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  1. DavidBoyGenius

    Hello Comrades!

    Hello everyone! I am DavidBoyGenius! I love making videos and playing video games. I am interested in making some friends and teaming up with other Call of Duty players. I play on ps4 for right now. If you on ps4, hit me up. Feel free to PM me anytime...I will always respond.
  2. R

    Channel Youtube about Call of Duty: WW2

    Hey there! This channel has new videos about COD: WW2 if they can help me with a like and inscription would be very happy thanks for the opportunity Channel: https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UCIi8-dsNZXH6k_hQqUFgGZw Video: View: https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=TJ7fkQWUCII&t=17
  3. I

    PC Looking for good COD WW2 player to join my clan

    Hello, I'm looking for 10 members to join my COD WW2 clan. I will set up a YouTube channel where all members clips will be uploaded. If you are interested please contact me. I also have a steam group if you would like to join. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/-AquaX-
  4. S

    Awesome Gameplay

    Hi everyone, I just made my first youtube video with clips of some gameplay. I would appreciate it so much if you could like and subscribe to my channel. I would appreciate any feedback you have as well. my channel name is Show Stephanie :D :D View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYrAsecjudo
  5. TheSinisterMisfits

    GUTS Clan Colonel Grinding Live 12 Hour Every Day

    One of our Colonel's is grinding every day on 12 hour Live Streams to reach the Top 100! He's helping with GUTS Clan activities and usually has members with him all while grinding it out. Let's show him some love and give him a Like and Subscribe to a fellow COD players Channel...
  6. K

    Call Of Duty WW2 MONTAGE!!

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zglKogZBsfA&t=6s Just starting out on youtube, only able to record and edit from my PS4. This was a little warm up to my channel because i have not posted in a while! Please watch! I am also looking for a clan to join, Im not only a sniper.
  7. OCN007

    Do you agree that this is the best call of duty?

    Hi, i've made a video discussing this topic, it also talks about the MP40, i'd be interested to know if you agree with me! -Cheers OCN007. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSuIj52UqXs&t=1s
  8. T

    Who Remembers This Video?

    7 years ago, CollegeHumor made this video about our focus and obsession with achievements and trophies. I think it still holds quite true today. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlxZKUWXxiU
  9. T

    Fair Use, Copyright, and My Thoughts

    As the title suggests, this thread is my feelings about the "where's the fair use" fight, copyright law regarding YouTube, and so on. A word of warning: my thoughts on this are not black and white. So I'm not wholly on one side or the other. This is because throughout my life, my thinking has...
  10. Fortifi Dreamz

    PSN Fortifi Recruitment is here!

    Been wanting to join a clan or an org on Ps4 who have active members, play COD? Or just family? Join Fortifi today! We have an awesome staff unit of leaders that are willing to train or even just play with the clan members and so forth! -Benefits of joining- - Once you join, we will continue...
  11. F

    Multi FTP Are Recruiting For MLG Players & Snipers !!!!

    We are French Toast Party A Call Of Duty clan we are recruiting for new MLG players that can play on IW then move on to WW2 and Snipers. We upload Montages to YouTube and now have over 1K subs & 2k followers on Instagram. If you want to join message our Instagram @French__Toast__Party or message...
  12. C

    Multi CoD Sniper Montage

    View: https://youtu.be/qOYFtexVMDc
  13. L

    Multi Team Illusion

    We are a multi-console and multi-cod clan. We are competitive and enjoy snipers and feeds if you think you good join.
  14. R

    PSN Clan Tryouts

    Hey all, I'll be hosting Sniper clan tryouts over the next few weeks. I'm not after amateur snipers, this is for YouTube videos, so therefore I'll be recruiting feeders and trickshotters. Currently looking at recruit 5-10 people so message me back if you are interested. Note: tryouts will be...
  15. W

    Xbox Live WATR Clan Recruitment

    WATR Clan Recruitment Msg WATR Reloadzz on xbox Looking for snipers,editers,trickshoters we are a small but growing clan if you would like to join our clan msg WATR Reloadzz on xbox or Jarendt3000 on Skype we will send the rules
  16. S

    Check out my channel for good IW cotent :)

  17. C

    Multi We are looking for snipers and Xbox pubstompers

    We are Cyber Axis... A multi platform team... We are looking for snipers on ps4, xbox one and pc Quad feeds Collats .. But for Pubstomping are looking for xbox one players Fast thinking under hard situation Team work. Our Youtube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCpUw1trgdA5bpOX6qTb_2hQ ...
  18. ShiFt Clan


    HEY GAMERS! We are ShiFt clan! We play on PS4 in the United States and we are looking for GOOD GAMERS!! If you are good at anything, such as: Sniping, editing, competitive, regular, pub-stomping, or any other forms of the game, we are interested in you! We are available almost everyday and...
  19. Codara

    PSN Growing Clan Recruiting

    Were a fun, highly competitive CoD eSports organization called Martial Punishment (Twitter @mP_CoD) We are run by an experience team owner who has been running teams since Bo2. We are very aspirational to go far and be a successful team with a highly skilled competitive team. Currently we have...
  20. F

    COD Channel Introduction

    Hi guys, My name is Matthew, aka FuzzyDerka and I want to tell you about my channel. I have been making videos on youtube for a couple of years. I upload mostly Call of Duty and other games like Assassin's Creed and any other games requested by you guys. I am currently in university so I only...