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black ops 2

  1. N

    new pc 800-900fps private game bo2 cant be truth ?!

    mw is fine now 300-max 350 fps...but in bo2 multiplayer works with normal 200fps and privat game stuttering and jump keybind sometimes not work and slowmotion sometimes why ? what is wrong ? what is wrong with my new pc ? and csgo some rounds i die bader than with old pc and 60 hz ^^but all...

    Multi Merciless Pros Network is looking for you

    A great community is looking for you! MPN, known as the Merciless Pros Network has been around since 2010 and is actively recruiting for Advanced Warfare on Xbox Live. If you are interested in entering the ranks and helping a well known gaming community succeed then please just visit our...
  3. F

    Multi W33DCLAN is recruiting (Xbox One PC)

    w33dclan is a clan of professional gentleman gamers who mostly play siege bo1 bo2 mw2 on xbox and sometimes games on pc like mw2 waw and csgo we are looking for anyone who is decent at the game or at least knows what they are doing visit our forums if you are interested...
  4. CODForums

    CarlosX360 has been playing Black Ops since the beginning

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is available as this thread is being posted. If you've been playing Black Ops since day one, like CarlosX360 did... your stats are calculated into a video. I don't know how they did this, but it was impressive seeing them do that. See for yourself... CarlosX360 got...
  5. Carlos

    Black Ops 4 has a new marketing strategy: You.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is available as I post this thread. And, if you've been playing Black Ops since day one, like I did... your stats are calculated into a video. I don't know how they did this, but it was impressive seeing them do that. See for yourself... View...
  6. S

    Multi Black Ops 2 and WW2 players. Both casual and hardcore welcome.

    I am currently recruiting players for my gaming clan. I am looking for both casual and hardcore players, for: PS4 - CoD WW2 PS3 - CoD BO2 Xbox 360 - CoD BO2 You must have Discord in order to join the clan and must be able to be active at least once a week. Leave a reply if you are interested...
  7. D

    PSN In need of a clan

    Im currently looking for a Black op 2 clan. Have all maps beside the one with mob of the dead. I like to play hardcore mode. Not a good sniper and also sux at search and destory. Also a good zombie player. Im hoping K/D ratio dont matter
  8. T

    BO2 In-Depth Review

    The release of BO2 in 2012 was in many ways an event unto itself. It wound up being the last truly big event in terms of pre-orders in the series, and many wondered where the Black Ops narrative could possibly go. And indeed, it was truly spectacular and more than lived up to the hype. It was...
  9. A

    Multi Aces Reserve Recruiting

    Welcome to one of the threads posted on this specific website, our clan is looking for members, professional and casual. We do official GameBattle Matches slowly but surely rising to the top. Casual players can join is 15+ years of age and professionals can join 17+ years of age. DM us on our...
  10. 1

    PSN The 32nd Reaper Division is recruiting!!

    We are the 32nd Reaper Division PS4 clan established in 2006 by me, Xx_1MADUD3_xX. We are recruiting for COD: AW and Ghosts for the PS4 only. Though we are also accepting Grand Theft Auto V players. But this post will be about COD specifically. About us We are a...
  11. TheGrantMan

    PSN Any Clan Recruiting Members?

    Hello members of the CoD community! My name is Grant and I joined the CoD community way back when I was only in the 2nd grade... A little young to play those games? Nah. I was here for the release of Modern Warfare but I am only recognized Black Ops 1 to Black Ops 3 in this thread. When...
  12. F

    PSN Fuse Nation Community (Looking for dedicated players)

    'Fuse' is currently recruiting more players to fill up our roster for upcoming competitve events. We are a new community looking to dominate in this ever growing gaming world. We will be hosting clan nights, training sessions, strat sessions, competitive and non-competitive gameplay, possibly...
  13. T

    Black Ops 2. How to build the Trample Steam.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PI1iD-pLDBg
  14. T

    Xbox Live Backwards Compatible Today!

    Black Ops 2 has just been made backwards compatible on the Xbox One today! Happy Happy Joy Joy! All that's left is Classic and a very likely such release for Ghosts. Then of course, there is the complicated mess of the Modern Warfare trilogy in light of remastering plans.
  15. CrZy_NOVAs

    PSN Looking for call of duty sniper recruits

    I am the leader of a Clan called CrZy Crew, and we are looking to boost our numbers before our next teamtage on January 1st
  16. Hannaah

    Xbox Live Xbox 360- need new friends

    Hello, my name is Hannah, I am an 18 year old girl and looking for some new people to talk to and play Black ops 3 with, just left a clan and riding solo at the moment! Would be great if you would add me on the Xbox and come for a few games? :) Gamertag- Hannaah x X
  17. C

    My cod youtube channel

    Can you guys please give me info on how to make better content on youtube, if you have any opinions please post it on my most recent video Thank you My channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTk87TeTBYTmRTlnSFmyVAw
  18. E

    Xbox Live ExCaPe Clan Reqruitment

    WHO ARE WE? We are a Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 clan. WHO ARE YOU CURRENT TEAM MEMBERS? Our current team members are: ExCaPe Legend (hey thats me :D) ExCaPe Destiny ExCaPe Death ExCaPe Freeze and ExCaPe Legacy. WHY SHOULD I JOIN THE EXCAPE CLAN? Because the...