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  1. AlwaysBeGaming

    Multi Looking to join a clan (Please Read)

    Im looking for people to game with and a clan to join. I like to play Hardcore game modes like Domination, TDM, KC and more. Age 31. Mic. Please make sure to friend and message me ASAP whenever you see this message i game all hours of the day and night. CALL OF DUTY ACTIVISION ID...
  2. AlwaysBeGaming

    Multi Looking For Hardcore Game Mode Players And A Clan To Join

    Looking For People That Like Hardcore Modes And A Clan To Join please read my signature to get all the info about me.
  3. AlwaysBeGaming

    PSN Looking For Hardcore Game Mode Players And Clan

    Im looking for people to game with and a clan to join. I like to play Hardcore game modes like Domination, TDM, KC and more. Age 30. Mic. Please make sure to friend and message me ASAP whenever you see this message i game all hours of the day. CALL OF DUTY ACTIVISION ID AlwaysBeGaming-#1355568...
  4. Chancewell

    Multi Adapt Team is Recruiting!

    We are a call of duty team based on every platform and we capitalize in warzone for the most part. We are looking for more players to join us to form an active community of non-toxic friends to play with. We do have a discord server setup and are looking for mods as well. There’s just under 10...

    PC TAW.net is looking for new members

    The Art of Warfare (TAW) was formed in March of 2001 by members who played Delta Force: Land Warrior together. From these humble beginnings TAW has grown into an organization unlike any other. Made up of gamers from around the world who have come together with the common vision of honor...
  6. +Spy+OptiCs+

    Multi +Spy Optics Recruiting Top Elite Players

    +Spy Optics is now recruiting, we have 6-8 solid players we have 1 # Top 100 player looking to add a few more, some tournaments include $ prizes still upgrading and adding new material, GB Top #50 clan in 2009 and 2014, We will be Top Seeded this year, Message for tryout details / PSN -...
  7. S

    Xbox Live Xbox 1 camping team going for 75-0 games in HC TDM

    Hey guys we are SiN7 and our goal is to play strategically. We have positions on the map where each player is responsible for. Our goal is to get the perfect TDM game 75-0 for more about us check out Twitter @SiN7Gaming or on youtube @SiN7xGaming. WE ARE A HARDCORE TDM TEAM. if interested...
  8. Project_MSM

    PSN Looking for HC Domination Clan NA Server

    Hello fellow COD players, I'm looking for a clan that plays HC Domination on PS4. Play times are usually weekday mornings and occasionally weekends. I play for the objective and the high score. Even if it means dying 30 times; usually that doesn't happen though ;). Been playing since COD...

    Xbox Live VFIB Clan Accepting Applications

    www.vfibclan.com VFIB Clan is accepting applications. VFIB was established in 2016. I'd say we have an aggressive play style. All members hold a 1.30 minimum KD at the time of their recruitment. Mic optional. We are divided into two parts. Our casual clan for pub matches and our more...
  10. C

    Xbox Live Hardcore OBJ clan

    KoA now recruiting for hardcore game modes...We are a smaller clan (15-20) looking for a few more people to fill out our roster. We play search and dom mostly but will throw in the occasional tdm game mode. We are a smaller clan so we get to know everyone really well and have fun playing and...
  11. S

    Xbox Live Looking for clan hardcore

    Hardcore clan to run with
  12. Fanible

    PC Phoenix Wing community is recruiting! [IW][MWR]

    http://www.phoenixwing.net Call of Duty specifics: We have players that enjoy playing both Hardcore and Core modes. STATUS: Open Invitation Phoenix Wing is an international, multi-gaming, mature community, that also features a network of streamers. We are still small at the moment, only...
  13. W

    Xbox Live APEX Gaming is building our CoD Division

    Hi there, I'm Wicked End89, the founder of APEX Gaming (an XBOX community). Our CoD division is our newest offered division by our community, and is always looking to rapidly expand our CoD roster from nothing to something, much like what we've done in our other gaming divisions. Given the...
  14. O

    High ratios on hardcore team deathmatch - learn how to play

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyCCcK9Jb-h5gE0SBuXk4BA This is my YouTube channel please rate and leave me some feedback on how to improve my videos with commentary and /or music.

    GAMERTAG for XBOX ONE: CHRI5LANDRUM (looking for a #1 Clan)HMU

    HMU on Xbox One, Looking for a weekly Clan only for Xbox One that plays BO3 Hardcore mode mostly but will play any other modes. My KD has increased lately do to more game time usually 1.9 KD per game. I am a professional Dj by night and now I am making some time for my gaming as I am travelling...
  16. N

    Never Forgotten COD BO3 Videos

    Tell me what you think!
  17. G

    Xbox Live Looking for Clan to play with on Xbox One!

    Hey I'm looking for a HC clan to play with. My GT is GudGodAlmighty. K/d is 1.37. Looking for competitive and gaming