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  1. C

    PSN Looking For A Sniping Clan

    I am a sniper on ww2 on ps4 at the moment looking for a clan to help me grow as a YouTuber and sniper. I hit quads and 5 ons all the time. I have a few clips I can show as proof. Twitter: https://twitter.com/cade1031 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEaKCXyLWhqTfNWgMvTvNEA
  2. MergingSine

    WWII Sniping & Rifle Kills (Montage)

    Last in Bo2 was sniping as good as in WWII in my opinion! I made my first montage video about sniping and some rifle kills and share it with you guys! Hope you will like it and enjoy with it! View: https://youtu.be/cscUShmbzBc
  3. D

    PSN Dexterity Redemption recruitment challenge

    Hi, We are a sniping/feed clan and looking for new members. We are called Dexterity Redemption. We are new and are looking to grow and get noticed on YouTube.My name is DR Jimmybob. The clan consists of me, the leader, and my friend called Blizzi i, The co-leader. The clan has a YouTube channel...
  4. U

    Xbox Live [TDA Sniping] Is RECRUITING!

    Are you a sniper or trickshotter looking for a team then come join TDA for an active and functioning Team that has positions of authority! *you must have discord *if interested please contact me on xbox you can find my GT on my account Thank you guys for reading hopefully you join, Peace.
  5. X

    PSN Looking for MWR sniper position.

    Hello. My PSN is XDirtyXDan5, but I usually just go by "Dan" or "Dirty". I've been playing Call of Duty for about 5 years now. I'm not necessarily a veteran by most people's standards, but I have picked up some things. I am active online, and I do use a headset. I am a decent sniper, mainly in...
  6. U

    PSN Sniper Looking for Clan

    I am a sniper on MWR for PS4 and I'm currently looking into joining a clan so if you're interested in having me as a part of your team please reply to this and add clan details if possible. Thank you.
  7. V

    PSN Looking for clan?

    Hey guys im just trying to get out there as a sniper! if you want to check me out look at my youtube channel. im not very good at editing, but i sure can hit some bangers! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoFtGQjl_RwRUloj9YkS-pQ
  8. E

    Xbox Live Join Edge Gaming Today!

    Are you looking for a team that you can thrive in? Get along a with everyone and have a good time? We are the team for you! Edge Gaming is a new and up coming team who are looking for motivated players who are committed to Gamebattles, MLG to join our competitve side of our team! While also...
  9. L

    Multi Team Illusion

    We are a multi-console and multi-cod clan. We are competitive and enjoy snipers and feeds if you think you good join.
  10. R

    PSN Clan Tryouts

    Hey all, I'll be hosting Sniper clan tryouts over the next few weeks. I'm not after amateur snipers, this is for YouTube videos, so therefore I'll be recruiting feeders and trickshotters. Currently looking at recruit 5-10 people so message me back if you are interested. Note: tryouts will be...
  11. B

    CoD 4 Remastered, choppa with the sniper! Cod 4 Remastered Sniper Montage tomorrow, Don't miss it!

    Hey Everyone, Thanks for checking out my post, here is a video I created today having abit of fun with a sniper, if anyone wants to check it out :D I got a choppa! View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0djnPhkjecA&t=2s I will also be uploading a much better video tomorrow! My Sniper...
  12. MeTa Voodoo

    Multi Team MeTa Recruiting

    We are looking for new members for our clan. Preferably ones who are Feed snipers Knifers Trickshotters REG Gun Feeders GFX Designers And Editors We aren't very big, but we could use your help
  13. MeTa Voodoo

    Multi Team MeTa is Recruiting

    Team MeTa is recruiting We are looking for Snipers Trickshotters Pub Stompers GFX Editors
  14. Gamer 101

    Unpatched Sniper Tower Glitch

    New Un-patched Glitch | Sniper Tower black op 3 If you are a nuke town fan then this glitch is for you, its a great hiding spot. Its known as the Sniper Tower Glitch, its a new easter egg. Go try it out before it gets patches!
  15. O

    Black ops 3 Sniping Montage Episode 3

    Check it out guys!!! View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyudZLqTjuM
  16. I

    Xbox Live New clan looking for founding members

    What's up guys, I'm Ty or iignatz. I'm trying to start a new Multi-cod sniping clan. No Youtube or anything yet but once we get some founding members the name and all social media stuff will be set up. You can hmu anytime on twitter (Tyler_nickers0n) or Skype (Tyler_nickerson_) or xbox...
  17. M

    Black Ops 3 Montage "Breathe" Sniping,Combat Knife, Dubstep

    Hey fellow cod players, I've started an account on you tube dedicated to making gaming videos. I Have made a few videos already and would love for some feed back and support. Here is a link to my latest Black Ops 3 montage "Breath" View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ncdl7v2zNHk Please...
  18. D

    BO1 quickscope montage

    Hey guys, Been playing cod since like forever. I would love to share my new montage with you. View: https://youtu.be/Qs2XppeXkI4 I appreciate every kind of criticism! Greetz dewillox
  19. sequan

    New Cod Vid

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SJTP_YfEN0
  20. T

    Team Warning Montage #3 Black Ops 3 *Sniper-KillStreaks-Combat Axe*

    A Black Ops 3 Montage# 3: Team Warning Sniper/Combat Axe/ Awsome Kills, Kill streaks and more! Let's get 20 LIKES for Team Warning Montage! Make sure to SMASH that LIKE button if you enjoyed this video! Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Clan Team Warning Members in Video: Warning_Reaper...