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Tactical Gaming


  1. P

    Multi Power House Esports

    Hello, we're recruiting for our UK based team, we have 5 other teams, one pro, looking for decent people, must know call outs, be active, train with us, and be available for scrims with our other teams, add Cloudy_Union on PSN for more information or reply here with your activation! we have...
  2. 20rLucifer


    Casual, fun, and Comp! Come check out our COD Clan! Clan Name: [20r] 20th Regiment of Foot Server: NA/EU Type: Casual. fun, and competitive. Contacts: TheFather#6284 Discord- https://discord.gg/pbYqe2 Description: 20r Has been a multi gaming community since 2014 . We are looking to fill...
  3. 20rLucifer

    PC [20r] Casual, fun, and Comp! Come check out our COD Clan!

    20r is looking for new recruits for Modern Warfare! Clan Name: [20r] 20th Regiment of Foot Server: NA/EU Current Members of 20r: 2,432 Type: Casual. fun, and competitive. Contacts: TheFather#6284 Discord- discord.gg/ 20r Description: 20r Has been a multi gaming community since 2014 . We...
  4. F

    Xbox Live FLC Recruiting!

    FLC was created as a Gaming Community, where you can always have someone to play or chat with. We want Respectful and supportive gamers within this community. We are a relaxed community, where anyone can join, our more serious members can join teams and squads! If your interested in joining...
  5. CidAtheart

    Multi Noble Gamers United Clan/Competitive team

    Noble Gaming United is a 16+ community that is both a casual and competitive clan. NGU has a little over 50 players, men and women, all dedicated to enjoying gaming, Computer Tech, Graphic design, Memes, and many more. Many of our players come from all over the world from North America, United...
  6. T

    Multi Artifact Gaming is Recruiting!!

    Hi all! My name is Thermal Artifact, and I am the Manager for Artifact Gaming. Im on this forum in hopes to find some people who are interested in join a growing clan. We are just starting out but we have done this before. We are not new to the clan business. We had a clan named aVeX Gaming that...
  7. R

    PSN Cirrus Gaming Group - PS4 Clan is recruiting!

    Hi there! I'm one of the leaders of a PS4 based clan and we're looking for new members that enjoy playing CoD Modern Warfare, we're not a competitive group & don't really have any set requirements skill wise to join, for us it's more about the person and enjoying playing. The only requirements...
  8. S


    20+current wins, 1.25k/d Looking to get a squad together that wants to grind warzone and build some chemistry! Looking for 3 people who are active and want to grow.. plan on running competitive on GB once we have something going.. Hit me up on here or XBL @ Simple Status or activision id LOL...
  9. Withlovefrompie

    Multi Looking for and Active Clan

    if your looking for an active clan why not try fighting for the 44th Special Forces Division. the rules to join are simple must have a mic and be at least 16 years of age and join our discord page we also have a rank system and are trying to get a CDL team together so if you think you have what...
  10. S

    Multi TSOSK Looking for Serious Members

    Hello, my name is ServoStatic and I'm a small time streamer part of an amazing clan. Our current Leader is HAHAxURExBAD and has been trying his best to turn our clan into more than just a clan, but an Organization/Team. Our goal is to become an official esports team and compete...
  11. DesertFoxHD

    Multi DevilDogz Assault and Recon Clan Recruitment

    Were recruiting for Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Competitive base clan. •Active •Mic required •Friendly •Competitive Any questions or concerns let me know. Discord https://discord.gg/mkHPcg Activision ID: DesertFoxHD
  12. F

    Multi FU2RE CLAN Multi Platform Recruitment

    Recruiting players to our clan. We are a chill group. Must be 18 years or older. We play mostly for fun but are also competitive. All we ask is that you have some form of social media (ig, snap, Kik, Xbox app, etc.) Our main game modes are Gunfight, Search and Destroy, and Warzone but we play...
  13. X

    Multi DAE Recruiting (EU/US) (17+)

    Dark Assassins Empire are always recruiting new members, we are a Modern Warfare clan with 20 members. We play everything, competitive, casual, hardcore, core, warzone, etc... We host different events, like tournaments, clan battles, game nights and other events also. You will have an...
  14. A

    PC Looking for Comp EU Warzone clan/team

    As the title says I am looking for a comp EU Warzone clan/team dm me your discord link for the clan I am prepared to try out thanks :) for pc
  15. iRoniKz

    Multi DaGe Clan Recruitment

    Hello my name is DaGe iRoniKz and I am the Founder/Owner if DaGe Clan we are a Gaming organization that plays Call Of Duty Apex CS:GO and more we are currently trying to Recruit Content Creators Streamers GFX and Video Editors we are trying to get this Clan bigger so we can start going to CWL...
  16. A

    Multi Looking for a clan

    Looking for. Preferrably a riot shield based clan. I enjoy using the weapons that other may not have such great results with, to devastating effect. Looking to have fun really
  17. S

    Xbox Live Streamer lookimg for a clan/team

    Hey folks I'm a streamer from the uk looking for a team to represent and game with I'm bored of gaming alone and would love a team to make some great content with I stream on twitch have a average of 10+ viewers and stream daily thanks for reading
  18. D

    PSN Kri3g Recruitment

    Looking for Clan members to start a new Community who love the desire of the game. Not looking for professionalism but we will take the time to help you learn an adapt your capabilities, an skills. No requirements msg us on PSN Dark3stEmotion or Message me via Activision Dark3stEmotion#9536874...
  19. BinaryOneZero

    Multi Discord Warzone Headquarters Server

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare/Warzone Discord Server Community https://discord.gg/MuSpcwW Anyone who plays CoD Warzone, feel free to join my server dedicated to Warzone Chats and LFG. I have made multiple Voice Channels for 4 Players for Squads you are in. There is also a stat check bot directly...
  20. KateeBeexo

    Multi COD: Recruiting Players for Korruption20

    Hey, I’m co owner of the clan Korruption20 who are a new COD clan looking for players! We are a chilled friendly clan who play Call of Duty on multiple platforms but mainly built with Xbox and PlayStation players. We welcome people of all ages, countries and backgrounds to join us and not...