, Semi-casual, Laidback Clan | PS4 & PS5

    ~ ~ UNITED VANGUARD <UNiV> CLAN ~ ~ A Black Ops: Cold War Clan for PS4 & PS5 Players The United Vanguard clan is an up-and-coming, "semi-casual", small and growing team seeking PS4 & PS5 players to join our expanding family. The ideal members are people who are likeminded, and just want a...
  4. D

    Black Ops Cold War Stream At Launch

    Hi I'm a new streamer on twitch DeekzDK playing on ps4 all kinds of games really shooting, driving, rpg and platform games I have a YouTube channel too Deekz DK https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC6C0iXv2aG8pF3lbbBJIvvA Recently started uploading but there will be alot of good videos to come so...
  5. P

    Démarrage de ma chaîne Twitch

    Bonjour à tous. Je me présente, moi c’est PaKhy j’ai 17 ans et je souhaiterai me lancer dans le stream... Je viens vers vous pour vous demandez différentes aides pour m’aider à avancer sur ma chaîne. Étant un...
  6. W

    PSN Looking for active players!!!

    Looking for active players to play with. I’m a dad in my late 20’s and I’m sick of playing with the randos. COD: Warzone Activision gamer tag is whiteknite92 Hit me up saying you saw my thread on here so I know! Let’s get down on some plunder!!
  7. D

    PSN Casual Player looking for group.

    Eyo, Am a casual player looking for a good group to hang with. But here's the deal. -I don't play warzone. Sorry. -I play mainly TDM and I do like to play the playlists like Shoot the ship, -I tend to avoid certain maps. Piccadilly, Crash, Azhir Cave. Imo, all terrible maps. -I do tend to...
  8. AlwaysBeGaming

    PSN Looking For A Clan/Regiment

    Just looking for somewhere I can jump, play with people with some consistency, have fun and try to win. I am not the best at the game although I can hold my own, but just want others who can hold their own as well and play strategically. I like play most game modes my favorite are Hardcore Mode...
  9. OHBOY

    THE SHIPMENT 24/7 KING (Lol I'm just getting started)

    View: https://youtu.be/n6P8Xq0IOpA
  10. S

    Multi ShockWave Gaming (16+y/o) is Recruiting!

    Hello, my name is Fanyin, I’m one of the Founders of ShockWave Gaming. We’re an Apex Legends/Call of Duty/Valorant eSports org run off of Discord, looking to recruit for our Call of Duty clan and comp team(s), recruit Streamers/Content Creators, Graphics Designers, and Video Editors! We always...
  11. T

    Cannot start/install Single-Player Campaign

    Hello there! First things first, I just wanna say that this is the first time I have posted something here. It's because that I have tried so hard in this past 24 hours to install Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but somehow it doesn't work So I want to play the single-player campaign. So I...
  12. T

    PSN (COMPETITIVE) LeveraGe eSports

    Recruiting for like minded amateurs wanting to go pro , we are looking for passion, drive , and determination. We are looking to hold tryouts tonight at 6:30 cst . Also we are looking to fund to future events , we practice with gbs only , and ts . add my psn Techna- for further inquiries
  13. S

    Multi =167= Clan Recruiting 17+

    The =167= Clan is now recruiting cross-platform in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. We play Multiplayer, Co-Op and frequently focus on playing Plunder. The clan was formed in April, 2003 in the game MOHAA: Spearhead and has been operating since. We have created a unique culture which melds an...
  14. ielitegodzxxx


    im looking for teamates to join a warzone squad as im sick of getting nowhere in solo mode my psn is : iEliteXgODZz looking forward to meeting new players, if you have a mic even better lets make quarantine fun :D
  15. M

    Sensitivity debate

    Hi guys, playing a lot of warzone lately and starting to question my sensitivity mainly the ADS low and high zoom specifically, I currently play on 6-6, and Low zoom 0.65 high zoom 0.65, This is PS4 controller by the way, what settings would you guys recommend in general as when I up my...
  16. M

    Controller Sensitivity

    Hi guys, playing a lot of warzone lately and starting to question my sensitivity mainly the ADS low and high zoom specifically, I currently play on 6-6, and Low zoom 0.65 high zoom 0.65, This is PS4 controller by the way, what settings would you guys recommend in general as when I up my...
  17. B

    Flashing Lights On Screen - Cannot Play Warzone - HELP

    If anyone has any suggestions please advise. When I enter into Warzone or multiplayer waiting menu the screen begins flashing all over with various colors (red, blue, green). Then when I enter the game play itself it continues flashing on the screen, and after 10 minutes the screen turns...
  18. T

    Best AK47 Attachments!?

    What's your favourite AK47 loadout? I know mine, I talk through it in the video below and its built around being a versatile AR player e.g. A level of mobility to play aggressive, with the damage, accuracy and range to pick off longshots the way an AR should :) View...
  19. X


    Hi All, I'm looking for casual but dedicated UK PS4 gamer's to team up with to play MW both multiplayer and warzone, i often play solo but a anyone who does this regularly will appreciate it does get rather tedious. I'm a mature gamer who is pretty laid back but i do like to win, i'm looking...
  20. X

    Performance issues on PS4 Pro

    I've been having performance issues with the game now for the last couple of months but now the problems are just getting worse. I'm loading into games far slower than my friends - for example in S&D I'll often miss the chance to spawn in the first round as it takes me 40 seconds or so longer to...