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Game Mode of Choice

I used to change game modes a lot, for a long time I played Sharpshooter as I was far more successful in an environment where you don't have to rely on a team and it gave by far the most points when ranking up. I then switched to domination but once I started to use my Remington as my main weapon I started playing a lot more Kill Confirmed. The ability to get up close and take out players while taking Dog Tags was really fun.


When I play multiplayer (which is rare), I would usually play TDM. I'll admit that I suck balls at any multiplayer but this one is the one I am most comfortable playing and I think it's a lot of fun whether I win or lose. I really don't care. Games are for fun. I sometimes get scared when I get killed out of the blue. I am like running around, trying to hunt for people but not get killed myself and someone just randomly appears and stabs me.

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