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Angels of Death

CR56 continued!


I'm not sure if it is the Squall that seems to produce a small amount of what feels like drag, if I try to turn my gun with the trigger held, it might be the Squall or it might be the monolithic suppressor, but OMG, I can shoot at people and it's like they don't know I am shooting at that them sometimes. Close quarters are still not easy with ADS but I have won some hip firing, probably a time advantage and spread helping me there, also I swapped my thermal site for a scout combat optic and have noticed the slightly faster ADS, I like this more than the last loadout, I adapted to it faster than I did before.

I find the easiest container to climb up is on the wall by C, there's a small trash container that's easy to jump on and then launch from to get on top of the container by that wall, if you time it right you can run straight at it, jump and then jump again and you'll end up on top of the container in less than 2 seconds.
Yep l believe that’s the one l was talking about :)

Angels of Death

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Angels of Death