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xb1 clan

  1. V

    Xbox Live Fortune Gaming is Recruiting

    Fortune Gaming is an organization that has been around since Summer of 2017. We specialize in both Console and PC. We are an active streaming community as well as looking to enter the competitive scene. We are looking for active members who are willing to participate in clan activities. We...
  2. T

    *Prestige Gaming Recruiting* Giveaways!! Beta codes!!

    Prestige Gaming is now recruiting. We just made a new discord server https://discord.gg/XwNye2G We gonna be doing alot in the coming weeks. Gamebattles teams,Giveaways, New cod Beta codes, Etc See you there :)
  3. P

    Multi Old XGN/XGC Thread

    XGC Old Republic is now recruiting. We are apart of the Xiled Gaming Clan Community. We have over 80,000 members in the XGC community. Our main game is Advanced Warfare. We are a level 18 clan with an overall kd of 0.87. We are laid back but still competitive, we won the last clan war with 417cp...
  4. GforGets

    Xbox Live RxG clan recruitment

    Hello I am GforGets, and I am currently looking to recruit members to RxG (Reborn X Gaming) we are a call of duty clan but also a community clan so there is no obligations to play only cod, no k/d or stats needed just the will to have fun and a microphone. Just message GforGets on Xbox one for...
  5. K

    Xbox Live KoG Xiled Kings

    hello there everyone if you are looking for a group of gamers to play with then KoG is the place to be don't worry if you are not good we will help you get better and for those competitive players out there we have stuff for you guys too. KoG is more then just a clan we are a family #KoGFamily...
  6. S


    Hey there everyone my name is Zach i am a lieutenant in a clan called THE SYNDICATE we are a clan for all gamers ages 16 and older. A mic is a must because with out communication we will fail also we use kik for meeting notifications but you do not need kik but we do recommend it. We are part of...
  7. KDi Exile

    KDi Clan Recruiting For XB1

    KDi is now recruiting for xb1. KDi is a laid back sniping clan and has no requirements just full investment in the clan. Just apply by going to our Twitter at kdicodclan or reply to this thread by listing your gamer tag and if you are able to record YouTube videos
  8. A

    Clan SoLow | Recruiting Players

    Hi all, We are currently looking for more players to join our clan/team. Clan SoLow. We're currently a Pubstomping clan on Xbox One. No PS4 clan as of now. Alongside being a Pubstomping clan, we play the objective(s). If you're interested in joining, message me on Xbox Live, my GT is TTG...
  9. A

    Looking for a professional competitive black ops 3 xb1 clan

    Me and my brother are looking for a 17 year old + clan that plays umg gbs. We dont wanna join a clan full of little kids we are serious players. We are both 17 im max prestige level 341 with a 2.30 kd and a 3.30 wl. We would like to play 4v4 gbs, cash outs, and tournament's. My gamertag is Real...