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  1. C

    PS5 Not Picking up latest update. Please help. 30th March

    Hi, So my PS5 isn’t registering the latest update at all. I “check for update” it says it has the latest. I start the game, it appears to have logged me out and asks for activision account but it uses my PSN. And won’t let me do anything. Anyone have a fix or know of this?
  2. S

    Crashing on transitions?

    I've been playing the game for months now on an AMD-580 card and it has worked just fine on top graphics. But ever since October 8th I have trouble crashing on transitions, mostly right after the opening cutscene in warzone when it pans from the back of the plane, or when I try to leave the game...
  3. K

    Downloading the game again?

    Hello, I would like to know why, but since the last update came, I can't update my game. Apart from that it is telling me that I have to download 170Gb again. I already had the game installed and this doens't make any sense to me, can someone please explain me what is happening?
  4. L

    Increased ping since latest update (May)

    Has anyone noticed increased ping since the latest update? I was getting anywhere from 16 to 50 ping before and now I can't get anything lower than 150 ping, with it being 160-180 most games. I haven't changed anything regarding my internet, or modem settings etc. I've done a hard reset on...