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  1. The_Quota

    PSN A community for all...

    With BO4 finally here, I wanted to pitch a few things to everyone... Our clan hosts a community site to which anyone 18 and up is highly encouraged to sign up and help liven things up a bit as we just recently launched it :) *The site itself serves as a hub for all types of players, from...
  2. M

    PSN Swashbuckling Jackalopes recruiting is casual fun group of players

    PS4 Black Ops 4**The Swashbuckling Jackalopes are looking for new members to join our gaming community. We are simply a casual group of gamers who try to provide a group for players who just want a group to hang out with. We’re all about fun and having a laugh. We also like winning, but that...
  3. h3rb1x

    PSN The 55's

    Hello Everyone, The 55's are looking for new members to join our ranks on COD WWII on the PS4! We are a mature, fun, group of gamers from all over the world, and from all walks of life. Highlights: Non-prestige level 55 clan. Statistics such as K/D bare no relevance here, we just like to have...
  4. M

    PSN In search of clan.

    Looking for a competitive call of duty clan to join. I am always active on psn i have a good k.d ratio, mic i play all modes and I'm very competitive. Pls let me know if you can fulfill my requst by either on here or psn @ Mr_GoodKush_OG
  5. I

    PSN Looking to start a clan or join one

    I’ve been trying to find clans and I haven’t found one yet so if anyone would like to discuss the possibility of starting a clan together add me on psn: ITzSenpaiSan Thank you :)
  6. A

    PSN AcesFamily is Recruiting Casual and Competitive Players (PSN only)

    Hello everyone , We here at Aces Family are looking to grow in ranks by opening our recruitment to PS4 members. If you are the casual type of player that don't like the "busy" nonsense of a larger clan then we might be the fit your looking for !!! If you are more of the competitive GB style...
  7. S

    PSN WWII Clan

    I am looking to join an existing clan or possibly start a new clan. Platform: PS4 PSN: shaeZ3000 Servers: North American I by no means am a pro, but I am not the worst player. I play in the evenings and on the weekends. I like all of the game modes, I have a mic, and I am moderately...
  8. X

    PSN Looking for a clan

    Looking for a WW2 clan for playstation 4 PSN- XeagleXstrikeX
  9. B

    PSN Looking for clan.

    Just looking for a squad to join. I'm just a casual COD player which consists mostly on the weekends. I would say I'm average COD player with a current 214 spm and a positive kd ratio. Just looking to get jump in with a few people to shoot some fools and get some wins. Let me know. Psn...
  10. S

    Multi RoaR Gaming recruiting! #GrizzlyNation

    Visit www.roargg.com to join Grizzy Nation! If you sign up make sure to put Covenant_Pilgrim as your recruiter! Look forward to having you!
  11. I

    PSN Looking for a cool community clan

    I play BO3,MWR,and IW. I also have the beta. I'm looking for a decent sized community clan to join. I play GB/UMG and I'm looking to represent your clan. I want no messages from XGN,or KSI. Ive contacted you guys and I wasnt impressed. I also like to pubstomp but I play competitive mostly. Your...
  12. X

    PSN Looking for MWR sniper position.

    Hello. My PSN is XDirtyXDan5, but I usually just go by "Dan" or "Dirty". I've been playing Call of Duty for about 5 years now. I'm not necessarily a veteran by most people's standards, but I have picked up some things. I am active online, and I do use a headset. I am a decent sniper, mainly in...
  13. F

    PSN Fuse Nation Community (Looking for dedicated players)

    'Fuse' is currently recruiting more players to fill up our roster for upcoming competitve events. We are a new community looking to dominate in this ever growing gaming world. We will be hosting clan nights, training sessions, strat sessions, competitive and non-competitive gameplay, possibly...
  14. S

    PSN Im Looking For A Clan

    Hi, im looking for a melee only bo3 clan or a general search and destroy clan. i am down for a try out but i live in Australia so have that in mind im 13 at the time of making this. if you want me to tell you my stats or try out my psn is (sethame21) i will make a new account if i get in. thanks
  15. YungMurrda

    Multi S4G Clan Recruiting

    Shoot 4 Glory Clan is now recruiting JOIN https://www.facebook.com/groups/1274210945951023/
  16. D

    PSN Looking for a clan that plays in Tournaments

    Hi my PSN is DTN D3ADLY, I'm 16 years old and I'm really passionate about PVP, My K/D is 2.00 -Thanks
  17. T

    PSN Looking for IW or MWR clan my psn is tdewey99.

    Psn tdewey99 I have a solid kd of 1.43, I'm just looking for some people who won't go negative and drag my W/L ratio down! Lmk asap if u trying to play!!
  18. Shadow01blavkout

    PSN We Destroy You All - WDYA Clan Recruiting Right Now (PS4)

    We Destroy You All - WDYA Clan Recruiting Right Now (PS4) We got 15 spots open but have tryout Owner : ZX Fang Co Owner : JV Rules - Age 16 + -No squeakers -No sexist - No racist - Have Fun - Must be Active - No Clan Hopping games : Bo3 GTA Coming soon IW (Til Dec 25) What We Looking...
  19. B

    PSN Immortal Gaming is Recruiting!

    Hey everyone, I am BloodLine1895, one of the Founders for the Clan Immortal Gaming! We are now looking for members for COD Black OPS 3 and for Infinite Warfare! We accept any age, and are open to anyone joining. We have a website and the website is: http://immortalitygaming.enjin.com/home Feel...
  20. K

    PSN Fly High Never Die [FHND] Recruitment

    Hello PlayStation 4 gamers, I'm here to tell you about a new CoD: BO3 clan called "Fly High Never Die [FHND]" We're a competitive clan also playing casual during ours days. Games played: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Battlefield 1 (When released) Members: Currently have 5 members, including...