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Angels of Death

xbox one

  1. G

    Multi Join Galactic Order Today

    Never Game Alone Again Join the Top Ranked Gaming Community on Xbox.If Your a Die Gamer and Wanna play with the Best of the Best.Come Be Part of The Movement. Join at GRMgaming.net
  2. L

    Multi [I.G.O] - International Gaming Organisation

    Currently recruiting: Looking for some fun and competitive gamers that know how to communicate and work as a group/team. Gamers who want to challenge and chase that win but also grow as a clan/alliance/community. Open minded and drama free willing to pitch in and help others grow into the COD...
  3. P

    Xbox Live Xbox one clan

    Looking for a smaller tight knit group of guys to run some warzone with. Casual/competitive GT - Pikeno 19. Xbox one
  4. P

    Xbox Live OmEga Division Clan Recruitment

    OmEga Division, is looking for regiment members. We do try outs, you have to impress me and the others. Or either be better than us to prove your good enough to be apart of the clan OmEga Division. We're currently looking for people over the age of 13 whom play Xbox One You can be just as good...
  5. FatedScythe777

    Xbox Live [ANMCA] Veterans Gaming Alliance is recruiting active, reserves, and veterans!

    First off, let me address the ridiculous clan tag. It stands for Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Air Force in order of inception. As most have probably figured out, MW’s clan tag set up only allows for 5 characters. Now that that’s out of the way, allow me to introduce myself. I’m...
  6. T

    MW2-Now Backwards Compatible!

    At long last, MW2 has finally become backwards compatible! The only thing that is left at this point is COD Classic. How much longer will that be?
  7. F

    Xbox Live Shoot2Win (STW) Recruitment (Xbox One)

    Hey, my name is Raidz and I started a small CoD WW2/GTA V/Fortnite clan called "Shoot2Win" or "STW" for short. I am the Leader of the clan. We are recruiting new members that play one of those three games listed above. Some of the criteria for the clan includes: you must have an xbox one, be at...
  8. T

    Xbox Live MW1-Now Backwards Compatible!

    As of today, the original Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is now compatible for the Xbox One! We only have 2 and 3 left, and Classic as well. Clearly, 2 and 3 will likely be compatible by the time Black Ops 4 hits the market.
  9. N

    Xbox Live NoVaX Clan recruitment (Xbox One WW2)

    Hey guys I have a great opportunity for you guys to join a really good clan, a clan with a website, GB team, and more. If you're interested message back to get tested.(mic required) , (at least a 1.00 K/D) (Xxkin6xbe4stxx)
  10. T

    No Xbox One BC titles For December

    In a rather strange development, absolutely no Xbox 360 games were made compatible with the Xbox One during all of December. At least one game has been made so every month since the program began. Why exactly did they choose not to make any additions during the month?
  11. E

    Xbox Live Looking for a clan on WW2

    I'm a 14 year old gamer from milwaukee wisconsin. I have 2 days and 5 hours on this game as of right now, and I'm prestige 2 level 30. My KDR is 1.68 and my best stat snapshot KD is 7.00. I've gotten a few V2 rockets, although they don't happen too often. I'm looking for a gamertag change clan...
  12. Vemzyy.16

    Xbox Live Looking for Xbox One Clan

    Looking for a Xbox One clan to join... I mainly play Cod and have a 1.4 kd and I snipe and reg gun My gamer tag is Vemzyy US hmu if you’re looking for members :)
  13. T

    WWII In-Depth Review

    (This is based on me having seen the entire game through the playthrough posted on YouTube by theRadBrad) The release of COD WWII could've easily ended up as a disaster: just merely playing it incredibly safe and using the original premise of the series as little more than a security blanket...
  14. T

    IW In-Depth Review

    As an attempt to serve up a curve after complaints about Ghosts, Infinity Ward spent three years working on Infinite Warfare, calling it the biggest change to the series since the first Modern Warfare. When the trailer came out, it was met with instant derision, and for a time was the...
  15. T

    BO3 In-Depth Review

    It was a surprise to many, including myself, when Treyarch decided there was more ground to cover in the Black Ops story by releasing this game in 2015. It seemed quite absurd initially: how can there be anywhere to go with no connections to Mason, Woods and Reznov? But, by making it a more...
  16. T

    AW In-Depth Review

    (Will not reopen old wounds) As the first title under the new three-year development plan and the first full title by Sledgehammer Games, Advanced Warfare had to truly wow people and had quite an uphill battle ahead. Like Ghosts before it, it achieved all the important things (and did even...
  17. T


    I am the owner of TEMP Clan, my name is Freeze. To join you have to be 13-16 and have WW2 on Xbox. Message me on twitter @YoungxFreeze or @xtempclanx if interested. And you have to be willing to play GameBattles. By the way, we are looking for Comp. players, streamers, and maybe GFX designer...
  18. P

    Xbox Live Inglorious Bastards Recruiting!

    hello everyone!! The Inglorious Bastards are looking for members for a special squad... we will be doing one thing and one thing only... killing nazi’s ;p we do Zombies and multiplayer first 3 members will become officers. Download and join our band page! http://band.us/n/aaafvczcR2O8q
  19. S

    Multi RoaR Gaming recruiting! #GrizzlyNation

    Visit www.roargg.com to join Grizzy Nation! If you sign up make sure to put Covenant_Pilgrim as your recruiter! Look forward to having you!
  20. T

    Who Remembers This Video?

    7 years ago, CollegeHumor made this video about our focus and obsession with achievements and trophies. I think it still holds quite true today. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlxZKUWXxiU