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  1. C

    Multi Pubstomping clan

    I C am looking for a clan to pubstomp with I play controller on pc
  2. X

    Multi Recruiting New Active Members

    Looking to join a clan? We are new chilled fun growing clan! We don't demand and demand from you, we just want you to have fun and make friends :) we all play a good variety too but if you do want a bit of a challenge we play 1v1 and s&d etc :) if anyone has any questions or may be interested in...
  3. F1stachio

    Xbox Live Looking for mature clan for casual gaming. Still learning the ropes with limited time

    Like the title says, I have limited time due to working three jobs, raising 2 kids, and going to school full time. I mostly have time on the weekends. Completely casual gamer, still finding my foot in CoD after not playing multiplayer since CoD Ghost or AWF...I don't remember. But yeah, would...
  4. L

    Multi [All Platforms] Legacy Gaming wants you!

    Hello! I am from a new and upcoming Gaming Community known Legacy Gaming (LXG). We house multiple clans for games including CoD. We accept members of all skill levels. Here is what we have to offer have a lot to offer! -Dedicated Discord -Active members -Weekly Gamenights -Merch -Always...
  5. Mifune-Kurosawa

    Multi Fujiwara-uji (Ronin) Recruitment

    Looking for Objective based players on PSN MW2. Have to able to play objective, hold their own, use a mic and communicate. If you specialize in any field, taking down killstreaks, using support based killstreaks, run and gun, launchers, knives and or shield maiden play. That’s a plus, the more...
  6. W

    Multi Invicta is looking for active members

    Welcome to Invicta! We are a social community that mainly focusing on gaming but we always prioritise having fun together! We plan to keep growing as a cosy gaming community and we need your help to do so. If you/your friends are following the rules, you are all welcome to share your journey...
  7. W

    Multi Invicta is recruiting

    Welcome to Invicta! We are a social community that mainly focusing on gaming but we always prioritise having fun together! We plan to keep growing as a cosy gaming community and we need your help to do so. If you/your friends are following the rules, you are all welcome to share your journey...
  8. DefinitiveReaper

    Multi Looking clan from UK

    Looking clan from UK that uses discord to chat and keep updated and that don't mind partying up in new Wazone 2.0 and stuff
  9. M


    #PC =AZXACeh74wWx_zjEiQtTN43xtjdBtGH8MRDH6mWjJlfX_jE07t8q0qljbK9ff_GwutAI5xR3taqNaxkdEUUsZ2SrHON9PtZhKRNxn4GPnAgTRLwu6eE7a7NffS8-3ZIjSKSUp392s8978U5UeaSafSZv&__tn__=*NK-R']#CROSSPLAY...
  10. V

    PC United We Stand Gaming Community

    ╔═▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▏United We Stand ▕▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬═╗ We've been gaming since 2003 and are well known for our Escape From Tarkov, Division and Battlefield communities! I could write a book on why you should join us like plenty do but to be honest many groups are great! We enjoy Gaming just as...


    Welcome to SG Join our ranks now! Do you value loyalty, friendship, honor, respect and communication? Do you want to join a growing gaming community where all are welcome? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, use the link https://discord.gg/gmXvgKKg Here at SG, we strive to...
  12. SlayahFPS

    Multi RySe Gaming

    RYSE GAMING RECRUITING NOW! Hello, My name is Brandon aka RySe Slayah I am overall owner & founder of RySe Gaming. We are looking motivated & dedicated players to join our community. RySe Gaming was founded last year in 2021, since we opened our doors, we have got up to 60+ members and...
  13. R

    Multi Xylo Exclusive Recruitment 16+ || Everyone Welcome!

    Xylo Exclusive is a brand new casual to competitive team, we are looking to bring on a few suitable person(s) for a couple of positions prior to the official release of the team! WHAT WE NEED; Community Manager (1/3) - As a community manager, you are working as much as possible to make sure the...
  14. G

    Multi Galactic Republic Military

    we are a community clan based on giving people new people to game with we have over 1500 active members and we also hve competitive teams for the more advanced players we currently have 4 teams in the top 100 of mlg the only requirement is a mic. feel free to ask any questions and send me your...
  15. A

    Multi GRM is looking to recruit you!!!!

    Hello My name is GRM Bizzy. I am a General in the Galactic Republic Military and am reaching out to anyone with previous leadership experience. If you wish to join and number one rated gaming community and become a Squad leader your self feel free to contact me.
  16. B

    PSN Join Kikin Wayng today

    Join Kikin Wayng today. Laid back clan and active nearly everyday. Be respectful and shoot some faces. Add bamarama on psn and invcude join clan in message. We always complete clan challenges.
  17. M

    Multi (TRC) Is recruiting for active members!

    Are you tired of playing alone? Tired of randoms not pulling their weight? Want to make some new friends? Check out The Reaper Crew. We're a small community looking to grow and even start an esports team. We have a rank system, chill drama free atmosphere, and have events we do on the weekends...
  18. jdjersey

    Multi Are you looking for a true home? Join Drip Gang Today! (4000+ Members)

    Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/dripgang What We Offer: ‣ Level 3 Boosted Discord Server ‣ Dank Memer & Groovy Bot Premium ‣ Promote Your Stream & Socials ‣ Super Active Chat ‣ Casual Groups ‣ Competitive Team ‣ Players With Professional Experience ‣ Coaching And Individual Practice...
  19. IcEeStorm

    Multi CODM Clan - ɅCЄ - is always looking to recruit new and active members.

    All regions welcome. Comp and Cas. We're chill so don't have to be nervous lol stop by our discord clan server and apply!!, Hope to see you soon ^_~ https://discord.gg/sRM4wC2aen XoXo ---ɅCЄ_IcEe_
  20. I

    PC [EU][NA][PC] Community starting with warzone! LF people!

    Whatsup people who read this, Desperate for people to play with? Desperate to find people every day? NO MOREE!!!! I m part of a very big community that is starting a division for cod/warzone! Ofcourse a community and its divisions are worthless without members and people that keep it alive and...