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  1. E

    Xbox Live Start a clan

    I'd like to start a clan on xbox one, for MW3 and Vanguard. Must be 18+. If anyone is interested in starting a clan message me om Xbl. My GT is "Epic Luck"
  2. A

    Multi Clan Legends - Old School looking for mature players.

    I used to have my own clan in the day and it was so make fun. I get friend requests in mw3, but I don't friend anyone being afraid they are young kids. I would like teammates to scrimmage and grind ranked play with, people that are emotionally intelligence and can be extremely competitive and...
  3. xalmightyvon

    Multi Call of Duty Group Recruitment

    What’s going on guys, we’re looking for players to join our resurgence group UP THE SCOE GANG! We are looking for good chemistry and can play aggressive and push on site. We don’t play scary so scary shi we get online daily and love to joke and have fun while dominating. If you feel like this...
  4. Valor E-Sports

    Multi Valor E-Sports is recruiting!

    Hey are you looking for a community to play with? Join Valor E-Sports. Upon joining you will receive a personalized team logo as well! We usually play - Search & Destroy - Warzone - Custom Games - Minecraft etc add my discord @ sentient_vl
  5. Rogue Carlos

    Multi Team Shock

    Team Shock is looking for active players to grow and improve. We compete in CoD Challengers.
  6. B

    PSN UK hardcode

    Looking for any players / clan 18+ who like to play hardcore game modes. TDM mainly but open to play any other modes. Just play casual when I can for fun but open for competitive if I am available! Psn Balo-Drown
  7. The-Serial-MurkR

    New to this forum but not cod

    Hi my name is Tim. New here but been playing call of duty since cod4 the first modern warfare since like 2008. Most people I use to play with Don’t play anymore. I’m looking for a clan or people to run multiplayer with. I get down on anything except search and destroy. I like zombies and warzone...
  8. Alexander

    Multi Cloud Nine Community [18+]

    Join the Cloud Nine Community (C9C) - A Home for Adult Gamers! Hey there, fellow gamers! Are you looking for a friendly and engaging community to enhance your gaming experience? Look no further! Clan Nine Community (C9C) is here to bring you into a vibrant group of adult gamers who share your...
  9. C

    PC Looking for NA Clan 18+ to run tournaments and CMG’s

    Hello! I’m 23 years old and I play cod a lot in my free time! I play on steam (pc) and I use KBM. I average a 1.1kd on multiplayer but I’ve been Camo grinding. I’m looking to find people to play cash matches and tournaments with. I mainly play OBJ but I can also slay if needed. I am mainly an...
  10. Yorkwarrior

    Multi Smokes are recruiting

    Smokes Gaming is an international cross-platform community dedicated to playing everything Call of Duty! We are a newer clan looking for active and chill people who want to make friends and have fun playing. ⭐What We Offer⭐ - Dedicated discord sever with clan leveling system and bot fun -...
  11. S

    Multi Fate Gaming | 4600+ Members | Just in Time For MWIII

    WHO WE ARE Fate Gaming is a trademarked, international 18+ casual crossplay gaming community. We were established in 2018 with the goal of creating a community where gamers always had laid back members to game with no matter what time of day. As a member of Fate Gaming, you’ll have access to...
  12. fords8

    Multi Clan Promotion Forum

    I been thinking about doing a clan promotion forum. I have had a domain for sometime now. I don't have anything setup yet, just would like to know if something like this would interest people. Of course it would be a forum to promote your clan. But also promote your YouTube, streams, and social...
  13. DJ DJD Raps

    Multi HCtdm Clan on MW2... join us!

    If you love to play hardcore mode and warzone time to time join us. We hate core unless we play warzone.... just search groups on MW2 for HCtdm and join our awesome clan! We play hardcore team deathmatch 90% of the time. Feel free to request friendship on activision or my Xbox gamertag...DJ...
  14. N


    Recruiting For New Era We are an adult gaming community with over 1000 members! If you need active cod players who play everyday and are always on join us ! We have a huge discord server, a website, sponsors, and tons of fun members to hang with ! We are on all platforms and use all consoles...
  15. DefinitiveReaper

    Multi DefintiveGG call of duty clan looking new members

    Definitive Gaming Group (DGG) is an 18+ casual/competitive gaming community. We have decided to open up with the goal of creating a community where gamers always have someone to game, and chat with, no matter what time of day. If a game you play is not already featured in the DGG Community, I...
  16. PryMantis

    PSN Recruiting PlayStation Players for Hardcore SnD Clan

    I am in search of some solid and/or OG PlayStation only players looking to join our Hardcore Search and Destroy Clan. Must have a 1.3 KD or higher. Msg me your Id, will add to try out. We are a clan of 15 right now but looking for some more active players that can carry their weight and help...
  17. K


    Hi guys, i am recruiting for KGN which is a new community that me and 2 of my good friends started at the start of mw2, we have seen a slow growth but now we want to take it to another level and reach alot more people and have people join us to represent KGN in all types of games, we mainly...
  18. 9

    Multi Recruiting members for Clan

    Looking for an ACTIVE clan? We got DMZ/WARZONE/RANKED ALWAYS somebody to play with. We are NEVER inactive Join our discord & future giveaways Discord link: https://discord.gg/mDmyNagn Message on Discord Warking#9812 or No Donations#2732
  19. J

    PSN Girl gamer needs some fun girls to run with

    Been playing with my husband n his friends . I’m not no pro but I’m pretty good I can keep up with all the guys n kill some shit . hit me or give me an add Activision- Jsbae34#1117231
  20. T

    Xbox Live The Lid Poppers are recruiting now

    Whether you are looking for a team of Warzone and DMZ patrons, or looking to chill and kill in multiplayer, TLP always has members online. We are looking for people who want to feel like family, and that's how we treat our members, no matter who (or what) you may be. We pride ourselves in being...