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Tactical Gaming


  1. Carlos

    Black Ops 4 has a new marketing strategy: You.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is available as I post this thread. And, if you've been playing Black Ops since day one, like I did... your stats are calculated into a video. I don't know how they did this, but it was impressive seeing them do that. See for yourself... View...
  2. B

    PSN Savage Souls Unite [PS4]

    Savage Souls Unite (SSU) is actively looking for gamers that need a place to call home. SSU was founded on the principle that people play PS4 to have fun, and this will always be priority number one. We tackle any forms of drama with a Zero Tolerance. We are team driven, and approach all...
  3. C

    Xbox Live Recruiting Snipers And Reg Gun Competitive Players // Cloo Clan

    No trollers, we accept content creators youtubers, feeders, trickshotters etc must have either bo3 bo2 ww2 or aw @SirSlurpz is the leaders twitter dm him for a spot clan is brand new and we have one montage up at the moment Cloo Sniper Montage
  4. T

    Multi infinite/bo3/WW2!

    •WWII is Upon Us. • Join a new clan for a fresh start at a new game. Join AoEK (Army of Elite Killers.) We are back and now recruiting players for all call of dutys on PS4 and Xbox. -Also looking for an Xbox leader.- Here are a few simple requirements to order to join. 1. Must be 16+ 2...
  5. Reloaded Phenom

    Xbox Live Reloaded Nation is Recruiting

    The Name is Chris aka Phenom and I am the Leader of Reloaded Nation (RDN) we are currently in phase one of are recruitment process and are looking for members who are ready to hit the battlefield and do whatever it takes to complete the mission (the battle). You will be required to be 18+ to...
  6. T

    Multi NRG Clan recruiting

    No Resistance Gaming (NRG) is a newly founded community that is looking to build a safe structured community for all gamers. We have a ranking structure that will help develop your leadership skills as well as challenging yourself to achieve your goals. We have squads for one game each. So you...
  7. J2XZplayZ

    PSN If you are looking for a sniper clan...

    Hello my name is josh and i have a friend who love to play bo3. We are looking to recruit new members. I'm 15, contact me to try out PSN: josh234me57 Phone: 541 944 5948 THANKS AND GOOD LUCK!
  8. J2XZplayZ

    PSN If you are looking for a sniper clan...

    Hello my name is josh and i have a friend who love to play bo3. We are looking to recruit new members. PSN: josh234me57 Phone: 541 944 5948 THANKS AND GOOD LUCK!
  9. R

    Xbox Live Bo3 Xbox one Retro clan

    Hey my name is Cameron and I'm 13 on December 5th I am looking for recruits to join my clan u have to have a mic, be online daily and be good at sniping and normal guns.reply to me on this app or message me on Xbox, my gamer tag is retro Victimz if that doesn't work try retro VivtimZ oh yeah and...
  10. H

    Xbox Live Looking for BO3 Clan to join.

    Looking for any Australian Black Ops 3 clans to join. Clans that aren't only about trick shots or having an extremely high k/d. Willing to start a clan if there are any like minded people out there. Keen to start streaming, posting on socials and starting a channel.
  11. C

    Multi CoD Sniper Montage

    View: https://youtu.be/qOYFtexVMDc
  12. DrewMCB24


    Hey everyone, my name is Drew and I am the leader of Team RisK a new BO3 Team. We are a new team looking for experienced players all with there own play style. We currently have no members on the team besides me. we are looking for anyone and level any age, male or female. it doesn't matter. A...
  13. T

    PSN Team Frostbyte is Recruiting!

    Hey everyone! I am the leader of Team Frostbyte (TFB), TFB_Echo. This is a newer clan that is in need of more members. We were once known as RisK Nation, but have made a name change. I know many are going to ask about UMG and GBs. Yes, we are going to be doing all that in the future, but for now...
  14. M

    PSN Looking For Skilled BO3 Clan!

    I want to join a good bo3 clan :) I'm master prestige lvl 255, comment your psn name, the name of the clan and some info about the clan! I hope I get lucky :D
  15. Eh Royalty

    Multi Beyond Reality is Recruiting!

    We are a professional multi-gaming organization; recruiting now for pub-stompers on xboxone & ps4. We are seeking players that are 15 or older, has a mic & can download discord for our clan chat will be there. If you are interested in trying out please reply to this thread. Our message Eh...
  16. R

    PSN RisK Nation is recruiting its first members!

    Hello everybody! I am RN_Italian, one of the 2 leaders of RisK Nation. We are in need of members for the clan. We mostly play arena for good practice, but if you arent into arena we also play core games! If you would like to join, message me on PS4 @ RN_Italian. We will give you a tryout and if...
  17. C

    PSN Looking for clan/group (BO3)

    Hey folks, at the moment I'm just looking for fun and chill individuals to chill with on BO3 (I have IW, but i prefer not to play. Though I will if need be) i play search mainly but will warm up on TEN. I'm not too picky but for the love of god no safeguard please. I've got a 1.41 K/D and a 1.30...
  18. Dope X OSU

    Xbox Live ShOtZ Recruitment

    Hello! I'm Mason the owner of the organization and I'm starting a Call Of Duty and potentially a CS:GO team along the way! What I'm looking for is talented COD players that are very loyal and have a strong mentality. Also looking for YouTubers to share across the globe who we are and provide the...
  19. S

    New YouTube channel I am recruiting for bo2 cod ghost and bo3 on Xbox 360 and Xbox one

  20. V

    PSN Looking for clan?

    Hey guys im just trying to get out there as a sniper! if you want to check me out look at my youtube channel. im not very good at editing, but i sure can hit some bangers! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoFtGQjl_RwRUloj9YkS-pQ