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advanced warfare

  1. Carlos

    Sledgehammer Games wanted to make Advanced Warfare 2?

    So, I was watching a few new videos and came across this one after liking his content. I was watching this one, and I was blown away. Speechless. Holy fuck. Sledgehammer Games wanted to make Advanced Warfare 2! View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ttJ6KCTGp4
  2. T

    AW In-Depth Review

    (Will not reopen old wounds) As the first title under the new three-year development plan and the first full title by Sledgehammer Games, Advanced Warfare had to truly wow people and had quite an uphill battle ahead. Like Ghosts before it, it achieved all the important things (and did even...
  3. T

    Did You Really Want A Sequel?

    I had fully expected that Sledgehammer would release a sequel this year, rather than WWII. Everything seemed quite right, and the game had a climax that was built for one. While I will gladly play WWII and likely enjoy it, I am disappointed that we didn't get an AW sequel. How about you? Did you...
  4. Dope X OSU

    Xbox Live ShOtZ Recruitment

    Hello! I'm Mason the owner of the organization and I'm starting a Call Of Duty and potentially a CS:GO team along the way! What I'm looking for is talented COD players that are very loyal and have a strong mentality. Also looking for YouTubers to share across the globe who we are and provide the...
  5. T

    Ghosts/AW Sequels As DLC?

    It is clear by now that we will never receive main games to fulfill on the sequel-baited endings of both Ghosts and Advanced Warfare. However, maybe we can still end up having the storylines resolved in a new way. Back in 2013, Ubisoft did Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, a DLC/standalone title used as...
  6. kim


    Clan Name: [She.] System: Xbox Live (One or 360) Name: $$$$ Game: Advanced Warfare & Infinite Warfare My Level: Grand Master Prestige 16, Level 50 Looking GREAT players, don't have to be Grand Master prestige but at least prestige. I just started this clan and i'm trying to build it up so we...
  7. H

    Insane new comeback! check it out! Getting ready for Black Ops 3!

    Insane new comeback! check it out! View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDtKLsiNYdg Getting ready for Black Ops 3 sill be posting every Monday, Wednesday, Friday Twitter : https://twitter.com/ImHDNeptune
  8. Cold Ransom

    My Opinion on the Call of Duty Franchise--What do you think??

    What is up gamers, geeks, nerds, and often small children think they're NadeShot! Hey guys, Cold Ransom here today to give you guys my opinion on the Call of Duty Franchise as a whole. Now please do keep in mind that I am an avid player and lover of Call of Duty, so my opinion may seem somewhat...