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Single player or Multiplayer?


I actually enjoyed the Single Player campaign for Black Ops. Not nearly as much as the Modern Warfare series, but it was still pretty good in my opinion. A few jumps and skips made it a bit unrealistic though, but hey, what can you expect. I'm glad they continued it with Black Ops 2.


The single-player was really good in this game, I liked the whole conspiracy theory setting and it was great to finally get involved in places such as Cuba and Vietnam, it made a nice change from the here and now setting of Modern Warfare.
I played through the campaign several times. I eventually stopped when I couldn't even make it past Vorkuta on the hardest difficulty. I liked about half the multiplayer maps, especially Summit. Some of the multiplayer maps weren't good at all though. I'm looking at you Cracked and Crisis. But I played plenty of the multiplayer anyway. Both are good.


The campaign isn't even that bad. No, it wasn't memorable or something that would keep me playing it more than 3 times, but it wasn't TERRIBLE.

It kept me hooked for a while and gave me a good feel for the game. I play both SP and MP.


Personally, I try out the single player and get a feel for the guns. Also, I really enjoy the story of the game and i am kind of invested in the characters and want to see what will happen next. However, I find that the single player does not have any replay value so once you have played in once, you are pretty much over with it. After that, i am free to jump into multiplayer and shoot some actual people :D
I definitely prefer the multiplayer, although Zombies isn't far behind. As an achievement hunter, I play each campaign thoroughly, although I wouldn't need that incentive to play each one a few times.


In my opinion, Multiplayer is always the way to go! As a gamer myself, I LOVE to play with my friends and play LAN (Local area network) games with my friends so I have a habit of always playing games in multiplayer mode instead of single!


I don't really enjoy the single player aspect of any new game. When it comes to FPS, I tend to be a bit competitive, so I tend to play a few levels of the single player before signing up online simply because I want to get a good feel for the mechanics and physics. I usually only last about an hour on single player mode before my thirst for player blood needs to be quenched.


I like some single player games, mainly the games that are all about the single player like skyrim and such. But when it comes to CoD I HATE single player, I'm all multiplayer and I'm very competitive and a hardcore gamer on CoD.


It seems as if everyone cares more about multiplayer than campaign when it comes to Call of Duty. Personally, I've done single player for a little but have always found the multiplayer to be more engaging. This is largely due to it being so competitive and also more personal with the way you can customize your emblem, guns, and other things.


I have never played single player on any of the COD games, I just don't get the same satisfaction killing a computer controlled person aha. Online on Call of Duty is so good I just never get bored of it, and never feel the need to dabble into single player.
However, with the introduction of Playstation 4 I may be tempted to play single player on the new releases purely just to see the sheer specticle of the graphics; I believe the graphics are enhanced on single player compared to online gameplay?


The funny thing is that most people only buy these games just to play multilayer. The single player is the "story mode" and most people would rather just play against friends.

It truly all depends on what your preference is.


This is the way I do it...I always play the campaign version of the game first. It gives me a feel for the game and brushes my old skills up. After I complete the campaign, then I go online and start playing the multiplayer. I feel like it gives me some kind of advantage instead of just going online and getting my butt kicked as soon as the game starts. But, I prefer to play online more than playing the campaign. Playing online is seriously just non stop fun all the time. It is a freaking blast!


The campaign was pretty weak on this one. So weak, in fact, that I don't even remember it. Yeah, I went ahead and beat it basically just for the achievements, but like most COD games, I like the online mode a bit more.


I enjoy both single player and multiplayer on Black Ops. With single player you can enjoy the campaign and even the zombies mode. I never really got into the online multiplayer style of gaming, but rather just playing split screen games with friends.

As far as multiplayer goes, I like playing the zombies maps the best since it feels more like working with a team that fighting against one.

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