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  1. E

    PSN s9 Legion Recruiment Challenge! #s9 (PS5)

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=catMbknnl7E
  2. W

    Multiplayer PS5 controller haptic feedback

    Does anyone have the same feeling that COD MW2 multiplayer ps5 controller haptic feedback is quite weak (When you walk around and stop and make turns, there is no haptic feedback at all) compared to COD Cold War Multiplayer ps5 controller haptic feedback? There seems no way to adjust it.

    Multi ROMA New Clan Recruiting For COD! 21+ Years Old Need To Apply Only. (All experience levels welcome!)

    Hope you are having a good day! :) I am a COD veteran that has been looking for a mature, active group that is helpful with all the necessary tools to succeed in the game. After looking left and right for groups that have all the characteristics I need I decided my best opportunity was to...
  4. DJ DJD Raps

    Multi HCtdm Clan on MW2... join us!

    If you love to play hardcore mode and warzone time to time join us. We hate core unless we play warzone.... just search groups on MW2 for HCtdm and join our awesome clan! We play hardcore team deathmatch 90% of the time. Feel free to request friendship on activision or my Xbox gamertag...DJ...
  5. ImTrippyMayne

    PSN Trying to Find some Advanced Tier 1 Players to squad up with! (Preferably Girls)

    I Just got a PS5 and have nobody to play with really and we all know that playing alone isnt the same experience as when you got a solid squad. Ladies are just better then most men so any girls looking for a fun but competitve S&D Tier one group look no further. Guys are welcome to but we gotta...
  6. NeverANuke

    PS5 Pulse Headphones Mic not working in game

    As the title states, I have ensured the mic works properly on PS5 tests, but for some reason it refuses to activate in MWII. I have tried a variety of "fixes", from resetting the audio settings in game and restarting, to ensuring I am not locked in party-only chat, and still nothing. As I've...
  7. N

    Multi We are Multi-Platform/game and want YOU!

    We are recruiting ACTIVE MEMBERS for Call of Duty! All regions & game platforms are welcome! Are you tired of getting queued up with the WORST randoms? Need some folks to smash Multiplayer with or just squad up with? Our community, the Merciless Pros Network aka MPN, is looking for new...
  8. S

    PS5 CD (box) language change

    Hi, I had installed on my PS5 COD: Warzone (Modern Warfare). It was in English. I bought CD box version (not from PS Store) of COD: Modern Warfare (Campain, Multiplayer etc.) but seller did not disclose that game is in Spanish language. How do I play it in English? PS My console and store...
  9. Infinitewarhead

    Console player youtube channel

    View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=X7X6rBSPAI0&t=13s
  10. D

    How do you join a Gun Game?

    Hi, I'm relatively new to this game, I played Gun Game on my Brother's ps5 and really enjoyed it. SO I bought COD Cold war for my ps5, but I can't seem to find the "link" to join gun games. Am I doing something wrong?
  11. Reagan2791

    Multi Over 40 Clan | Brand new and recruiting for PS and Xbox!

    Discord - Over 40 Clan Over 40 Clan is a brand new start up for the older gamers. Leave no one behind! Over 40 Clan is a casual group seeking members 40+ who still enjoy gaming and want to connect with others in their age range. We understand that life is busy, so there are no stringent...
  12. D

    WARZONE IS SO BROKEN?! Hackers do not even have to do anything at this point......

    LINK TO VIDEO: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHmu5VvnSWk&t=68s who else agrees that warzone, call of duty is on its dying legs at this point.... plz watch this new video I released. I'm not hating, talking bad or anything about call of duty or warzone but man its really hard to like...
  13. ElCucuy928

    Multi Join my Gaming community (SRG) We are active!!

    Whats up peeps! Join (SRG) Scarlet Reapers Gaming! We are super active in Cold War, Modern Warfare, Apex, Minecraft, Roblox & Rocket League. Im in charge of the Cold War Division which is Grim Reapers! We play a lot of Team Death match, Search & Destroy and League. We are very active and have...

    PSN UNITED VANGUARD <UNiV> - A Growing, Semi-casual, Laidback Clan | PS4 & PS5

    ~ ~ UNITED VANGUARD <UNiV> CLAN ~ ~ A Black Ops: Cold War Clan for PS4 & PS5 Players The United Vanguard clan is an up-and-coming, "semi-casual", small and growing team seeking PS4 & PS5 players to join our expanding family. The ideal members are people who are likeminded, and just want a...