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  1. +Spy+OptiCs+

    Multi +Spy Optics Recruiting Top Elite Players

    +Spy Optics is now recruiting, we have 6-8 solid players we have 1 # Top 100 player looking to add a few more, some tournaments include $ prizes still upgrading and adding new material, GB Top #50 clan in 2009 and 2014, We will be Top Seeded this year, Message for tryout details / PSN -...


    RGN IS RECRUITING 300+ modern warfare about to start a new squad so if you join now you’ll most likely gain a spot within the leadership of said squad <@&673635941805457438> <@&673632929632747520> <@&673632917594832908> <@&673632921743261730> <@&673632925945823232> <@&673632923924037661>...
  3. ImossyoakI

    Multi Axon Gaming lookin for mature gamers

    Axon Gaming an organization that’s been around since Cod 4 we are looking for older or mature gamers to join us. This is a laid back and fun group. Find us on Discord Axon Gaming 2.0 tell them Mossy sent you.
  4. -DJO-TalonnD

    PC DJO Gaming is Recruiting

    DJO Gaming is a Online Gaming Community that was founded in 1997. Originally founded as DarkJedi.Org, we have, over the years, broken away from Star Wars only gaming and branched out to include other games and other genres, adopting the DJO Gaming brand. We are constantly trying to improve and...
  5. L

    Xbox Live Most clan recruitment

    New clan of previous clan members building a new clan.We had a different vision and now are moving forward.Looking for friends and family to grow with on mw.We will have competitive teams to play against clans.We play all game modes and getting new play styles and learning the maps.Will do clan...
  6. K

    Xbox Live Need 4 More Clan Members.

    Looking for 4 more players to join ‘Squazza’ must contribute to weekly tournaments.
  7. B

    Jinx Clan Recruitment

    Requirements: Discord - https://discord.gg/5jtM633 Mic 13+ Good communication Ability to have positve K/D Not greedy Passionate 3+Hours a day
  8. T

    Multi [PC] [PS4] [XB1] Tactical Gaming is Recruiting!

    Looking for a clan/community? About TG Tactical Gaming (TG) was created in November 2004 to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe and from multiple platforms (consoles, PC & mobile), to provide them Head Quarters (web site) where they can share their backgrounds, experience...
  9. M

    PSN Swashbuckling Jackalopes recruiting is casual fun group of players

    PS4 Black Ops 4**The Swashbuckling Jackalopes are looking for new members to join our gaming community. We are simply a casual group of gamers who try to provide a group for players who just want a group to hang out with. We’re all about fun and having a laugh. We also like winning, but that...
  10. B

    PSN Savage Souls Unite [PS4]

    Savage Souls Unite (SSU) is actively looking for gamers that need a place to call home. SSU was founded on the principle that people play PS4 to have fun, and this will always be priority number one. We tackle any forms of drama with a Zero Tolerance. We are team driven, and approach all...
  11. The Gamer Hive [HIVE]


    At The Gamer Hive, we want our members to feel like they belong as we love to keep our members together regardless of the game they are playing, we understand that gaming habits can and will change so at The Gamer Hive we do our best to move along with the gaming trends our react to our members...
  12. D

    Xbox Live Eclipse Gaming Syndicate **NEW and RECRUITING**

    Hello there potential recruit, Are you tired of being judged for your game skill? Have you ever wanted a community that you can game with no matter what? Well here at Eclipse Gaming Syndicate, we want to create an atmosphere that allows you to do just that. We are still very new and are trying...
  13. K

    Xbox Live KSI Global Gaming Network recruiting now read for more Info

    Hello, I am KSIxDeathScythe also been known as KSI KingKong20. I have been in this KSI for a year in a half now I joined April 4, 2015. KSI has been the greatest gaming community experience I've ever had since I've been involved with this whole community thing. I originally joined a Black Ops 2...
  14. InceptionGaming

    Xbox Live Recruiting for IGC

    WE ARE RECRUITING! Inception Gaming Community is for everyone across the Xbox One platform. We are a new gaming community who are dedicated to gamers who want to game. We manage and operate in a fun but structured style. A little more at IGC our honor and values are upheld at all times. This...
  15. Dark_Preed

    PSN Clan Recruitment 2018 | COD Engage PS4

    Looking for a community that you can kick back and relax with? You found it. Wanna play competitive GB's or UMG on your sweaty days? We have it! COD Engage is social community for the general and serious gamers of WWII. We host full parties of 6 pub stomp sessions, and 4v4 GB matches. Message...
  16. h3rb1x

    PSN The 55's

    Hello Everyone, The 55's are looking for new members to join our ranks on COD WWII on the PS4! We are a mature, fun, group of gamers from all over the world, and from all walks of life. Highlights: Non-prestige level 55 clan. Statistics such as K/D bare no relevance here, we just like to have...
  17. S

    Multi Black Ops 2 and WW2 players. Both casual and hardcore welcome.

    I am currently recruiting players for my gaming clan. I am looking for both casual and hardcore players, for: PS4 - CoD WW2 PS3 - CoD BO2 Xbox 360 - CoD BO2 You must have Discord in order to join the clan and must be able to be active at least once a week. Leave a reply if you are interested...
  18. TheSinisterMisfits

    PSN GUTS Clan Recruiting. 100+ and growing

    We are currently recruiting for WWII. We are a large group of players. With over 100 members in our Discord server alone, you can always find someone to game with. We believe in having a laid back community that finds cohesiveness through getting to know one another both through playing together...
  19. A

    Multi Join Onyx editing team!

    What's good guys! My name is Onyx Alchemi and i am one of the leaders of Onyx editing team! We are a editing community among a bunch of talented editors. We make edits and post them on youtube. We are newly formed and are looking for editors. People can edit and submit their video too us and we...
  20. R

    PSN Looking for clan

    Looking to join a clan. -I am 23, i have a mic, and i play often. -Been playing most call of duty's since the first modern warfare (cod 4) -Prestige 3, level 18 -Kill/death ratio right now (cod ww2) is at a 0.98, but that's because i've been trying a bunch of different modes/weapons. -Positive...