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  1. -DJO-TalonnD

    PC DJO Gaming is Recruiting

    DJO Gaming is a Online Gaming Community that was founded in 1997. Originally founded as DarkJedi.Org, we have, over the years, broken away from Star Wars only gaming and branched out to include other games and other genres, adopting the DJO Gaming brand. We are constantly trying to improve and...
  2. G

    Multi 12th Circle Gaming Clan

    Come join our server! We’re organized, have sponsors and just enjoy the hell out of gaming! We play all sorts and have a near 100 percent active community! Take part in our upcoming modern warfare event for a chance to win some cash! Just follow the link and begin the process...
  3. S

    PC Fate Gaming Recruiting Soldiers

    WHO WE ARE Fate Gaming is a casual PC gaming community, who are now an LLC, trademarked and Discord boosted! We are open to all who have a laid back attitude and who are here to have fun. There are no guild applications, minimum playtime requirements, prerequisites or officer hierarchy. We're...
  4. TCG Wheezy

    Multi Trace Gaming (TCG) Is The Gaming Community To Connect Gamers!

    Looking for a community that will have your back? New people to meet and play with, and get involved with multiple teams is what you want? Trace Gaming is all about that and we provide many opportunities for you to get yourself involved in, too many for you to get involved in all at once. We...
  5. The Gamer Hive [HIVE]


    At The Gamer Hive, we want our members to feel like they belong as we love to keep our members together regardless of the game they are playing, we understand that gaming habits can and will change so at The Gamer Hive we do our best to move along with the gaming trends our react to our members...
  6. T

    Multi Tactical Defense Gaming is recruiting

    TDG is a new cross platform gaming community ran by lifelong friends we are looking to grow rapidly yet responsibly, we are looking for mature active players that enjoy being part of a team and will work with our members to allow us to grow and become a large community with much to offer, we may...
  7. Parcs

    Xbox Live | Culture Sniping Recruitment | [Twitter] @Cultureuprise

    Culture sniping was founded march 2016 and was heavily supported by Soar Crude, and many other higher up players in the sniping community. We are looking for feeders who want the freedom to enjoy what they love without being given a goal to meet every week, but push themselves as well as other...
  8. Nymorph

    Xbox Live Ember Gaming Community Open Recruitment

    Hey there! My name is Thomas and I am the founder and owner of Ember Esports! The goal of Ember Esports is to bridge the gap between competitive and casual playstyles. We seek to bring the strategy involved in competitive gaming into the relaxed and joyful world of the casual player. We are...
  9. XiRoROUGE

    Xbox Live Recruiting for XiRo Gaming.

    Hello I am recruiting for XiRo Gaming. XiRo Gaming is a growing competitive cross-platform gaming community we offer tournaments, prizes, ranking structure, forums and contracts. Everyone is welcome to join message for details or register to www.xirogaming.com
  10. A

    Multi Join Onyx community

    Welcome to Onyx! I am pleased to meet you, i am a leader of the newly formed community/clan called Onyx. We are a special community for people that likes to edit, so we are kind of like an editing clan. Where a bunch of editor gather, connect and make dope content together. We edit a lot of COD...
  11. TheSinisterMisfits

    PSN GUTS Clan Recruiting. 100+ and growing

    We are currently recruiting for WWII. We are a large group of players. With over 100 members in our Discord server alone, you can always find someone to game with. We believe in having a laid back community that finds cohesiveness through getting to know one another both through playing together...
  12. rG PO1NTL3SS WL

    Xbox Live rG is recruiting... Come and check us out. [XB1]

    My name is rG PO1NTL3SS WL I'm one of the leaders of Rapture Gaming and we are looking for gamers! We are an organized friendly community that prides itself on providing a fun, safe and mature environment for it's members. rG has forums, game nights, tournaments and much much more. Bottom line...
  13. T

    Multi NRG Clan recruiting

    No Resistance Gaming (NRG) is a newly founded community that is looking to build a safe structured community for all gamers. We have a ranking structure that will help develop your leadership skills as well as challenging yourself to achieve your goals. We have squads for one game each. So you...
  14. OG Killer303

    Multi Outlast Gaming is Recruiting (xbox1/ps4)

    Outlast Gaming is an Xbox One & PlayStation 4 community that does not care about age or K/D but on maturity and participation. We focus on having a core group of members that will always be online in game, and on our website. There will always be someone to game with on console and people to...
  15. 6S Gaming Community

    Xbox Live Sixth Sense Gaming Recruitment [DISCORD]

    6S Gaming Community 6S is a resurgent gaming community with a long history of providing an excellent platform upon which to connect with other players and improve you as a gamer. Boasting a stable and experienced core of players across a wide array of games, with highly successful competitive...
  16. F

    Xbox Live Frost

    I am looking for 2 eu competitive slayers to complete my eu roster,if you are interested message reach real on xbox one and ill get back to you as soon as possible
  17. G

    Xbox Live Guerrilla Gamers - Recruiting NOW

    Welcome to Guerrilla Gamers Community. GGC IS a brand new community, it was founded February 2017. We broke off from a much larger community with the hopes of creating a friendly environment where all gamers can play, be competitive, and have fun. We are active on the XBOX One and we Play Call...
  18. Drizzy OG

    Xbox Live oG clan recruiting !

    Im the Leader and just started this clan. I need a Co Leader a Director Graphic Designer And Players ! I have 100k on instagram so the clan is already known :) MUST HAVE - A Mic - Experience in competitive - 13 to 16 GAMES THE CLAN WILL BE PLAYING - Battlefield 1 - Call of Duty...
  19. F

    PSN Fuse Nation Community (Looking for dedicated players)

    'Fuse' is currently recruiting more players to fill up our roster for upcoming competitve events. We are a new community looking to dominate in this ever growing gaming world. We will be hosting clan nights, training sessions, strat sessions, competitive and non-competitive gameplay, possibly...
  20. D

    PSN SYN is now recruiting on ps4!!!!

    Are you a team player? Are you a person that puts the success of the team over his own personal accolades? Do you communicate well and like to work in groups? "The Syndicate Rises and Falls Together as ONE" The World Gaming Syndicate otherwise called "The Syndicate" is a PS4 gaming community...