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  1. TCG Wheezy

    Multi Trace Gaming (TCG) Is The Gaming Community To Connect Gamers!

    Looking for a community that will have your back? New people to meet and play with, and get involved with multiple teams is what you want? Trace Gaming is all about that and we provide many opportunities for you to get yourself involved in, too many for you to get involved in all at once. We...
  2. E

    Multi eTournaments - Free Blackout Tournaments with Prizes

    Hello we are eTournaments, We are trying to spread the word about our tournaments they are for players with all skill levels and offer great prizes. We host Paid tournaments & Free tournaments. Check us out on our social media below. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/electronicTournaments/...
  3. TheSinisterMisfits

    Multi Sinister Misfits accepting new members!

  4. Nymorph

    Xbox Live Ember Gaming Community Open Recruitment

    Hey there! My name is Thomas and I am the founder and owner of Ember Esports! The goal of Ember Esports is to bridge the gap between competitive and casual playstyles. We seek to bring the strategy involved in competitive gaming into the relaxed and joyful world of the casual player. We are...
  5. A

    Multi IRONSIDE Gaming - All Platforms [AUS][NA][EU]

    Ironside Gaming is an international gaming community that aims to provide gamers with a structured environment in which they can play at both casual and competitive levels. At the core of Ironside Gaming is a fundamental belief that every member — regardless of their personal characteristics...
  6. BoLt Overkill

    Xbox Live Recruiting For BoLt Clan

    Hello, Call of Duty forums member! With no further introduction, I am an Xbox One, US clan leader. We currently have only 2 members, I am one of them. I am looking to grow. I know I will never be as large as Faze, but I was reaching for 15+ members, and maybe go upon that if I can run a team...
  7. R

    Xbox Live Looking for clan members and GB teammates

    Hey I’m looking for more clan members for my clan of 5...ideally only one or two more. We are an amateur team and want to get better at GameBattles. Looking for younger players (teens) but accepting adults. Message me on Xbox if interested: Gt - RefleX Legendd
  8. Pynnk

    Multi Phoenix Recruitment Challenge

    Challenge Information: - World War 2 ONLY - Clantag for the challenge is [PHX] - No setup or fake clips. (If found guilty of faking clips immediate deny.) - Start is December 1st, 2017 / Deadline is December 17th, 2017 - All submissions and responses must be fulled through the form HERE! Clip...
  9. I

    Xbox Live imClan Recuritment Thread (Xbox One)

    Some information about imClan - Founded: 11/14/17 - Members: 3 - Games played: COD WW2 - Leader: imTeezyy (me) - Co-Leader: imOneil We are a casual mature clan that just likes to game. Were not here to "take the world by storm", or to become the next "FaZe" clan. Were just some dudes that...
  10. A

    Xbox Live NEW clan - XBOX - need leader and players - everyone welcome!

    hello everyone I’m looking to start a new clan focusing on bringing back that old school clan vibe like the mw2 days, I want to bring The fun and the energy back we all used to have and the passion to make something big!! I am gonna need help in making this something from nothing so will be...
  11. T


    I am the owner of TEMP Clan, my name is Freeze. To join you have to be 13-16 and have WW2 on Xbox. Message me on twitter @YoungxFreeze or @xtempclanx if interested. And you have to be willing to play GameBattles. By the way, we are looking for Comp. players, streamers, and maybe GFX designer...
  12. rG PO1NTL3SS WL

    Xbox Live rG is recruiting... Come and check us out. [XB1]

    My name is rG PO1NTL3SS WL I'm one of the leaders of Rapture Gaming and we are looking for gamers! We are an organized friendly community that prides itself on providing a fun, safe and mature environment for it's members. rG has forums, game nights, tournaments and much much more. Bottom line...
  13. T

    Multi NRG Clan recruiting

    No Resistance Gaming (NRG) is a newly founded community that is looking to build a safe structured community for all gamers. We have a ranking structure that will help develop your leadership skills as well as challenging yourself to achieve your goals. We have squads for one game each. So you...
  14. A

    Xbox Live cod black ops 1 clan FLDS recruitment

    add me on xbox live apthacary54 join my clan the fudimentalist latter day saints(FLDS) any rank can join the only requremean is freinding me first as well as using the clan tag FLDS red if your of rank first five members are admin
  15. M

    Xbox Live We are looking for casual and experienced gamers

    We are looking for casual gamers to join our up and coming clan called ANarchy Gamerz Krew. We are on the xbox one and we play GTA 5, COD, Halo5 and destiny. If you would like more information feel free to message me on here or on xbox. GT: MR x L3moN Requirements: 1) Must be 16+ 2)...
  16. T

    Xbox Live Clan and GB Team recruiting for IW

    I'm recruiting for my clan W1KD (Wicked Ones) For the clan you must have at least a 1.0 Global KD For my GB team I'm putting together a 6 man team and everyone must have at least a 1.5 KD If interested: Message me @ WickedxAquarius on Xbox live. When you message me, be sure to include your...
  17. A

    Multi Aces Reserve Recruiting

    Welcome to one of the threads posted on this specific website, our clan is looking for members, professional and casual. We do official GameBattle Matches slowly but surely rising to the top. Casual players can join is 15+ years of age and professionals can join 17+ years of age. DM us on our...

    Xbox Live VFIB Clan Accepting Applications

    www.vfibclan.com VFIB Clan is accepting applications. VFIB was established in 2016. I'd say we have an aggressive play style. All members hold a 1.30 minimum KD at the time of their recruitment. Mic optional. We are divided into two parts. Our casual clan for pub matches and our more...
  19. X

    Xbox Live Black ops 3 clan now recruiting on xbox one...

    Looking to join a clan no K.D. ratio needed just add GT: XGC xx5n3axx
  20. S

    Xbox Live Looking for a clan to join!!!

    Hi guys! This is my first post - I hope I am posting in the right place! I am looking to join a clan on Xbox - I was in a clan many years ago (on PC) and I miss being part of a team! I play a few hours almost everyday - I'm not the best, but I can handle my own (: I have a mic and look forward...