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  1. B

    Resistance Class 2xp gameplay FFA

    View: https://youtu.be/7GwngMc-NjU
  2. D


    Hello my name is alex a.k.a Daze|XIII| i used to play cod1 alot since 2005-2011, now i have played for while again at multiplayer and thought where i can hook up some old players that used to play, one guy named ''prawy'' recreated one awesome zombie mod to alive and its running atm, we have...
  3. R

    Xbox Live Looking for clan members and GB teammates

    Hey I’m looking for more clan members for my clan of 5...ideally only one or two more. We are an amateur team and want to get better at GameBattles. Looking for younger players (teens) but accepting adults. Message me on Xbox if interested: Gt - RefleX Legendd
  4. S


    Official SKAR Gaming clan for MLG Gamebattles - Call of Duty:WWII We are looking for 100% dedicated players that are looking to fulfill their dreams of one day becoming a Pro Gamer. We will have scheduled practices that will be announced once we have gotten our team organized, I will create a...
  5. F

    PSN Looking for a clan

    I have a mic and I'm very experienced with 6+ years of cod playing competitive since bo2. Mostly objective player but can get massive kills in the process. Hit me up if you guys are planning to climb the ladder in ranked this season . Psn: Foreverimmune
  6. G

    Xbox Live Guerrilla Gamers - Recruiting NOW

    Welcome to Guerrilla Gamers Community. GGC IS a brand new community, it was founded February 2017. We broke off from a much larger community with the hopes of creating a friendly environment where all gamers can play, be competitive, and have fun. We are active on the XBOX One and we Play Call...

    Xbox Live VFIB Clan Accepting Applications

    www.vfibclan.com VFIB Clan is accepting applications. VFIB was established in 2016. I'd say we have an aggressive play style. All members hold a 1.30 minimum KD at the time of their recruitment. Mic optional. We are divided into two parts. Our casual clan for pub matches and our more...
  8. G

    Xbox Live New Casual Clan Recruiting (WotD)

    Wolves of the Dawn is recruiting laid back, mature players to join our ranks and help develop a strong, friendly enviornment where casual and competitive gamers can come find a team of other players to interact with, make friends with and compete with. Requirements; Mature. 15+ years old...
  9. L

    Multi Lost Saints Gaming recruiting XB1 & PS4 must be 18+

    We are a competitive team that's looking for more members, we plan on entering the pro league either this year or next year! Message me if interested!!
  10. NathenGS

    Epic Weapon Variants In Infinite Warfare!

    Taking a closer look at the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Overview from a few days ago, quick glimpses of "Epic" guns can be seen! The Oni pistol is a great example; The base gun is just called the Onai and the epic variant is called the Onai Kaiken. It has +50 damage, +5 accuracy...
  11. NFGMBH

    PSN No F*cks Given - PS4 - Active Clan looking for active players to recruit!

    We are a active PS4 call of duty clan. Very fun and loyal..We are looking to recruit active players. We play all types of game modes, if you like to play as a clan and not get left behind. This clan is for you! There are 3 requirements to join 1. Be Active 2. Have a Mic 3. 17 years or older If...
  12. K

    Looking for a clan

    Prestige 2, Level 11 PS4 Stats for Hardcore: K/D: .98 W/L: 1.32