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  1. Carlos

    Don't post in the wrong places.

    Your thread is HERE! STOP re-posting your thread, read the clan rules.
  2. Carlos

    Modern Warfare Field Upgrades

    These are the official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Field Upgrades. They are the base field upgrades that you earn by ranking up in-game... - Munitions Box - Recon Drone - Dead Silence - Stopping Power Rounds - Trophy System - Deployable Cover - Tactical Insertion - EMP Drone -...
  3. Carlos

    MW Branch Out

    What I've done now is merged all games into general, all videos are in one place: Call of Duty Media. As far as your suggestions go: General - We already have one. Help - Content Bunker was meant as that, but as far as single game goes: The Modern Warfare forum encompasses all discuessions...
  4. Carlos

    MW Branch Out

    I will be reorganizing how the forums work from here on out. Every year I make a new forum just for a game, but going forward, we're going to move the old game threads into general, then rename the top forums with the new incoming game. I was trying to keep things simple the way it is now, but...
  5. Carlos

    Modern Warfare Giveaway

    Welcome to CoDForums.com, @Xyphien!
  6. Carlos

    No credit for daily challenges

    Infinity Ward says that they acknowledge the issue, and are working on it. At launch it was disabled till they worked out the issues. Not sure why it's enabled for PC players, but stop doing those challenges until it is fully fixed. Welcome to CoDForums.com
  7. Carlos

    Modern Warfare Killstreaks

    These are the official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer killstreaks. They are the base killstreaks that you earn by ranking up in-game… 3 Kills - Personal Radar - Shield Turret 4 Kills - Counter UAV - UAV - Care Package 5 Kills - Cluster Strike - Cruise Missile - Precision Airstrike...
  8. Carlos

    Want a free copy of CODMW? Sign up, post, and win!

    No problem. Welcome to CODForums.com, btw!
  9. Carlos

    Xbox Live Older gamer? Join us!

    I merged your thread here. Next time you re-post on the wrong forum, I'm banning. You hear me? I moved it for a good reason.
  10. Carlos

    Pre-made lobbies

    Well, yeah, but I learned that by playing more and more of the game, you rank up, like a real RPG. Your weapons become more powerful every time you unlock a part of the gunsmith customization.
  11. Carlos

    Want a free copy of CODMW? Sign up, post, and win!

    The contest is still going. You would have to post 100 posts on this site in general. It can be anywhere on this site. The point of the contest is to increase participation from users.
  12. Carlos

    Modern Warfare Equipment

    These are the official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer equipments. They are the base equipments that you earn by ranking up in-game… Lethal Equipments Claymore Frag Grenade Molotov Cocktail C4 Semtex Throwing Knife Proximity Mine Thermite Tactical Equipments Flash Grenade Stun...
  13. Carlos

    Edit and streaming addon

    I'll do that when the site is popular enough, but right now, I just don't want to see users post something and then remove it later, and when I say "remove it," I meant the text, and not just clicking "delete" (I'm not kidding. That did happen.) Yeah, I'll look into buying it. It costs money...
  14. Carlos

    My body is ready

    Welcome to CODForums.com! Thanks for registering, taking the time to give feedback. I've been looking for users like you for a while now.
  15. Carlos

    How did you find CODForums.com?

    Well, that's an interesting story.