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  1. gigo777

    Call Of Duty DMZ Building 21 : "Friendly Friendly Stop Shooting" ✋

    View: https://youtu.be/jDJhvejsFhg
  2. M

    Xbox Live DMZ Clan?

    Hey everyone! I'm looking to join a clan who are focused on completing Faction Missions/Contracts, etc. I play on PC using an Xbox Controller and Headset. I have an issue with in game comms (mic) so would require to join an Xbox Party Chat for you to hear myself. I'm 41 so would prefer to be...
  3. T

    DMZ Cannot see recent grouped players in social

    I am level 93 and it tells me I need to play a match (after just playing 10) to display recent players. Therefore I am I able to o send friend requests to people I was just in a group with. *I am unable to send friend requests to recently grouped players in DMZ.
  4. T

    DMZ How about.. now just hear me out..

    When we lose connection from crappy servers/hosts, either while loading or during a DMZ match, we dont lose all the inventory? Mmkay? Thxbai Meant to say we DO lose all our inventory.
  5. N

    DMZ Thought On PvE only DMZ

    Im sure Ill catch a lot of "get good" remarks, but what are thoughts on a PvE only DMZ. I constantly run across toxic 6 man teams camping exfil sites and its getting really old
  6. K

    DMZ Season 2 consensus? I’d like to hear others opinion

    What’s the consensus on season 2? In my opinion bots significantly decreased their damage and accuracy at range. But every other aspect seems to have increased in severity and intensity. They’re spawning at insane rates and pushing super aggressively and also seem to be flanking more now rather...
  7. wunder

    DMZ Acti-Blizz don't want you to enjoy DMZ

    Acti-Blizz don't want you to enjoy DMZ I am a long-time game developer, I have worked on titles that FPS fans would be well aware of and probably have engaged with in the past. I recently experimented with WZ after a few people recommended it to me, as they wished me to play it with them...
  8. N

    DMZ DMZ weapon Tuning Zeroed out

    In DMZ the Weapon Tuning is zeroed out on insured weapon. However, Weapon Tuning is present in MW2 and Warzone. Anyone else having this issue?
  9. S

    PSN Looking for late night DMZ clan

    Hey there, I'm currently looking for a group to play with at night (I work 2p to 10p CST) so I'm usually on at around 11p or 12a to about 3am mostly on DMZ (I'm trash at WZ and blah on MP) Mics are a must. 35/m (I know I'm old) I play on PS5, hit me up if interested.
  10. Mefisto

    Multi Ministry of Destruction [MOD] clan is recruiting! [PC][EU][18+] MP, Warzone and DMZ

    Ministry of Destruction started in 22 december 2022 as an Call of Duty gaming clan, we have divisions in MW2 MP, Warzone and DMZ. We are currently open for recruitment, are you interested and can't wait? Visit our Discord server and play a game with us. https://discord.gg/modclan We are a...
  11. O

    DMZ DMZ - Party making logics

    First of all this game is great, it shows a lot of potential but beside other things *I won't mention in this thread, why is the team making for QUADS + TRIO so bad? You look for a party, you get to be the party leader then all of a sudden you are not the leader anymore and you get kicked out! -...
  12. S

    Multi Axiom, older community recruiting for MWII

    Here is a little bit of info about us.... We are a gaming community called Axiom. We house players of varying skill levels and currently play all modes. At present, we are recruiting for multiplayer, DMZ, and Warzone, with an interest in zombies, as well The community is English speaking only...
  13. O

    cs:cz mission pipe dream in CoD DMZ

    View: https://youtube.com/shorts/sw99E46jCNY?feature=share Sound on This is my YouTube channel hope you like it.
  14. H

    Multi LF a friendly bunch of people to play DMZ with

    Good evening and Merry Christmas to you all. I'm looking for a small/medium EU/UK clan to run missions and play DMZ with. I'm a friendly, mature and sensible guy who does a good line in Monty Python and Hitchhiker's Guide references. Average skill but looking to learn and improve. If that...
  15. B

    Warzone 2.0 Nuke Carry Service

    If anyone is interested in paid Nuke runs, feel free to DM me on Twitter or any of my socials, @BonqTTV. To save time for us both, the cost is split between 3/4 people so we charge hundreds of dollars. If you’re interested let me know! Unlockables include: skin, emblem, calling card, weapon...
  16. E

    DMZ Fix Commander Spawn/Nerf Bots

    Completing intel contracts doesn't always spawn the command attack helicopter, making the Commanding Intel mission exponentially harder, especially since the Juggernaut is often killed early for the case. Please fix. Also please, please reduce bot spawns. Having two teamed up full squads run...
  17. Doomrider

    DMZ M13 Help?

    Would anyone be able to do a DMZ run with me? Or if you already have the M13, drop it and exfil? Its driving me mad that i keep getting matched with guys who just sprint off into the distance immediately. :(
  18. Marky79


    Hey guys, first off all i just wanna say the dmz is a great idear and for the most part i have been having alot of fun with it, tho as itz moslty a group/squad mode the missions are focused around singler players so 70-90% of the time when teaming up with randoms is pretty much a waste off time...
  19. Doomrider

    Multi DMZ Team Requests

    Would really like some regular team mates to jump in with. Not just for DMZ, but mostly tbh. I imagine many other people are having the same issue as me - No regular friends online. Jump into DMZ. Matched with strangers without coms or don’t speak the same language. Game starts. They sprint off...