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Angels of Death

sniping clan

  1. Tegirdyfarms

    Xbox Live Looking for a sniping clan

    I’m on Xbox and can hit some pretty dirty shots if I put the time into it, I feel like I still need a lot of practice tho and some tips would help, if anyone has an active group my gt is @Tegirdy Farms 19 and from SoCal An old mini montage I made View: https://youtu.be/gxSkJVtk3aQ
  2. S

    Don't post in the wrong places.

    Hey guys please sub to my channel i post black ops 2 vids thanks www.youtube.com/SirVideoGames
  3. C

    PSN Looking For A Sniping Clan

    I am a sniper on ww2 on ps4 at the moment looking for a clan to help me grow as a YouTuber and sniper. I hit quads and 5 ons all the time. I have a few clips I can show as proof. Twitter: https://twitter.com/cade1031 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEaKCXyLWhqTfNWgMvTvNEA
  4. C

    Multi MisT Clan Looking For Members

    We made this clan about 2 weeks ago. We have about 11 members as of right now. We need editors, trickshotters, and GFX editors. Feel free to join. Discord: https://discord.gg/qbpBbT MisT Clan Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Jw2HeEJWNdoWoj6OKipKw
  5. N

    Xbox Live Looking for a sniping clan

    I love to snipe and i love to play call of duty. i’m an 18 year old college student and consider myself to be pretty good at call of duty, sniping in particular. I’m very competitive, and I feel that i would benefit a clan greatly with my skills. I’m open to anything, as this is my first time...
  6. W

    Xbox Live Community Sniping Clan (Simple) Ages 14+

    Hello Cod Fourums! This is ofically my first post ; And I am the leader of the clan Illuminite, we are a sniping clan in call of duty. We are a clan that uses any kind of clip that has to deal with sniping, bots, trickshots, collats, quads, 5ons, whatever. You will need to have either Skype, or...
  7. M

    PSN TriBeZz Recruiting now

    TriBeZz Clan is recruiting now! We are a pretty laid back team, you dont have to play everyday if you dont want we understand people have lives but we do ask for you to be on some of the time. We are looking for snipers and trickshotters right now. If youre a sniper you need at least one clip...
  8. U

    Xbox Live [TDA Sniping] Is RECRUITING!

    Are you a sniper or trickshotter looking for a team then come join TDA for an active and functioning Team that has positions of authority! *you must have discord *if interested please contact me on xbox you can find my GT on my account Thank you guys for reading hopefully you join, Peace.
  9. R

    PSN Sniper Clan MWR PS4

    Gday all! I'm currently an Aussie living in the States and looking for a new sniping clan, competitive or just for YouTube. Been sniping on COD since MW2. Currently playing MWR and absolutely loving it. Previously I was the leader of K2 Sniping before I joined Death Sniping as 'Death QT'. I have...
  10. E

    PSN Exiled Legends recruiting for Infinit Warfare and COD 4 Remastered.

    Exiled Legends is a new clan created for Infinit Warfare and COD 4 remastered we are currently looking for snipers/feeders/trickshoters to add to our roster. We are also looking for a few editors for montages and clips made by clan members. We also have a few spots left on our competitive...
  11. A

    PSN Caustic Clan Sniping Team Recruitment

    What's going on guys. I have recently been given permission by the Caustic (CsTc) head leader to form a brand new sniping team, which I have been given control of forming and running. I am looking for avid snipers/trickshotters to join up. we are working on becoming very big and I want you guys...
  12. O

    Xbox Live Free Agent

    Im looking for a clan specifically a 'sniping clan' and they should be active. Also I don't mind if your a small clan or a big one. I use xbox one and my gamertag is OgTrizzMa feel free to add me but msg me first so i know why you added me :D.
  13. I

    Xbox Live New clan looking for founding members

    What's up guys, I'm Ty or iignatz. I'm trying to start a new Multi-cod sniping clan. No Youtube or anything yet but once we get some founding members the name and all social media stuff will be set up. You can hmu anytime on twitter (Tyler_nickers0n) or Skype (Tyler_nickerson_) or xbox...
  14. E

    PSN Elite Era Is Recruiting!!!

    Elite Era is recruiting PS4 players! We are currently getting ready for our 2nd Era and need players for GameBattles. We are a competitive sniping clan and we compete against other clans for the top of the leaderboards. We are looking for: Snipers- Link channel/clips Streamers Who Can Snipe-...
  15. Youngwezi


    Hello guys thanks for stopping by, so I have a clan with around 7 people we all have a YouTube i have around 460 subscribers. we upload Black ops 3 montages,FunntMoments,Sniping,etc. We also have a competitive team but I'm more on the sniping side we're only with two so i really need more I'm...