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Tactical Gaming

Recent content by Carlos

  1. Carlos

    Minor updates needed in warzone

    These penalties already exist. If you leave the match and your team went to ...let's say, the top 5 people left in the final ring. Guess who lost? The guy that left too early. That person lost possible XP, lost already gained XP, his cash, etc. As for a major update, it's coming. Season ends in...
  2. Carlos


    They are being put into with other Cheaters. What I think you run into is suspected Cheaters, or people who hasn't tripped those wires, yet. Thing is, it's getting harder to even cheat. If you're suspected of cheating, you're going to need an entirely new hardware, and connection to go forward...
  3. Carlos

    Making me play war zone! Agggh!!!

    It's still there. Go play plunder.
  4. Carlos

    new rig up aand running

    His (@freakdaddy64) computer is more powerful than the other dude. I was just trying to be positive towards the other one, but he goes like 'unnecessary'.
  5. Carlos

    Lag lag lag

    For me on PS4, the lag is spotty.
  6. Carlos

    Renetti nerf was a massive mistake

    Because akimbo renetti was OP.
  7. Carlos

    Disk space size

    There was another player on PS4 with the same issue. I dunno how to solve it.
  8. Carlos

    Hit detection

    Keep this attitude up, and I may just suspend you for a bit. And your jabs at me isn't going to help you. I'm the one with a ban hammer.
  9. Carlos

    Hit detection

    It is sometimes the game [server went offline the other day], I was in a Warzone match where it lags, etc. Its sometimes your connection. But the thing PC players have to contend with is sync'ing issues between the monitor and what's really going on-screen. I'm just saying people need to realize...
  10. Carlos

    if you read I will be grateful

    I echo the same comments. Just paste the link to the channel here. It will automatically be embedded. You can also use the stream button on the top of this page, too.
  11. Carlos

    graphic settings

    I used to have a top-of-the-line PC that I've used for 10 years, but I currently own a crappy prebuilt (groan) that does some basic actions quite well. But, his is pretty powerful for something like Modern Warfare, some improvements are needed, but it's quite nice. I mean, i7 is only two...
  12. Carlos

    Hit detection

    Pay attention to what he's saying. Framerates don't really matter. It has multiple layers of problems. You press a button, it goes, but on-screen the action is delayed because of the screen's input lag. Then you also have to realize that there's also syncing issues between the game you're...
  13. Carlos

    New update, here's the proof

    *laughs at beta tester comment* But, we've been beta testing since August, lol... I got this same error many times... View: https://mobile.twitter.com/CarlosX360/status/1257485745184477186
  14. Carlos

    Hit detection

    I understood everything that was said by @CMCFLYYY. Excellent post, those are the kinds of posts I've wanted on this site for years. You guys are incredible people, posting in-depth posts and being positive to each other. Likes all around.
  15. Carlos

    graphic settings

    That's pretty monstrous to me. I mean you could use a better CPU/GPU, but it's pretty powerful from where I sit.