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  1. O

    PSN New COD WW2 League for Clans PS4

    COD WW2 Hey, I was thinking, I remember playing MW2 back in the day and a clan match consisted of two teams adding each other and creating a private match and whoever won got the bragging rights to saying they were the better team! I was thinking maybe bringing something like that back, but with...
  2. F

    Xbox Live Cross Country Gaming (XB1)

    Hello there, Looking for a team or a clan to play with? Well look no more, we are a new form clan looking to make a difference in each player gaming experience. We offer ways to help improve your gaming and style of playing. We encourage each player or team member to go beyond their normal...
  3. F

    Xbox Live Shoot2Win (STW) Recruitment (Xbox One)

    Hey, my name is Raidz and I started a small CoD WW2/GTA V/Fortnite clan called "Shoot2Win" or "STW" for short. I am the Leader of the clan. We are recruiting new members that play one of those three games listed above. Some of the criteria for the clan includes: you must have an xbox one, be at...
  4. N

    Xbox Live NoVaX Clan recruitment (Xbox One WW2)

    Hey guys I have a great opportunity for you guys to join a really good clan, a clan with a website, GB team, and more. If you're interested message back to get tested.(mic required) , (at least a 1.00 K/D) (Xxkin6xbe4stxx)
  5. C

    Crazy sniper kills

    View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n_-i5_P867c
  6. G

    Xbox Live Guerrilla Gamers - Recruiting NOW

    Welcome to Guerrilla Gamers Community. GGC IS a brand new community, it was founded February 2017. We broke off from a much larger community with the hopes of creating a friendly environment where all gamers can play, be competitive, and have fun. We are active on the XBOX One and we Play Call...
  7. C

    Xbox Live WW2 Clan

    I am searching for a clan only for call of duty WW2 and It doesnt matter the popularity I want to play seriously with the clan, I can play competitive and informal, I can talk in spanis and English, thanks for your attention. You can search me in Xbox like DeadDistress333
  8. Eh Royalty

    Multi Mystic Gaming is Recruiting!

    Hey Seekers! Mystic Gaming is Recruiting new Community players to join our Organization! PS4 & Xbox One! Must be at least 15 or older, have a working mic and able to download Discord! We only play WW2! We have meets every Tuesday and Thursday and gamenights on Sunday! We are all about activity...
  9. S

    Multi Black Ops 2 and WW2 players. Both casual and hardcore welcome.

    I am currently recruiting players for my gaming clan. I am looking for both casual and hardcore players, for: PS4 - CoD WW2 PS3 - CoD BO2 Xbox 360 - CoD BO2 You must have Discord in order to join the clan and must be able to be active at least once a week. Leave a reply if you are interested...
  10. J

    PSN Notorious gaming is looking for 2 active/competitive players [ps4][Gamebattles][be][nl][uk][ww2]

    Notorious gaming is a dutch team and is looking for 2 active players who have competitive experience. We are active on Gamebattles and we speak dutch but also english. Are you interested to join us ? Pleas add my on my psn and send me a message. Psn: JariDhoe-
  11. E

    Xbox Live Looking for a clan on WW2

    I'm a 14 year old gamer from milwaukee wisconsin. I have 2 days and 5 hours on this game as of right now, and I'm prestige 2 level 30. My KDR is 1.68 and my best stat snapshot KD is 7.00. I've gotten a few V2 rockets, although they don't happen too often. I'm looking for a gamertag change clan...
  12. Nymorph

    Xbox Live Ember Gaming Community Open Recruitment

    Hey there! My name is Thomas and I am the founder and owner of Ember Esports! The goal of Ember Esports is to bridge the gap between competitive and casual playstyles. We seek to bring the strategy involved in competitive gaming into the relaxed and joyful world of the casual player. We are...
  13. A

    Xbox Live Looking for a clan

    Looking for a clan that is laid back and who is alright with messed up humor within reason. I'm kinda loud too...but I'm workin on it. M 23 TX GT: Astro MidKnighT - WW2 only - I would like to keep my name -I am a college student so when class starts up again in Spring,I will have to...
  14. S

    Xbox Live Looking for sniper clans

    Xbox One, experienced sniper, active, pro
  15. W

    PSN Woti Clan tryouts PS4.

    We are a new clan just starting out. Looking for members to join on PS4 only. We are mainly a sniping clan but are open to anything.We are only playing WW2 at the moment so if you would like to join message me on PS4. My account name is DopeyDuckHaz and the co-leaders is rogue---ddb.
  16. D

    Multi DGS is looking for new members!

    Looking for people to game with? Well look no further because the DGS clan is looking for new members! DGS is a newly created Xbox One clan that plays a wide variety of games. Although we are a new community, we have big plans and we already have so much to offer. DGS offers: Laid back...
  17. K

    PSN Elite Gaming Recruitment

    Are you determined to make it big in Call of Duty? If you answered yes, we're interested in you. I am Elite Kyogre the clan leader of Elite Gaming, and we are currently looking for 6 players. You MUST be 18+. All of you will be added on the competative roster, but only 2 of you will be in the...
  18. Pynnk

    Multi Phoenix Recruitment Challenge

    Challenge Information: - World War 2 ONLY - Clantag for the challenge is [PHX] - No setup or fake clips. (If found guilty of faking clips immediate deny.) - Start is December 1st, 2017 / Deadline is December 17th, 2017 - All submissions and responses must be fulled through the form HERE! Clip...
  19. TheSinisterMisfits

    GUTS Clan Colonel Grinding Live 12 Hour Every Day

    One of our Colonel's is grinding every day on 12 hour Live Streams to reach the Top 100! He's helping with GUTS Clan activities and usually has members with him all while grinding it out. Let's show him some love and give him a Like and Subscribe to a fellow COD players Channel...
  20. F

    Xbox Live Looking for Dedicated Competitive Players

    Factor Chapter, a 250 sub sniping clan, is looking for dedicated competetive players on Xbox to play WW2 tournaments on weekends. Game days will be on Friday and Saturday, with group practice on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Practices are mandatory. We will be playing wager matches through UMG...