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  1. G

    hot mic PART 11 LOL

    View: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/nRGfnLTv7qo Welcome To My Channel GIGO2LIKESubscribe Here: https://cutt.ly/rwlp00ljIn this video, I take on the ultimate challenge: using only a knife in Call of Duty: Warzone! Join me as I attempt the impossible and share some epic moments along the way...
  2. Krunkz

    Multi The Veteran Lounge on Discord!

    A gaming community for Call of Duty and many others! We are Active Daily with voice channels being used also. We run DMZ / Warzone / MP / Ranked and customs. We have an amazing community of skilled players who want to achieve the goal of having a gaming community to play with and grow. Our...
  3. S

    No Choptop in Vondel

    Is there a bug on Vondel DMZ where no choptop appears? I have infilled 4x in 45mins and no choptop on any of them. Anyone having same issue and no how to fix? Cheers
  4. O

    DMZ what BIND exits buy station in DMZ

    Hi Does anyone know what action is bound to the "exit buy station" option when you're in DMZ? My PC says it's "F" but i have "F" bound to field upgrade so often i exit buy station then accidentally use field upgrade.
  5. P

    Multi Looking for a DMZ team to join

    Hey I need to join a squad of players who are in Europe CEST time zone. I am Xbox one x player Add me Pennywise1769 I want to play DMZ
  6. B

    Post Update - DMZ Loadout not saving

    After yesterday's update, has anyone else seen where DMZ no longer saves your loadout? I see this behavior in the Active Duty section from the Deploy screen, or as your beginning a match. In both cases, my guns, cash and items disappear the moment I leave the loadout screen. This is on my Xbox...
  7. A

    DMZ Can’t accept pleas

    I can’t accept people’s pleas for help ? When I try to accept people’s pleas it says ‘cannot be used right now’ Anyone have any ideas how to fix? Tried changing ‘tap to intereact’ etc.

    Multi ROMA New Clan Recruiting For COD! 21+ Years Old Need To Apply Only. (All experience levels welcome!)

    Hope you are having a good day! :) I am a COD veteran that has been looking for a mature, active group that is helpful with all the necessary tools to succeed in the game. After looking left and right for groups that have all the characteristics I need I decided my best opportunity was to...
  9. J

    Multi Looking for third player

    Uk based couple (31 & 32) looking for a third DMZ player. Play casually, most nights and weekends. One Xbox, one PS5. Mainly doing missions, raiding strongholds and dying to AI and better players. Have mic
  10. M

    DMZ Devs need to fix

    Two issues for the next update that must be fix IMMEDIATELY 1. above all else you have to fix not spawning into DMZ with the weapons you choose to go in with. I am tired of loading up to find one of my insured slots is gone. Worst part is when I get out the match alive its ON COOLDOWN EVEN...
  11. W

    Multi Recruiting new Cod players

    Welcome to Invicta! We are a social community that mainly focusing on gaming but we always prioritise having fun together! We plan to keep growing as a cosy gaming community and we need your help to do so. If you/your friends are following the rules, you are all welcome to share your journey...
  12. 9

    Multi Recruiting members for Clan

    Looking for an ACTIVE clan? We got DMZ/WARZONE/RANKED ALWAYS somebody to play with. We are NEVER inactive Join our discord & future giveaways Discord link: https://discord.gg/mDmyNagn Message on Discord Warking#9812 or No Donations#2732
  13. StayReckles

    Multi Reckless Division Recruiting!

    I am the owner of The Reckless Division and we are looking for more members!! Currently have close to 100 members and are hosting a DMZ tournament on April 15th with a $60 cash prize! We are an open community 16+ age requirement. We have a dedicated staff team to help with anything needed and...
  14. G

    Call Of Duty DMZ Building 21 : "Friendly Friendly Stop Shooting" ✋

    View: https://youtu.be/jDJhvejsFhg
  15. M

    Xbox Live DMZ Clan?

    Hey everyone! I'm looking to join a clan who are focused on completing Faction Missions/Contracts, etc. I play on PC using an Xbox Controller and Headset. I have an issue with in game comms (mic) so would require to join an Xbox Party Chat for you to hear myself. I'm 41 so would prefer to be...
  16. T

    DMZ Cannot see recent grouped players in social

    I am level 93 and it tells me I need to play a match (after just playing 10) to display recent players. Therefore I am I able to o send friend requests to people I was just in a group with. *I am unable to send friend requests to recently grouped players in DMZ.
  17. T

    DMZ How about.. now just hear me out..

    When we lose connection from crappy servers/hosts, either while loading or during a DMZ match, we dont lose all the inventory? Mmkay? Thxbai Meant to say we DO lose all our inventory.
  18. N

    DMZ Thought On PvE only DMZ

    Im sure Ill catch a lot of "get good" remarks, but what are thoughts on a PvE only DMZ. I constantly run across toxic 6 man teams camping exfil sites and its getting really old
  19. K

    DMZ Season 2 consensus? I’d like to hear others opinion

    What’s the consensus on season 2? In my opinion bots significantly decreased their damage and accuracy at range. But every other aspect seems to have increased in severity and intensity. They’re spawning at insane rates and pushing super aggressively and also seem to be flanking more now rather...
  20. wunder

    DMZ Acti-Blizz don't want you to enjoy DMZ

    Acti-Blizz don't want you to enjoy DMZ I am a long-time game developer, I have worked on titles that FPS fans would be well aware of and probably have engaged with in the past. I recently experimented with WZ after a few people recommended it to me, as they wished me to play it with them...