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  1. CyberLimbu

    PSN Prime Exalted

    We are Prime Exalted! A gaming community looking to have fun experiences and find new friends along the way. As of now Prime Exalted is mostly on PC gaming but, I have been playing Call Of Duty World War 2 for a while now on PS4 (trying to unlock camos). If you want to join us in just having...
  2. B

    Xbox Live Looking for Team - XBOX ONE COD WWII

    Kind of tired of playing with a bunch of randoms going up against teams of 3-4, etc. Going positive in every HC-TDM game and still losing 75% of the time isn't fun. Looking for some ppl / a team to link up with so I can start playing competitively again. GT: BathedInScarlet I'm on at night...
  3. A

    Multi {TA} The Ascension

    Greetings Call of Duty Community, I am Lieutenant General "Shino" Bell with the Ascension. First off our community has been around since November of 2014 with the release of Advanced Warfare; However the clans roots have extended far before on a PC game called "Roblox" under the name...
  4. C

    PSN New clan team distortion recruiting

    Hey guys anyone interested in making a clan with me just for fun if you are let me know Also I am starting a youtube channel so I would appreciate if you guys could give me like tips just gonna go it for fun. Tips like how to merge both game noise and actual background music
  5. S

    Favorite Weapon in BO2?

    Just wondering which weapon you guys prefer to use in BO2. I personally prefer to use the MP7 SMG, I know it's not the most powerful SMG but I've really made it my own. I have the following attachments : Laser sight, long barrel, & fast mag.
  6. B

    Xbox Live Infinite Warfare Meetup

    I just stated playing Infinite Warfare recently. I haven't played COD since Black Ops II. But I must say, this game has me hooked once again! I am on Xbox1 @broadloomcord6 and I am looking for some people to run with on online-multiplayer. Just laid back gaming in the evening times as I work...
  7. S

    Infinite Warfare Speculation and Guesses

    This is a massive speculation article, and as a result contains Spoilers. So here are my Wild Mass Guesses for Infinite Warfare, just like on TV Tropes but this time for the Forums. It is a Sequel to Ghosts: Very Unlikely, but if there was a secret reference or something that confirms it...
  8. S

    Infinite Warfare Campaign Guesses

    OK, so the Multiplayer maps of Call of Duty is usually based on the Campaign. So I've got some guesses for the Levels in the Campaign. 1. Japanese City, I think the Final scene will take place on Earth, and that Tokyo will be the setting for the Final scene, where Salen and Reyes have their...
  9. A

    PSN Alliance Esports (ALi) Recruitment

    Hey guys. my name is Cyber ALi and I have recently formed a new clan. We are Alliance Esports and we are looking for Snipers Pub Stompers Editors Content Creators If you are interested, please message me on psn (Cyberkinetik) Twitter: (Toxic_Cyber or AllianceClan1) Instagram: Real_Caustic_Cyber...
  10. A

    DLC not in any playlists except the DLC only ones (PC)

    I have had Black Ops 3 and the season pass since release, and have played the DLC in the DLC playlists, but I thought the new maps were also supposed to be included in the normal playlists? I have never played on a DLC map when playing in these playlists, is this how it should be? I have a...
  11. P

    Playz clan

    Hello everyone I am Chris also know as playz control the leader of the playz Clan. We are a new clan looking for members to help us grow and develop a large group of members. For more information check out our website at: http://playzofficialclan.wix.com/playzofficalclan Thank you and have a...
  12. B

    fun streams

    Hi! i just started streaming, i mostly play multiplayer but i sometimes do some zombo's as well i like to interact with the viewers and every viewer is much appreciated. come hang out if you want! http://www.twitch.tv/body_minded https://twitter.com/Body_Minded