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  1. M

    Language problem in call of duty modern warfare

    Hello, I'm currently sick, I have a lot of time to finally refresh the Call of Duty series. I have already purchased Call of Duty modern warfare from the official Xbox store. Unfortunately, I do not have Polish in the game settings. I'm from Poland, I live in Germany, but the region, language...
  2. K

    On-Demand texture streaming won´t download anything on Xbox Series X?

    On-Demand texture streaming won´t download anything on Xbox Series X? I reinstalled the game, and still nothing happens. Any advice?
  3. Abyss


    CLAN BATTLE LEAGUE Message my discord: Abyss1123 If that don’t work Abyss1123#0000 Or Abyss#1123 We have a discord server with 1600 active members. Come and join a team or make one!!! We have: • 30+ teams in the HC League • 10+ teams in the (DL) Development League • 10+ teams in the Core...
  4. P

    Multi Looking for a DMZ team to join

    Hey I need to join a squad of players who are in Europe CEST time zone. I am Xbox one x player Add me Pennywise1769 I want to play DMZ
  5. B

    Post Update - DMZ Loadout not saving

    After yesterday's update, has anyone else seen where DMZ no longer saves your loadout? I see this behavior in the Active Duty section from the Deploy screen, or as your beginning a match. In both cases, my guns, cash and items disappear the moment I leave the loadout screen. This is on my Xbox...

    Multi ROMA New Clan Recruiting For COD! 21+ Years Old Need To Apply Only. (All experience levels welcome!)

    Hope you are having a good day! :) I am a COD veteran that has been looking for a mature, active group that is helpful with all the necessary tools to succeed in the game. After looking left and right for groups that have all the characteristics I need I decided my best opportunity was to...
  7. DJ DJD Raps

    Multi HCtdm Clan on MW2... join us!

    If you love to play hardcore mode and warzone time to time join us. We hate core unless we play warzone.... just search groups on MW2 for HCtdm and join our awesome clan! We play hardcore team deathmatch 90% of the time. Feel free to request friendship on activision or my Xbox gamertag...DJ...
  8. Rodmunch

    Press A to start

    Hey there, i’m hoping i’m in the right place/ area to find a fix for my problem. Apologies in advance if there’s a thread on this already that i missed on my quick search around. I cannot start my COD MW2 game at all on Xbox. It loads up, signs me in then gets to the “Press A to Start” page but...
  9. rG PO1NTL3SS WL

    Multi Rapture Gaming

    My name is rG PO1NTL3SS WL I'm one of the leaders of Rapture Gaming and we are looking for gamers! We are an organized friendly community that prides itself on providing a fun, safe and mature environment for it's members. rG has forums, game nights, tournaments and much much more. Bottom line...
  10. Phlipups

    Xbox Live Pork Chop Platoon - 25 and over Older/Mature Gaming Community recruiting

    We feel that no one should ever have to game alone or be subjected to a negative environment online. The Pork Chop Platoon (PCP) is a co-ed gaming community for the older gamer on the Xbox console family over the age of 25. Established in 2007 as a Call of Duty clan, we have evolved as we have...
  11. N

    Multi We are Multi-Platform/game and want YOU!

    We are recruiting ACTIVE MEMBERS for Call of Duty! All regions & game platforms are welcome! Are you tired of getting queued up with the WORST randoms? Need some folks to smash Multiplayer with or just squad up with? Our community, the Merciless Pros Network aka MPN, is looking for new...
  12. SoapyWooder

    Call of Duty Black ops 3 Xbox One, Series X/S

    Hello everyone, are there still people playing zombies on BO3 Xbox One X/S? Let me know!
  13. KSI Gilly

    Xbox Live KSI is looking for members to join our ranks! Age 15+ , mic and Discord required.

    KSI is a positive-attitude community looking for members to join our ranks! Age 15+, Discord & mic required. No gamertag change required to join! Community website and forums! Friendly, laid-back atmosphere! Merch store! Community gamenights! Design team for custom graphics! The chance to...
  14. GotYour6 TTV

    Multi BlackWater Gaming is recruiting

    BlackWater Gaming is currently recruiting. We have about 300 active members in our discord across all gaming platforms. Our members also play many other games such as Apex, BF2020, and Ellen Ring to name a few. If you're interested DM us on Facebook and we'll get you in the discord...
  15. GameAudio

    Multi Looking for people who play a lot -.pc.xbox.playstation.-VG AND CW

    We have three people at the moment and only two of us play all day. We mainly play whatever and just talk in discord(discord is a must) No requirements, just have fun and play Clan is level 2 atm We mainly play CW and VG mostly VG atm Discord | 2-B#0001
  16. U

    Warzone WarZone Pacific Slow & Freezes on Xbox One X at 120 fps

    Hi, I am using an Xbox One X and running my monitor on 120 fps. I have been playing the new Pacific map for a couple of days without any issues, but in the past 24 hours the game runs very slow and freezes. Any advice?
  17. Reagan2791

    Multi Over 40 Clan | Brand new and recruiting for PS and Xbox!

    Discord - Over 40 Clan Over 40 Clan is a brand new start up for the older gamers. Leave no one behind! Over 40 Clan is a casual group seeking members 40+ who still enjoy gaming and want to connect with others in their age range. We understand that life is busy, so there are no stringent...
  18. E

    Multi Eclipse Gaming Syndicate

    Hello there potential recruit, Are you tired of being judged for your game skill? Have you ever wanted a community that you can game with no matter what? Well here at Eclipse Gaming Syndicate, we want to create an atmosphere that allows you to do just that. We are still very new and are trying...
  19. R

    Multi LFAI is looking for new members!

    L.F.A.I is now looking for new members for call of duty cold war and warzone! We are a bunch of people that love to play cod for fun or to scrim other clans! Have you ever wanted to play call of duty with someone else if so then this clan is perfect for you as we try not to leave anyone...
  20. Retropyro

    Multi Allegiant Gaming - Brand New

    Allegiant Gaming (CoD Community) Something new, a start-up gaming community. A place for gamers to connect, relax, create and have fun. We encourage engagement but there is no purging or kicking of members due to inactivity. As our members are 18+ we understand time is a valuable commodity and...