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  1. H

    Multi Is it possible?

    Hello, I’m looking for a competitive to casual clan that rolls together and enjoys playing together whether it’s Cold War or Warzone. I can’t tel you how many times I’ve joined clans discord’s and hoped for active and engaging experience but that never happened. I prefer a bit older crowd seeing...
  2. T

    Multi [LEO] Legacy of the Eternal Order is Recruiting

    Our goal is to create an environment where players of all skill levels come together to share a common love of gaming, technology, and internet culture. For the past five years we have been providing quality community content to our members. We invite you to join us in forging the greatest...
  3. O

    Multi asgard gaming community

    https://asgardiangamingcommunity.enjin.com/ first 5 are my generals register on my site Im looking for new members
  4. S

    Xbox Live Clan Recruitment

    Revelation Theory is looking for active members to join our Discord! We are a Destiny 2 based server with other games involved such as Division 2 and Cold War, Halo and others. We are a chill community that is LGBTQ+ friendly from America to England and everywhere in-between. We are a community...
  5. Llama_boyy

    PSN BORDER Esports - APAC Team Recruiting

    BORDER Esports is a competitive online gaming organisation based out of New Zealand. Do you Have What It Takes ? Our APAC Amateur Call Of Duty Team is now looking for some new recruits to join the team, The team will take part in the APAC ladders on Game-Battles. The team is looking for a full...
  6. OHBOY

    THE SHIPMENT 24/7 KING (Lol I'm just getting started)

    View: https://youtu.be/n6P8Xq0IOpA
  7. Chancewell

    Multi Adapt Team is Recruiting!

    We are a call of duty team based on every platform and we capitalize in warzone for the most part. We are looking for more players to join us to form an active community of non-toxic friends to play with. We do have a discord server setup and are looking for mods as well. There’s just under 10...
  8. b_natter

    Mobile Suicide Charley Clan Recruitment

    Suicide Charley is recruiting. We are a clan in COD Mobile, and we just move up to level 4. We have 30 members right now, so we're looking for new players. We are a laid back clan with active players, however I will drop players if they don't play at least once a week or don't contribute points...
  9. T

    Multi Artifact Gaming is Recruiting!!

    Hi all! My name is Thermal Artifact, and I am the Manager for Artifact Gaming. Im on this forum in hopes to find some people who are interested in join a growing clan. We are just starting out but we have done this before. We are not new to the clan business. We had a clan named aVeX Gaming that...
  10. D

    PSN Kri3g Recruitment

    Looking for Clan members to start a new Community who love the desire of the game. Not looking for professionalism but we will take the time to help you learn an adapt your capabilities, an skills. No requirements msg us on PSN Dark3stEmotion or Message me via Activision Dark3stEmotion#9536874...
  11. L

    Multi 2,9kd player looking for good active clan

    Hello! Dutch guy looking for dutch/ English clan. Just started playing cod again (stopped playing cod for 1,5 years due to fifa) with previous cods always 2,5 kd+ Easy. Really active friendly player. thanks in advance ! :)
  12. C

    Xbox Live Recruiting Snipers And Reg Gun Competitive Players // Cloo Clan

    No trollers, we accept content creators youtubers, feeders, trickshotters etc must have either bo3 bo2 ww2 or aw @SirSlurpz is the leaders twitter dm him for a spot clan is brand new and we have one montage up at the moment Cloo Sniper Montage
  13. F

    PSN Looking for a COD PS4 Clan.

    Hey guys. I am currently looking for a Clan, for Call of Duty on PS4, most importantly, COD: WW2. I am 15, and have a a mic, and I am very good at sniping, so i’m down to do 1v1 tryouts or other types, too. If any are available, message me on Discord. Discord: Mindhole#7244 Thanks!
  14. Wildstorm_Freak

    PSN SLG Clan Recruiting (PS4 ONLY)

    SLG Nation UPDATE (not allowing WWII Recruiting Still Dec 22) (PS4 ONLY) PSN: Shadow01Dragon New Rule if beat us 10 points against us beat us) SLG Rules -age 16+ -You must carry SLGA tag at all times -You are to be dedicated to SLGA ONLY -Loyal to Family -Must be Active -Having Fun -No Bullying...
  15. BoLt Overkill

    Xbox Live Recruiting For BoLt Clan

    Hello, Call of Duty forums member! With no further introduction, I am an Xbox One, US clan leader. We currently have only 2 members, I am one of them. I am looking to grow. I know I will never be as large as Faze, but I was reaching for 15+ members, and maybe go upon that if I can run a team...
  16. Pynnk

    Multi Phoenix Recruitment Challenge

    Challenge Information: - World War 2 ONLY - Clantag for the challenge is [PHX] - No setup or fake clips. (If found guilty of faking clips immediate deny.) - Start is December 1st, 2017 / Deadline is December 17th, 2017 - All submissions and responses must be fulled through the form HERE! Clip...
  17. TheSinisterMisfits

    PSN GUTS Clan Recruiting. 100+ and growing

    We are currently recruiting for WWII. We are a large group of players. With over 100 members in our Discord server alone, you can always find someone to game with. We believe in having a laid back community that finds cohesiveness through getting to know one another both through playing together...
  18. D

    PSN Recruiting for LND - CoD WWII PS4 Clan

    Hello everybody, I am Tony, currently one of the leading members of the newly created Call of Duty WWII clan on PS4. Quick description- We mostly play War strategically and have a lot of fun doing so. We are pretty skilled and know the maps really well. Currently, we are just trying this out...
  19. UnKn FuZZeyy

    Xbox Live We NEED YOU!! Recruitment Challenge For UNKNOWN CLAN

    If you want to join unkn just watch this video View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUNNhfhwA8o
  20. C

    Xbox Live Commix Gaming Xbox one Recruiting

    I am the founder/leader of the multi gaming clan called Commix Gaming. We are a gaming organization that focus on winning as a team more the individual performances. Our main goal is to win game and help every member preform to the best of their ability. Commix Gaming currently has a casual...