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  1. I

    PC Looking for MW Clan 21+

    Looking to start fixing my KD before it's too late Most of the time I will join into an Unfinished loosing match or get a straight up trash team I am on PC and prefer Hardcore modes although I am flexible. Message me for my Activision ID if interested
  2. P

    Multi Project Caliber is recruiting members for great games and personal growth.

    Project Caliber exists to be an organization where like minded game players can meet, play and share ideas together in a respectful, mature, supportive and collaborative environment. We seek to grow upon the things that all of us have in common in order to bring us together instead of focusing...
  3. Jordanglend

    PC Call of duty mobile clan

    Looking 10 more active people to join our clan we play: zombies,ranked and BR players from the uk Europe USA and South America come join us username:Jordanglend
  4. R

    PSN UK based cod clan

    CGG are recruiting! We’re a casual group on PS4, looking for players of all abilities that want to have fun but build something awesome at the same time. We have in house competitions to get involved in and always have other players on to game with so no more solo playing. We run GB's but...
  5. +Spy+OptiCs+

    Multi +Spy Optics Recruiting Top Elite Players

    +Spy Optics is now recruiting, we have 6-8 solid players we have 1 # Top 100 player looking to add a few more, some tournaments include $ prizes still upgrading and adding new material, GB Top #50 clan in 2009 and 2014, We will be Top Seeded this year, Message for tryout details / PSN -...
  6. S


    EGK-Ricochet are looking for a FULL roster or Talented individuals to bring on board to work with and climb the competitive ladder! Preferably EU players! We have a succesful discord with over 300+ members of competitve players and Content creators accross all games and platforms. Look forward...
  7. +Spy+OptiCs+

    Multi +Spy+Optics+ Recruiting

    Screw these 3000 members clans If your good let us know, we are a Top GB 50’s clan in 09 and 2014 we have 6 people we need 4 more we run tournaments and we also have a Top #100 player , we will be top seeded this year HMU xmundayxchevyx Or activision xxVe7Vom
  8. T

    PSN Looking to join a uk clan

    Looking to join a ps4 uk clan if anyone is recruiting add me one ps4 TomMartinnn
  9. ImossyoakI

    Multi Axon Gaming lookin for mature gamers

    Axon Gaming an organization that’s been around since Cod 4 we are looking for older or mature gamers to join us. This is a laid back and fun group. Find us on Discord Axon Gaming 2.0 tell them Mossy sent you.
  10. PvGxNotorious

    Multi Prevail Gaming Clan Recruitment

    Prevail Gaming (PvG) is an online gaming community featured on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC gaming systems. We are a fun, laid-back gaming community that welcomes both casual & avid gamers. We offer an opportunity for any gamer to join us based on maturity. Formed in 2019 as a network of...
  11. B

    PSN Looking for active MW PS4 clan

    Hey looking for an active Moder Warfare clan I'm 21 year old player on ps4 I'm consistent and faster learner when it comes to strats I'm willing to put in my all
  12. M

    Multi New modern warfare clan -kdpro

    we are a brand new clan but I been playing cod for 4 years are tag is kdpro and we play on the newest cod games -modern warfare Are discord Discord - kdpro we welcome you guys also here the forums for joining - To join click And yea best of luck. Btw I live in Canada and I’m 14 and I play 1 to...
  13. H

    Xbox Live Looking for active black ops 4 clan

    I got out of gaming for a few years but just got black ops 4 and am looking for an active clan. I’m on most nights. Was a great player at one point but still trying to get a feel for the game again. My gamer tag is HAHA KILLD U. Hit me up. Thanks
  14. LukeBrace24

    Xbox Live Looking for a competitive Team/Clan

    I am a Xbox player looking for a competitive Clan/Team . Why chose me over everyone in this forum I am always wanting to get better , finding new ways to get an advantage on the opposing team. I don't Shout I only give constructive criticism to my teammates. Would like to get into Esports .
  15. ITheMightyJ

    Xbox Live Looking for MW clan

    Hello, I am looking for a clan to help spread my name a little and to have more people to okay with. I am an aggressive sniper and would prefer a clan with plenty of snipers, but way she goes!
  16. E

    Multi I recruit

    Hi noobies If you’re looking for active clan French and English you’re welcome. we offer nice game and +10% do we are already lvl 3 with 26 active players. join us! Name : erwanitto Clan Id : New-order66
  17. P

    Multi Are you tired of playing your favorite game with randoms who are toxic, uninterested, or even hostile when you try to join up with them for team play?

    Are you tired of playing your favorite game with randoms who are toxic, uninterested, or even hostile when you try to join up with them for team play? It’s time you considered joining a clan. The Legion or Honor (LoH) clan offers supportive, encouraging and enjoyable gameplay for mature...
  18. Z

    Multi MW Clan “ZuNo” w/ discord

    What’s going on everyone. I am here recruiting for my new clan, ZuNo. Positions are open and the clan is very new. We are a Modern Warfare clan with a clan channel and have a regular gun team and a sniper team. The reg gun team goes for pub stomps and high kill games, while the sniper team goes...
  19. Charles pop off

    Multi O$k is looking for you!

    Fun but serious,as in we love to win. Take no Losses. Objective base clan. Mostly play Dom
  20. k9.stoney


    Welcome, as the title claims, my clan CITR3S needs memebers. Many laugh at the fact that i want this clan to be the best of best, the FaZe of Mobile COD. Think you got what it takes? Then c'mon and join! Your recruitment will be greatly appreaciated...