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  1. X

    Xbox Live XDG is recruiting and we need you

    Hi guys I'm XDG STUD from a new community that started 3 months ago on Xbox one. If you would like to join then we do have requirements that are you must be 16+ and have 1000+ gamer score Make sure you have the discord app You can't be in any other clan or community We do have a rank...
  2. FDT1984

    Multi Shadow Company Wants You!!

    Hey EVERYONE! FDT1984 here looking for devoted gamers to join Shadow Company. Shadow Company is a mature community that has been around since 2008. We enjoy having fun playing games with like-minded people, while staying competitive in game. If this sounds like something you have been...
  3. RGX Koenig

    Xbox Live RGX Gaming Community (Recruiting)

    RGX Gaming Community is recruiting. Must be 16+. We host FREE tournaments for prizes and have sponsors. Growth Rate is at 250% right now. We are 120 members strong and are growing. Message RGX Koenig on XBL for more details.
  4. I

    DaGe clan recruitment

    Hello guys my name is DaGe iRoniKz and i am thr Founder/Owner of DaGe Clan and i am here because we are recruiting Cod Players we are a 7 month old clan we have some sponsors i only have like 5 or more members because i ended DaGe Like a month ago and then started it back up so i lost most of my...
  5. T

    Xbox Live Xbox one

    need clan, pretty good at quick scoping and competitive play Gamer tag - KILLzborough813
  6. Y

    PSN TheSupremacyClan | Now Recruiting | PS4 World Champions |

    The Supremacy Clan is now recruiting new players for ps4. We are currently The World Heavy Weight Division Champions for Clan Wars and Clan Raids in Call of Duty, and have been an established clan since March 2014. We have 85+ active members both male and female. Were mainly a COD based Clan...
  7. ThexColdxKing

    PSN Searching for Clan to Join

    Hello recruiters, I'm the Cold King or SnowFire5 (my psn gamer tag) and I'm looking for a clan to join. I don't care how big or small, for I'm not to particular in such details. I'll list my pros and cons below, and message me via kik @TCKxDemetri if you're interested in my skill. Pros: Quick...