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  1. J

    PSN Recruiting For Call of Duty WW II Team

    The organization Inception Esports is now recruiting for Call of Duty WW II! REQUIREMENTS: -Must Play On The PS4 -MUST BE AT LEAST 18+ -BE MATURE -BE ACTIVE! -WILLING TO USE DISCORD! Message me on Twitter @Jennys_Games if you’re serious on joining our team. If you don't have Discord you can...
  2. F

    Xbox Live Looking for Dedicated Competitive Players

    Factor Chapter, a 250 sub sniping clan, is looking for dedicated competetive players on Xbox to play WW2 tournaments on weekends. Game days will be on Friday and Saturday, with group practice on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Practices are mandatory. We will be playing wager matches through UMG...
  3. Nymorph

    Xbox Live Ember Gaming Community Open Recruitment

    Hey there! My name is Thomas and I am the founder and owner of Ember Esports! The goal of Ember Esports is to bridge the gap between competitive and casual playstyles. We seek to bring the strategy involved in competitive gaming into the relaxed and joyful world of the casual player. We are...
  4. D

    Multi The 32nd Reaper Division is looking for you, yes you! Not you, but you, and you, all of you!

    The 32nd Reaper Division is a gaming clan and you should be a part of it! We are big, so don't get freaked out; big is better, in all instances ;) You better be there, and by there I mean here (https://www.facebook.com/groups/reaperdivision/) , but be here (http://www.the32nd.org/) first <3
  5. K

    OMG!!! 57-1 TDM You need to see this!!

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4EISBLVyaXjmFwDymZQ12Q Please leave a like and Subscribe!! :)
  6. U

    UnderTake eSports LFT / Players

    UnderTake eSports is a UK / EU organization that is looking to pick up players for its new Call of Duty Black Ops 3 team that we will be creating for xbox one we will be looking for players that are at least 17+ and mature and friendly and can speak English fluently and are dedicated to playing...
  7. Cold Ransom

    Introducing Cold Ransom! :D

    What is up Gamers, Geeks, Nerds, and Friendly by-standers! My name is Cold Ransom and I am super excited to be apart of this new Forum! My reasoning for joining this forum is to better interact with the type of people who I believe might be interested in viewing the content I create. I make...
  8. Cold Ransom

    My Opinion on the Call of Duty Franchise--What do you think??

    What is up gamers, geeks, nerds, and often small children think they're NadeShot! Hey guys, Cold Ransom here today to give you guys my opinion on the Call of Duty Franchise as a whole. Now please do keep in mind that I am an avid player and lover of Call of Duty, so my opinion may seem somewhat...