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possible upgrade


they are very close in performance and the biggest game in improvement was warzone. and in selling the 5600x ill have spent the same money for 5800x3d as i did for 5600x. smart decision idk but you know how i am lol. but overall the 5800x3d is a better cpu.


ive cancelled that cpu. after more research and videos i cant justify buying it because it has nice gains in one or two games and i think overall they are very even. and my new cablemod psu cables arrive today so ill post a video in the next couple days.


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
There would be bigger gains going from an R5 3600 to 5600X, 5800X or 5800X3D, I've been wanting to do that for ages.

Given the amount of time I've had for gaming lately, I can't justify the expense.

In my case, once I've upgraded the CPU I'll also have to buy a new cooler too as the extra cores and higher TDP will generate more heat.


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
I have seen a 5600G at a really good price, but not convinced it would be a worthy upgrade and I don't need integrated graphics when I have an RTX 3080 plus an RTX 2070 that I never got round to selling and a GTX 980 if I needed to take my RTX 3080 out for any reason.


no performance between 5600x and 5600g. im not prepared to go all out to am5 and ddr5. so if i do cpu ill probably go with ryzen 9 5900x or 5950x which both do better overall then 5800x3d. my case arrives tomorrow and my 3 nzxt fans. other then changing cases my top rad will be push pull and im adding 3 rgb 120,s to side and ill have 12 fans running total.its gonna look nice.
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