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  1. O

    PSN New COD WW2 League for Clans PS4

    COD WW2 Hey, I was thinking, I remember playing MW2 back in the day and a clan match consisted of two teams adding each other and creating a private match and whoever won got the bragging rights to saying they were the better team! I was thinking maybe bringing something like that back, but with...
  2. F

    Xbox Live Cross Country Gaming (XB1)

    Hello there, Looking for a team or a clan to play with? Well look no more, we are a new form clan looking to make a difference in each player gaming experience. We offer ways to help improve your gaming and style of playing. We encourage each player or team member to go beyond their normal...
  3. Bailey ^v^

    Multi Apollo 7 Recruitment

    My Name Is Bailey ^v^ and i am the leader of a team called Apollo 7. We are currently looking for Snipers / Trickershotters to hit clips, competitive players who want to take the game by force and competitive snipers for game battles and 2 v 2 and so forth. However we do have certain...
  4. I

    PC TAW.net | 2500+ Worldwide Community, Seeks members for Ghosts!

    [TAW] The Art of Warfare Who we are: The Art of Warfare (TAW) was formed in March of 2001 by members who were playing Delta Force: Land Warrior and they wanted to form something special. From these humble beginnings TAW has grown into a World Class Gaming Community. TAW currently has over 2300...
  5. L

    PSN DMG Clan recruitment

    clan recruitment for New DMG clan Requirements - speak English - available at least 5-6 hours a day - k.d ratio above 1.15 16+ No jokers please looking for serious people because we will be entering tournaments on game battles and other websites If you want to join message me on psn -...
  6. UnKn FuZZeyy

    Xbox Live We NEED YOU!! Recruitment Challenge For UNKNOWN CLAN

    If you want to join unkn just watch this video View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUNNhfhwA8o
  7. F

    Xbox Live Looking for a mature clan

    I’m 18 and I’ve been playing call of duty along with other shooters for about 5 or 6 years. I’ve played most of the call of duty’s and been at least positive on them all. Im looking for a group of mature guys I can hop on and play competitively with but still have fun with. I can play pretty...
  8. S

    Multi RoaR Gaming recruiting! #GrizzlyNation

    Visit www.roargg.com to join Grizzy Nation! If you sign up make sure to put Covenant_Pilgrim as your recruiter! Look forward to having you!
  9. Reloaded Vesper

    Xbox Live Reloaded Nation is Now Recruiting

    The Name is Chris aka Vesper and I am the Leader of Reloaded Nation (RDN) we are currently in phase one of are recruitment process and are looking for members who are ready to hit the battlefield and do whatever it takes to complete the mission (the battle). We currently are on MWR and BO3 but...
  10. dowling508

    PSN UGA Now Recruiting [UK][EU][NA][18+]

    Ultimate Gaming Alliance Website UGA (Ultimate Gaming Alliance) is now looking for new members from UK and Europe to come and join our gaming community. We are looking for English speaking members who are 16 years & older. Who are we? UGA are a group of friends who came together to start a...
  11. T


    i am 22 years old played cod for over 10 years exp couple of compt teams but left due to inactivity , stubborn players, and people are not good at the game... finding a team for this game is a lt harder than i thought . my GT: twobluntsshawty . im trying to win be serious(but we get litty) a...
  12. Shadow01blavkout

    PSN TMDC NATION is Recruiting PS4 ONLY

    TMDC NATION is Recruiting PS4 ONLY We disband 2 yrs ago now we Started again a week PSN:ShadowLifeGaming 10 free spots only ps4 TMDC Nation Rules Age: 15+ -You must carry TMDC tag at all times -You are to be dedicated to TMDC ONLY -Loyal to Family -No racial -Always treat people fairly and...
  13. F

    Xbox Live Fuse Clan Recruitment

    Message me on Xbox Live for recruitment! @ Fuse Saint... If you try to message me on here I will not respond... Only responds on Xbox Live on my account for recruitment! :)
  14. G

    Xbox Live New Casual Clan Recruiting (WotD)

    Wolves of the Dawn is recruiting laid back, mature players to join our ranks and help develop a strong, friendly enviornment where casual and competitive gamers can come find a team of other players to interact with, make friends with and compete with. Requirements; Mature. 15+ years old...
  15. P

    Multi Old XGN/XGC Thread

    XGC Old Republic is now recruiting. We are apart of the Xiled Gaming Clan Community. We have over 80,000 members in the XGC community. Our main game is Advanced Warfare. We are a level 18 clan with an overall kd of 0.87. We are laid back but still competitive, we won the last clan war with 417cp...
  16. S

    Xbox Live Looking to join bo2 clan!

    Hello! My name is Spy or Tazer. I used to make alot of black ops 2 videos. I have recently wanting to get back into playing cod more and move up and grow my channel. At the moment i have around 140 subscribers and i have been growing more each day. My goal by the end of this year is to upload...
  17. K

    PSN call of duty bo2 clan Customes

    rules: 1.you can attend battles after being in our clan for a week 2.do not criticise other members 3.our clan is for LVLing up and scoring points, not for kills promotion list: First day=Spy First week=member First month=soldier Half a year= commander One year=general needs: microphone be...
  18. Jeremiah Truman

    PSN Bo3 ps3

    I'm looking for a bo3 clan on the ps3 that has friendly members and actually helps me in matches my PSN is boss9895
  19. X


    My team "xEcho Clan" need some new leaders if interested reply to me or contact my twitter @xEchoNijo
  20. T

    PSN Amused To Death Clan Looking for Call of Duty Recruits!

    G'day maggots. Welcome To A2D a clan where we are a family and welcome everyone of all ages of all races. We believe as a family that things should be easy going and have a good laugh that's why we, unlike many clans don't have ridiculous rules about what you can and can't do. We really have...